Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Latest

Jon, sitting in the middle.

My grandson Jon , who is 15, broke his knee yesterday . He will have surgery
next week. Please pray for him. He loves sports & is in baseball and
football. I am sure no more for this year.

I believe I'm feeling better daily.
I hope it continues.

Thank you my friends for prayers


  1. Good morning, Deena.

    I hope and pray your grandson Jon has successful surgery on his knee and that he heals uneventfully. Will keep him in my thoughts and prayers and of course, you too.

    Hope you continue to feel better each and every day.

    Love & hugs, Karen

  2. OUCH! That must have hurt so bad. With his young bones he should heal quickly. Cookies and kisses probably help, too.

    Glad to hear you're doing a little better - hooray! Have a happy day Deena. Hugs, Diane

  3. He is in my prayers Deena, and I'm so glad you're feeling better and posting more. Bless all of you,

  4. If he has even half the spunk and heart as you, he'll be up and around in no time! :D Praying for you both!

  5. Yikes! So sorry to hear about Jon. I'm glad to hear though that you're feeling better.


  6. I will pray for your grandson. He's young and will do just great! So happy to hear you are feeling better! You can look forward to a wonderful summer! Keep feeling all of the prayers and the healing energy that is being sent your way on a daily basis!

    God Bless!

    Hugs from Darlene

  7. Im so sorry to hear of your grandson's injury, will add him to prayer list for sure...
    So happy to hear your feeling better every day ..Yeah!! Praise God..Love and Hugs..Jackie (dove2mist)

  8. Glad you are feeling better every day, you are always on my prayer card, I am adding our grandson now. God Bless You and <<>>

  9. Deena I think of you so often and pray for you.
    Love your glasses and think you are one smashing chicklet in them! I wanted to tell you that the hollyhocks are all BLOOMING like crazy... all from YOUR seed. Everytime I see them I think of YOU.
    Know I am praying for you and also your grandson who broke his knee! Bet that hurt like crazy!
    Okay dear one... it's super late here... and time for bed. Hope you're having sweet dreams. Holykisses xoxo Lea

  10. I hope his knee heals quickly! So glad to hear you're feeling better each day!


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