Saturday, July 31, 2010

The "Scene of the Crime"

A mole tunnel which caved in with the weight of me on the ladder
on the left of pic between the mint plants

I had opened the box to take pix of the babes
I was standing on the top of the ladder, clearly
The ladder went out from under me
and I landed on my back on top of the ladder
which was flat on the ground.
It happened so fast ..I don't remember much.

That lock should be straight across, not bent in.
I didn't think I was that heavy, but I was falling from
at least 5 ft.
I learned my more ladders for me.

Oh woe is me, I hurt my left angel wing
and my right hip. But I am fine.
The metal things that lock to keep the ladder open and up..are bent in
so badly, I can't get the ladder close up. It's officially junk and unsafe
to use again.

You would think some one who isn't suppose to drive,
can't take a bath, for fear of drowning would know better.
I am now a mindless dum bass.


  1. Oh my dear, I am so happy you are OK, but just sore. I have to agree with you, it wasn't to great a move on your part. But knowing how you love birds and animals, it isn't to surprising.
    Now think extra long before you take another step higher than ground level.
    Love and best wishes to you.

  2. I hate to say it, but this "poster" is like a blast from your past - it's been that long since i've read your post. I am so ashamed.
    But, I've had a pretty adventurous time since last september, or if you want to get real, last '03. BUT, i'm back and determined to get everything rollin' while i'm healthy. LOL

    I must say, God was sure watching over you when you fell off of the ladder. You could have REALLY hurt yourself badly. I'm so glad that you didn't.

    It feels so good being on your blog again.
    I may not have been reading your blog, but i have continued to pray for you.

    xxxooo, Jan

  3. I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. That was a bad accident and I'm glad you didn't get hurt worse than you did. We all do silly things...
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Oh dear. That had to hurt. I was holding the ladder for Warren today as he replaced our shutters. I had cleaned them. Having a fear of heights I do try to avoid them.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Becky K.

  5. Deena, did you close your facebook? I was checking in on you and was wondering what happened. I hope you are feeling better after your tumble....pop me a short lil email.


  6. You are in my prayers every single day but never once did I ask God to keep you safe while on ladders. Never thought of it. You are so imaginative!

    I'm rejoicing that you are well enough to get in trouble. That's wonderful news. The fact that you weren't badly hurt is more wonderful news.

    A good news day.


  7. Oh my ... what a terrible thing to happen. Glad you're OK, but I can only imagine how sore you are.

  8. Not that many people make me laugh and almost cry in the same post. I am so sorry and sad you hurt yourself. I love your sense of humor about it all. Hope you get well very soon. xoxo

  9. Some times we forget we are little girl's anymore that can climb ladders and do daring things. Take care and hope you are feeling better.

  10. I'm afraid to pour coffee because I might drop the pot.

    Glad you're ok.

  11. We have all been there done that. I remember telling my mom "Dom't get on a ladder its dangerous". As we get older we repeat everything our parents have done. Especially climbing old ladders, standing on chairs to reach something that should have never been put on that darn top shelf in the first place. LOL Well glad to hear it was just a minor hurt. Still praying for you to St. Peregrine everyday Deena, and just maybe he was there to catch you from the evil ladder. Take care. Enjoy the pictures. Hugs Paulette

  12. Deena, happy to know that you didn't hurt yourself too much. Take care my friend, Hugs, Pat

  13. Glad you're okay--that's a scary accident!!!!!!!! (PS--I would have been doing the same thing, trying to take pictures of the babies!!!!!!!)

  14. Deena, Deena, Deena! What are we going to do with you? I hope you are alright!!!!!!

  15. As the country song goes "What were you thinking?" Glad to hear no serious ill effects. My Mother would say to me if I had done that "You are working your Angel overtime." Take care. Peace

  16. I'm so glad you were not hurt worse. Did you break your arm? A sore hip can take a while to heal, make sure you rest a lot. Heat and ice and rest. I'll be praying for you. Take care of yourself.

  17. Good Grief! I am glad you are ok! That would have done me in for sure~ I cant help but see the picture of the person falling off the ladder in the safety stitcker...who would have thought that was YOU! Ohhh I bet you are black and blue all over~ please be careful Dear!
    xoxoxo rachael

  18. Yikes! Sweet friend, please be extra careful from now on.


  19. So sorry you fell Deena, so glad you weren't hurt more than bruises, such as broken bones!! Another of life's many lessons.....stay off ladders no matter what looks interesting above our heads!

    Reason I made Bob get Leafguard gutters for the house - no more ladders now we're in those 'golden years'!!!

    Love and hugs, Mary.


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