Saturday, August 7, 2010

I love Owls

Aren't Owls just awesome?? Love them

Another MRI on Tuesday AM..I'm sure it will be the same
Tumors no bigger, no smaller.

I love summer tomatoes!!! YUMMMMMM
I could eat them for lunch and dinner.

We have some growing but not ripe yet.


  1. I hope your MRI brings you good news, prayers for you lifting.

    Nothing better than a tomato right off the vine. The deer ate the first batch off including some of the vines ... but they are coming back now. Can hardly wait for that first ripe one ...

    Have a lovely PINK summer weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Oh, yes, I love tomatoes, too, especially fresh right out of the garden. Owls always remind me of cats for some reason. I guess it's their faces - and I love cats. Blessings on your MRI, Deena Hugs, Diane

  3. Deena, I hope and pray the tumors have shrunk and things will be better. I miss you sweet friend, but happy to know that you are doing okay. Love and hugs, Pat

  4. Thoughts go with you on Tuesday for the MRI. Love summer tomatoes.

  5. I am expecting the best dear...walking not by sight. Owls are so magical in a way....full of mystery. Wonder why they are known to be wise? Hehe! May Father hold your hand tomorrow as angels surround you and you hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying that will always be of good cheer. Peace cover thee, rilda

  6. I agree with you. Owls are enchanting. We have a Great Horned Owl in our woods that I see on rare occasion. I'll never forget the evening he flew lowly over me. I couldn't get over the size of his wingspan and his flying was COMPLETELY silent.

    Wishing a good result for you.

  7. Deena, many hugs for you and prayers for good MRI results.
    I love owls too. One evening when I was emptying some veggie scraps in the compost bin, a huge owl flew right by me, inches from my face. We made eye contact. I will never forget it, I don't know who was more startled!
    We planted several varieties of tomatoes this year. My favorites are the small yellow pear tomatoes, expecially when they're eaten nice and warm off the vine! yum!
    hugs, Denise

  8. I heard owls are not smart
    and turkeys are.

    Wise old owl



  9. Mmm.. yummy sweet summer tomatoes.
    Love the owls.
    Good Luck with the MRI

  10. Hey Deena! I finally had the chance to visit you, been so busy this Summer. Glad to see your doing well, I think about you often, still praying for you lots!
    Donna Lynn

  11. You popped into my head today! Good luck with your MRI.

  12. Just a note to say hello and hoping it will be a good day for you! Hugs!!

  13. I love tomatoes.
    Your blog is adorable.
    Hugs and blessings from Argentina


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