Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Update and who's watching American Idol

 I'm doing well. Life has been good .
My hair is almost covering my entire scalp.
Eating ok & have seen my BFF Marcia, which makes me happy.

We've been watching American Idol & I think I have my fave selected.  Tis Danny Gokey, but I do like Michael Sarver , Scott Mc Namara, Anoop and Lil Rounds.
Do you have faves yet??

I'm predicting that Adam Lambert will win ..He's good, but something about him
creeps me out, and I feel like he's trying to be David Cook.  No WAY kid!!


  1. Deena so happy to hear you are doing well!! More hair - yay!!!

  2. Me too, I am happy for you. I missed Am.Idol this week, so I will have to tell you next week.

  3. Dear Deena, I'm elated to hear your begining to feel better and your life is slowly returning to normal. This has been a long journey and life is beginning to be good for you, hallelujah!!!!!!!

  4. so happy to hear you are doing well, sweet deena.....we are watching too....and my faves are among the same.....probably danny and lil..and scott...but agree with the others too!

    happy day and happy watching,

  5. Glad that life has been good, dear Deena ! Eating okay, time with your bff Marcia and your hair growing back like that are all good reasons to be smiling !

  6. Deena, glad you are doing well. I look forward to picture updates of your hair.

  7. I'm so happy to hear you are doing well Deena...and so glad you got to spend time with your BFF. Hearing your good news gives me great joy.

    I'm taking a break from blogger but wanted to check in on you. Last week through next week is a really busy time for us.....Kailei has been auditioning for a spot in Chamber choir for next year (she made it)and she also entered a solo ensemble where she had to sing in front of judges....she was so scared but so brave for entering....and did very well. Now we are trying to sync High School classes and home school classes for next year and both the kids have to take the state assessment tests starting next week...which means travel.

    I still have Valentine decorations up and it's almost Easter....tee hee.

    I don't watch Idol...but I am glad you are enjoying it.

  8. I gave up American Idol two years ago. Found it took up so much of my time, and I think my stress level soared from getting so involved. HA!

  9. Hi Deena--so very glad that you're feeling well these days! Woo-hoo! I've been watching American Idol, too, of course, and I LOVE Danny! He's by far my favorite, although I like several others, too. I agree with you about Adam--my daughter called me up tonight and said she'd just watched the results show and that Adam really bothered her and she thought he was creepy. I laughed, and said, "That's what I think, too!" No offense to him, but it's just the way he acts when he's onstage, and the way he dresses and his hairstyle--and that black nail polish he wears--I can't for the life of me understand why the judges are so crazy about him! I think Danny is a much better singer, and so is Lil. Oh well . . . One of my other daughters thinks he's great! Go figure . . . take good care, dear Deena! Love, Jann

  10. So happy to hear that you are doing well and I am sure you are quite excited about having more and more hair.

    I haven't been watching much of American Idol this year. I guess maybe I am just burnt out on it.


  11. Thinking of you! Glad to hear your hair is growing.

  12. My American cousin has just told me that she too is glued to 'American Idol' and that the restaurants are all empty when the show is on!

    Glad you are starting to improve - always thinking of you, love Andrina XXX

  13. HA! I agree
    and Danny is my fav too... seems like a great guy.
    love ya!

  14. Hi, Deena,

    Yep, I'm watching it! I, too, really like Michael, Danny, Scott and Lil. I also like the 16 year old rocker chick. And I do like Adam Lambert, tho I did not at first. You are right, he is a little creepy. He looks sort of like an elf - an anime one at that. He will definitely be in the running.

    But no, he can't beat DC!! Michael Johns has a single coming out soon. He was robbed last year - that's why the judges have a veto this year - good idea.

    I don't really dislike anyone this year (last year I couldn't wait for Danny Noriega to leave.)

  15. Hi Deena - Great picture of youand your lil buddy.:)
    I have been watching Idol each week. From the beginning, I thought it would be LIl Rounds, but now I am leaning towards Danny. He has such a unique voice and he gave an awesome performance this last time. I liked Anoop in the beginning, but he doesn't stand out with the star quality they are looking for.

  16. Hi Deena, Oh me too definately Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert and the red headed girl can`t think of her name. Those are my favs :)

  17. Reading about your journey tells me you are a woman of great courage and strength. You are truly an inspiration to all of us who read your story. About Amer. Idol, remember to vote for favorites if you want them to win. My fav so far is Danny. Wishing you a wonderful upcoming spring...

  18. Glad to read your good report, Deena!

    I'm liking Danny also. He's my top fave right now. You took the words right out of my mouth about Adam. There's just something, too canned, too plastic. If he has been working so hard the past 5 years, the WHY hasn't he been discovered? It's a fun group this time with lots of talent.

  19. So nice to read that you're doing heart is very happy for you & your family Deena....Big Hugs...

    I'm an AI fan and I've picked Danny as the winner....Love his grace and his good soul...not to mention his pipes...he can sing!!

    Happy St Patty's Day!!!



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