Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday With BFFs

Wednesday was BFF day. Michele recently left her job (retired) and Marcia
just came back from 3 week stay with grandson Hunter and granddaughter Harper.
We had missed each other much.

We had lunch here at "The Nestle In The Singing Woods"
Mint Iced Tea
Baby Salad Greens with herbs, I even added mint to
my salad.

Cantaloup and Blueberries.

Then we took a 2 mile walk on Singing Woods Road
and collecting Acorns.

Came back home and had Red Velvet Cake (Michele brought) &
cupcakes (Marcia brought)

Good conversation..hugs..pix and
little gifts from Michele

I got a Spiced Tea Pouch to set hot Tea and spread the
fragrance & a Tea bag.

I had the Tea & some toast with real butter
& cinammon sugar generously sprinkled atop today for breakfast.

Great to have such kind, caring, sweet friends

I have know Michele (dark hair) & Marcia (light hair for more than 25 years
We all worked at a local big bank. Marcia was a Branch Manager and my
boss in the 1980's. Michele was an Auditor.and I was Marcia's Assistant
Manager in the 1980's when we met.

I am truly blessed with such great friends.

We are all granny's

Marcia has two, I have six and Michele six. Aren't we young looking???



  1. Great photos of all three of you. No ma'am you definitely don't look like grannys.

    Friends make life extra special.


  2. I have to go to bed, a can't hold my head up.
    Nite my friends

  3. What a lovely day! So glad you could get together and have such a joyful time. Thanks for telling us more about both of them. Your house looks just so beautiful. Hugs, Diane

  4. Deena, it looks like you and your friends had a wonderful day together! And, you don't look like grandmas! I think you look even younger than before. What, may I ask, is your secret?

    Hugs, Karen

  5. so happy that your bff is finally back for a visit, deena....and you look beautiful to boot!!! and that velvet cake looks scrumptious....that is one recipe that i remember growing up with....and it was my DAD that made it!!! :-) you!

  6. Hi Deena, you look wonderful. You are so lucky to have 2 BFF's. And it must have been such a treat to have them both visit you at the same time. Take care, you'd never know you were all grannys!

  7. Hi Deena, You sure are a DOLL! It's well apparent, God is watching over you for how great you look. I'm so glad you had fun with your lovely girlfriends. The lunch sounded reeeealy good! You're so inspirational in so many ways. 'Always wishing you well. Jane in MI

  8. How lovely to share time with best friends. You look great!


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