Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Little Chickadee

Mama Chickadee feeding her babes.

This baby was peeking out for FOOd!!
They are out of the nest now & I hope safe.


  1. Ah so sweet! Like babies they always grow up too fast! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  2. Great picture of the bird! Don't you just love watching them?

    Have a great day and keep cool.

    Hugs, Karen

  3. Oh, what wonderful pictures! How very sweet--I love the wild birds so much! Deena, check this webpage out--I just found it, and I think you might be interested--it is very exciting news about the war on cancer!!!!!

  4. Oh so fascinating Deena, I enjoyed also watching my little sparrows grow and leave the nest. So wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh these are great photo's!! I need to some of our scrap wood and make up a couple of olde bird houses for our guys around here. Love how you captured the little ones inside.

  6. I love to see the baby birds. They used to nest under the eaves where I worked. So cute!
    Hugs, Susan

  7. I'm so happy to get to see your babies Deena!
    Will the Mom likely return to this birdhouse to raise another batch next year?

  8. Hi Sweet Deena,

    I haven't been by in ages so I was catching up. Your hair looks pretty. I actually am going gray and decided to get off the color wagon. My daughter says I'll go back but I don't think I shall. I am embracing my gray hair. I am happy you are doing so well.


  9. Oh how totally adorable these cuties are... doesnt it make you want to sing?? LOL

    Hope you are having a good day...

    Hey there is a photo of this gorgeous beauty over on my blog... go check it out... she has a smile just like yours... hmmmmm


  10. Nothing better than spring time and watching the busy parent birds nest building and then feeding their little ones. But even better is when you win that one moment in time and get to see those little ones leaving the nest! I got to see it once when the wrens on my porch got told by mommie wren that it was time. It lasted about 30 minutes and they were gone!

    I love chickadees. But for some reason, we don't have any this year! We used to have so many and they always come to the feeders with the titmice. I miss them!

    Hope you are doing well! Still praying for you and think of you often!

  11. Hi sweet friend! Just stopping by this morning to say HELLO! I think this is just the sweetest photo of the momma bird feeding her babies. So precious - and so is that bird house.

    much love,

  12. Beautiful photos of your chickadees! Just stopping by because I was thinking of you, hoping you are having a good day...

  13. Deena I just want you to know that I think about you everyday.

    You are always in my prayers.

    Lots of love dear friend.

    Renee xoxoxo


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