Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yesterday was a big day for our family.
My oldest daughter Nicole, was finally granted the
divorce she'd been seeking for three years.

I am not an advocate for divorce, but this
one was necessary. I do have two great
grandsons. Nicole and her boys are
moving today . They had been living
in a nice rental home, but the owner's
dad will be moving in..thus a new home was

My youngest daughter, Mercedes moved back home. Her
room mates parted when the lease was up. She decided after
three years of being on her own, she'd come back home for
awhile. We are going to explore further education & at
this time, Nursing sounds good. They are needed &
there will be a job for her when she's finished classes.

Mercedes has a sweet black cat Remy, who is pregnant, so we will have
kitties soon. I'm excited and Rich is being a good sport about the cats.

My fat cat, Mya is still pouting about sharing us with another
cat, but they seem to be adjusting.

Anyone have any advice on the birthing of kittens??
Not sure when she got pregnant..but had to be no sooner
than the first of 2010.

All this in one Spring is COMING.

Much to be thankful for.

My next MRI and Pet CT will be the first week of April.

Rich & I both have April birthdays. It is so hard to
believe I'll be 55 this year.. OMG I'm only 16 in my head.!!!

Hope you like the pictures today. I'll keep you up to date on the
arrival of the kitties. Let me know any hints you know about
birthing and how to know how close the birth is.

My daffodils are coming up fast

Mya and Remy

Remy wants to play

Remy's sweet little belly. She has that one spot of white fur.
She's as black as night and her fur is shiny~~

My fat cat, Mya

love to you all


  1. I googled the gestation time and it's approximately 65 days. I used to raise Siamese kittens and it always seemed they wanted to have their kittens on our bed. If you can start encouraging her to have her own special place where it's warm and cozy that might keep THAT from happening. Also, there's not much to it except be there if you can to keep an eye on the kittens until they're all born. Don't move them unless it's to get them out from under her. I don't remember anything else.

    You sure have a lot going on in your life, Deena. Hope all goes well for you and blessings today, Diane

  2. You have a lot going on! I can't wait to see your kitties...perhaps I can ask my sister in law as she works at the Animal Health clinic here. Happy Weekend ~Natalie

  3. When I was younger we had several litters of kittens. Our Momma cat always wanted to give birth in my brother's underwear drawer because he never closed it. I suggest like your first commenter that you give her a dark, quiet spot to get used to as a "nest". If not, she'll choose her own and you may not be amused.

    I remember one litter where the first kitten was breech. We could just see the tail and the mother was struggling. My mother grabbed the tail and helped it to be born. All was well but that kitten always had a bent tip of his tail. lol

    Your mother's heart is so good to see in this post. It is always interesting for me to observe parents of grown children. I am watching and learning....for the future.

    Becky K.

  4. Busy fun family times ahead. Wonderful to have our families close by.
    Good luck with the kittens

  5. new kitties, how exciting! I shall hold you and your family in prayer, divorce is never easy but sometimes, necessary. May you all heal and find peace soon.

  6. Cats/dogs are pregnant for 63 days and when the kittens are 4 weeks old the cat goes back into heat and can get pregnant again. Make sure mom doesn't get outside after the kittens are born and as soon as the kittens are winged 4 to 5 weeks old and are ready for adoption at 8 weeks. As soon as moms milk dries up she will be ready to spay. I worked for vets for 13 yrs-that is why I know this to tell you. The cat should do fine and will probably pick her own spot no matter what you do-they have a mind of their own. If ya have any questions you can email me and I will try to help. Traci

  7. You are a busy lady!!!!!! Enjoy those girls.... What a blessing they must be to you... and as for the cat..... I cannot help.. I am very allergic to cats so cannot even be in the same house......... BUMMER..........

    Blessings to you girl......

  8. You surly have a LOT on your plate Deena...
    Can't believe Mercedes moved back in!!!
    Nursing sounds Good for her.
    I'm happy the divorce went through, Now to get on with life again...
    You'll have a house full soon Deena, with the Kittens soon, what a treat for Spring...
    Love the pic of Remy's belly...

    Wishing you Only the Best

  9. make a box with a towel and a way for her, mom, to get in and out. just cut in an opening. put it in a private place.
    kitty will know what to do and will have her kittens probably without any help from you.
    oh, and she'll probably have her kittens in the laundry basket (gagging).


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