Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blue Bird Box

This is the photo I got just as the ladder collasped when I was
trying to see baby Blue Birds..
I landed on my back on top of the fallen ladder. No more
climbing for me now.

I'm doing well, the steroids are making me dry as sand
but they are helping the swelling.

I go for another MRI in a month to see if it worked on the
Pray it did.

and thank you ALL for being so supportive. It helps so much
to get sweet


  1. Oh dear! So glad you weren't injured. It's good that the steroids are helping with the swelling. Will keep you in my thoughts & prayers and hope that the MRI shows good results!

    Love & hugs, Karen

  2. Ok, I will try again. I hate steroids. I know they help, but they make me miserable. I am hoping and praying for good results. I get my results this Tuesday. So you know the thoughts my brain is having!!

  3. Oh, Deena, I am sorry you fell. I am always terrified when off the ground at all. But you did capture one photo for us.....

    Praying that tumors are HISTORY!!!

    Becky K.

  4. Sounds like you are KEEPING IT IN THE ROAD as my Dad would say. Nice to hear you will keep your feet on the ground where they belong. Peace be with you dear one.

  5. Good morning dear sweet Deena, It is good to hear you are doing well. I may have never met you but you are in my heart to stay! I've admire you before your life with cancer for your artworks! I am so thankful that you are so blessed to have so many friends! Who love you all over the World! Jesus loves you! I am praying for cancer to leave your body and you will be heal in JESUS name! Thankful you are doing well! You are in my thoughts and prayers! My shield of Faith is held high for you! Be always safe in Jesus! Hugs from my heart in the Heart of Texas! Judy

  6. Do I see a baby bird in there? Well, it was ALMOST worth the fall to get that picture for us!! Teehee. STAY OFF THAT TOP STEP OF THE LADDER! We don't want you to break something!You're always in my prayers. Diane

  7. Oh the famous blue bird box. Always nice pics from you Deena. Just finished Novena for you and friends will continue and I know all will be well. Have a wonderful Labor day. Paulette


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