Friday, June 19, 2009


We have had so many storms..and downed trees like this one
took out power . We had no power or water..*we have a well*
for 31 hours..the power I'm ok with..but I needed a shower.
It was the first thing I did when it finally was restored after
31 hours. Thanks for all your kind comments about my hair.

Two of my grandsons are coming to visit grammy today.
I know we'll have fun.


  1. Wow! How sad to lose a majestic tree like that one!!! I drove through a terrible storm on frightening!

    Happy weekend sweet friend!

  2. Oh my that is some tree that went down ... hope you are feeling well ... especially after the shower. I know the feeling.

  3. That thing is HUGE!!! Glad your all O.K. I love you hair, it's bootiful....our weather here in my part of Calif. is strange too, usually its VERY hot by now, I'm talking 105 kind of stuff, but not yet, the hottest so far, just a few weeks back 101, then we got rain, and we're having lots & lots of wind, but nothing like that, it's been nice out at night where we can open up windows...Makes me think what is written in the last book of the bible" you'll no my time is near, when you wont know the change of the seasons" I love you sweet Deena~

  4. Oh my, we had some wicked storms come through the wabash valley last evening. Lots of sudden rain, lightning and of course the wonderful sound of thunder. Tornado warnings much of the night. That tree is a big one.

  5. Hi love!
    Wow, the length of that tree is amazing. It is sad when it's just knocked down like that. We need some rain over here in San Antonio. We are on strict water usage but no, I wouldn't want a raging storm to knock down all the lovely trees!

    I will be praying for you and that July 17th will be a day for rejoicing.

    Love you always

  6. glad you were safe through the storms.have fun with your grandson. have a lovely weekend.:0) love the photo of how your hair is doing so well on growing back.

  7. The weather sure knows how to let us know how small and vulnerable we are. I bet that shower felt heavenly.

  8. yes Deena, water is really important, without it..i don't know what will happen to us. I hope things are doing well with you now after the storms. I know you will be so much happy upon seeing your grandkids.

  9. Hello! We've had some pretty bad storms here, also... hope all's well. :) You have a beautiful blog!


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~