Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blood Work Was Ok

The medicine got approved for payment . Our portion to pay is still
almost $1,000.00. I go for another MRI June 13th.

As for my grandson Jon, he is in pain . The surgeon says if he does
as the surgeon directs, Jon may be playing football this Autumn!!!

It's cold and rainy here. Like the rest of the USA

Blessing to all of you.


  1. Hi Annee! Great to stumble on your blog! Best of luck with everything! Have you heard of FAMEDS? The Org is a non-profit leading the fight against the FDA in order to continue to allow the drug Avastin for use in 17,500 women with metastatic breast cancer who are surviving on the drug! Please sign and share the urgent petition:

  2. Good to hear you got good results from your blood work. It's a long, slow and difficult journey you are traveling but you are showing amazing strength and courage. God bless you always, Ann

  3. That's wonderful news Deena, You and Jon are in my prayers, always!
    It's so cold and rainy here, but news like this warms the cockles of my heart!

  4. That is great news about your blood work! YEAH!!!
    I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I'm sorry to hear about grandson's knee. That must have hurt like crazy. I'm glad he can play in the Autumn. That is wonderful!
    Have a nice weekend and I hope the sun comes out for you. It has FINALLY warmed up in New England.

  5. Finally some good news.
    God Bless You !

  6. 101 degrees, WINDY, HOT, Dry in central Texas but a perfect day for floating in the pool. We haven't been cold since January. Hope you find some warm weather soon! Glad all your tests are good.

  7. Deena, you remain in my prayers.

    How I wish we had some cooler weather and rainy days here in Southeast Texas. It was a scorcher today.

  8. Hi Deena, Just peeping in - yours is one of the blogs I follow - and glad to hear the blood work was OK. Raining most days here too, but that doesn't stop the birds from singing. :) Happy June!

  9. Deena, I just happened upon your blog one day and couldn't stop reading it. I think you are one remarkable lady! You probably do not realize what an inspiration you are to those of us who have never even met you. I have said prayers for you and will continue to do so. God bless.

  10. Blessings to you, as well, Deena! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Hi there Deena! Im so happy to hear blood work was okay. You are refering to your cell count?? Also that you continue to feel better each day, prayers being answered..
    Have not checked in for a week, been in Cozumel for my son's wedding. It was Beautiful there, and I got to see the stars again at night. Can not see very many stars in Houston, too much light pollution. Shame. Forgot how lovely they are..God's handiwork...
    So glad to hear your grandson can play fall ball... that should put a smile on his face. Enjoy your cool weather.. its hot here, 90's, Im already looking forward to fall......Jackie

  12. Just stopping by to say hello. Good to hear you are stable. Ouch the cost of the medicine is so high, but do hope it helps. Then it would be worth every penny. Hugs!

  13. Deena, I am so happy that your test came back with good news. You deserve it. I will continue my prayers for you, though.
    We had our first night of rain in a very long time and it's 100 degrees already and we are just in June. Summer hasn't even arrived and I wish you would send us some of your rain. We've got plenty of heat to send to you, but I don't think you want it that hot. Many Blessings for continued good health and good news. If my meds cost that much, I would be in big trouble, even though our insurance pays well for my meds. Wishing you continued good news. Love and hugs, Pat

  14. Hey beautiful ... finally stopping by ...its been a while ... sorry ... I have had some things going and had not been to visit anyone for a long while ... finally did my first post since Febuary just a few weeks ago ...

    so catching up on your posts ... I too am a huge ...HUGE ... Mad Men fan ... and I am going to miss my Sunday night show too ... guess I will catch up on my reading .... eh?

    Sorry about your grandson ...hope he gets well and can play come fall ... as for your blood work ... glad things are good ... please take care of yourself ... love you and miss you ...

    Sending tons of hugs

  15. Hey Deena, just checking in to see how you are. You are always in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs, Maridon


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