Thursday, September 23, 2010

For the Love of Owls

Love it!! I read every word of this magazine
and it's a keeper!!

I received a gift of Owl Earrings and Necklace..silver
this week from a Blog Friend, I was DEEElighted.
thanks Nancy


  1. I'll have to buy the mag, I love to hear them hooting in the night, especially in the fall. Hope this is a good day, Deena. Diane

  2. goodie! so glad you liked them...hoot hoot :)
    <3 nancy

  3. Oh I love this magazine! The cover on this one is so beautiful.

    Have a great weekend Deena!!

    Warm hugs ~ Jenn

  4. Deena, I used to get that magazine and I have lots of old ones. I too would read the entire magazine, because there were no adds and I love that in a magazine. Owls seem to be every where these days. seeing them on material and such. Happy for you receiving a wonderful gift. You truly deserve them. I hope this finds you feeling great. Love and hugs, Pat
    PS I could use some prayers right now.

  5. I've been enjoying seeing some vintage owls lately in my estate sale and GW browsing. Did you happen to see the string holder I posted on my blog earlier this week? I almost bought it! xo

  6. Hi Deena! Very cool - we almost never see or hear owls here. Did you test your "owl IQ"? :)

  7. Hey you hooter baby! Don't forget to post when you hear from the MRI......I I I ..... want to know and so does everyone else.
    Another start to a brand new week!
    Tell Pat above prayers are there.


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