Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Supper Tonight, Dining Alone

A plate of garden tomatoes, salted good, slices of sharp cheddar cheese.
a Root Beer Float.

Doesn't get better than this!!!

*Try toasted, cheese, tomatoes* (add bacon too if you like)
I love it.


  1. Wow! Now that is a supper I could love. I hope it made your heart sing. Thanks for the note today. Best hugs!

  2. Anything would be good on that gorgeous plate. The rootbeer float is a winner for me! XXXMollye

  3. Yum! It all looks good, but the rootbeer float is calling my name.


  4. It was excellent.. The tomatoes were awesome and the root beer hubby made sure I had stuff for that
    before he left to work out of town.

    Heaven on a bluebird plate. I have 2 sets 2 of, blue, yellow, green.. plates..small plates, bowls, cups..sugar and cream and a pitcher.

  5. Yummy supper, especially on a hot day! I would have been content with that also. The bluebird plate is wonderful!

  6. Yummy! (to the meal and to the plate!!!!!)

  7. HI Deena! I have been thinking about you~ we are most definately on the same wavelength! Husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday on sept 2(OMG HE REMEMBERED after 18 years!), and I couldnt think of anything....and then, I said all at once, you know what? I DO want, a ROOTBEER FLOAT! I hadnt seen your post until now, that cheese looks awful good. I get so hungry for cheese. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend, yes~ our favorite nippy fall air is finally here!
    xoxoxoxo rachael


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