Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh My's perfect.

Even though my breast surgery is all nipple isn't right, it doesn't stick up
like my real nipple does and the color isn't right at all

This is PERFECT ..easier and I must get some.

OH ..I have another MRI scheduled for Fri. 2/5 and Doctor for Mon 2/8 for results.

Thank you Lord!!!


  1. I will pray pray pray for you girl and I will ask the Father God that ALL signs of that demon cancer is gone in the name of Jesus.. I pray that the Holy Spirit cover you from head to toe with the oil of healing and restoration.. I believe ...... Hold fast!

  2. Deena...mine are on the way, lol. I have already ordered them....oh and I had a diep.....

  3. I pray for great results and freedom from cancer...... and for those nipples for you!
    Margaret B

  4. Deena wishing you the best for your MRI and results.
    Take care

  5. Deena, Thanks for the heads up (or should I say nipples up?) My mastectomy will be in March. This info will be good to know.
    And I'll be praying for good test results for you.
    Sheri (Tere's friend in MO)

  6. Thinking and praying for you dear Deena....hang in there!

  7. Wishing you all the best on every front!! Thinking of you!

  8. The Reforma looks awesome! I think that Dr. is one of God's angels, don't you?

  9. Praying for you girlfriend!

    I've never even heard of these. What a blessing they must be to so many cancer survivors.


  10. I came back and watched the video.. Praying for you some nipples........

  11. Wow that does look natural! Amazing what can be done nowadays. Thinking of you often! Hugs from the NorthEast! :)

  12. From one Deena to another....I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. I've ben praying for you a lot....Love, Debra

  14. Deena:
    What a smile this brought to my face this afternoon. To think "nipples" would make so many women so happy. Something so small. Something most of us never think about. Something most of us just take for granted.
    Thanks for the smile. I will never take mine for granted again!!!!!!! (konking myself in the head!!!!!) It's the small things.........
    Best of luck to you the next few months. We are here, at your side, cheering you on!!!!!!
    Love you!!!!

  15. What wonderful news for woman who've had a mastectomy.

  16. Deena, I will be praying for you that your MRI goes the way we all want it to go---clear sailing from now on. My infection is still there after a week of sickening antibiotics, so now have to wait until Friday for new test results. I pray you also get you some nipes. What a wonderful doctor to think of women with something like that. One never knows when they may need them. Love Ya, Pat
    ps. I am having a giveaway, so please help spread the word.

  17. Baa Hum Bug. Who needs nipples anyway? I will keep you in my prayers concerning the new tumors and the doctors differnences. Keep it in the road dear one. Peace

  18. Praying for good results for you Deena!
    I'd never heard of Reforma before and it's truly amazing! How awesome!


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