Friday, March 19, 2010

We Have FIVE New Kittens

Here they are..2 all black, 1 striped, two black & white
Remy did so good. She had all 5 in about 4 hours, from
7.30 to 11.30 PM
It was amazing, no complications and all healthy.
My older daughter came over with her friend
Ashely and stayed for the births.

Even Rich was excitied!! It was an event
that needed little asisstance from us humans.

~~~~Click on the pictures to enlarge~~~
All in a pile sleeping

Here they are today, Remy is up and walking and acting
so spry. Jumping up on the desk where Mercedes
is on the computer. She seems to be happy . The babies
are she is out and about the house.


  1. Oh my goodness...those are just the sweetest little things ever! Thanks for sharing the pics.

    Have a fabulous Friday ~Natalie

  2. be still my heart, they are just precious!!!

  3. Oh cute!! When my Shadow had her kitties she only had in the morning, one at noon and the last one in the evening...I was a nervous wreck! Are you going to keep all of them? We have our little Flynn who is only 5 mos old and he is a HANDFULL...such a bundle of energy :)

  4. They are just so sweet. I love baby kittens and baby rabbits. Two of the sweetest things I know. Enjoy them

  5. How adorable !There is nothing so cute as a baby kitten , and five , a big bundle of love !! Congrats !!

  6. Oh their Sooo Sweet Deena.
    Do you have homes for them already? (I Hope)
    Remy seems to be a Good Mother.

    Make sure you post some photo's every week so we can see their progression. Wait till their eyes open, Oh WOW!!!
    Happy First Day of Spring Tomorrow...


  7. We probably won't keep any babes..much as I'd like to.
    We have a cat...and Remy is Mercede's cat. We'll need to find good homes for them. We've had someone asked for the little striped kitty already..they aren't even 24 hrs old yet

  8. Congratulations....don't fall in love with all of them....yeah, like that won't happen!

  9. Oh how very precious! They are adorable. I bet it was exciting! :o)
    Lisa in Texas :o)

  10. Ooooh, I used to love it when our cats had kittens. They are just so much fun and so cute.

    Becky K.

  11. Oh I want one. I wish you lived close by, because I would be begging at your door for a kitten after mom has weaned them. Al said I could go and adopt one, because I was calm when I had Max and he was 18 1/2 years old, and he lived a good life. Your cat looks just like our little Feather, but she is gone also---14 years old--she was hit by a car when I let her outside. I wonder if you can mail them????? Many Blessings, Pat

  12. What a gorgeous cat Remy is! Darling kitties, too!

  13. Adorable kittens, Remy looks proud. Too bad you can't keep them all. Paulette

  14. Deena,
    So precious! Nothing is cuter than a sweet little kitten! It looks like another kitty is in the box with the babies. Is there another adult kitty in the house? I just noticed alot of long stripie fur. Have fun with your new babies! Mommy is beautiful, and looks like she is a really good mommy!

    Take care,


  15. Sweet, sweet babies! Love them!

  16. They are beautiful and sweet Deena!

  17. Awwww they are just precious!!!! I love kittens!!! Thanks for sharing, Hugs and Love, Amy


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