Saturday, September 24, 2011

Latest MRI Update

Sorry I have been so delayed with my latest news.
I keep losing my password (and my brain)

My latest MRI showed more edema , so I am on a steroid again for 2 weeks
and for another MRI on 11/1/2011. He (my doctor, Klopenstein) will determine then if the docs will do surgery to remove the tissue in the brain.

I am sleeping and I did get out for the
Peoria Art Fair is a annual event I do with my two closest friends. I was so happy
to be out as it is rare I can get safely out and feel well. The steroid is Decadron and
I've have been sleeping by taking Advil PM @ bed time.

I am sorry for keeping so quiet , but I've been been tired, forgetful and not able to do
much communication. Sometimes I think my husband forgets I am ill. His dad is elderly
and Rich has things to do for him also.

Thanks for all of you for caring. I am sorry if I don't answer.
I appreciate your prayers and your caring.
I am unable to drive and appreciate my friends immensely
rides to doctor and lunches and just getting me out.

Sometimes I don''t always answer the phone and some day
I don't get up till late afternoon. I don't cook everday and sometimes
I stay in bed all day. ( Not a good idea)
I only have a land line , just a cell phone.
Our house is big , & sometimes if the phone is not on me
I don't hear it.

I don't always function every day. I just watch old Law & Order episodes..all of the SVU, CI and Law and Old.

I did almost no gardening this summer , my passion .

I will try to post a picture soon.

Bet I won't know my password again.....

T hanks for caring and praying

My blessings

Friends who still care even when I don't respond when they call on my bad days, sometimes I just don't remember

"Mad Men"
"Pawn Stars"

White Chocolate Bliss Candy


  1. Dearest Deena, I continue to pray for you, for strength and healing. It's good to hear you were able to go to the fair, and have such faithful loving friends around you. I forget my password too, when I have to give it to google, I usually end up changing it. Bless you dear friend,

  2. Dear Deena, you may not remember me but I am a blogging friend since 2007. I got lost from you but now I've found you again.
    If you DO remember me, you will remember that I call Rick, A HUNK. :)
    I had no idea you were still fighting cancer, dear one.
    Don't worry, I have to write my password down so I can remember it, too.
    Stay strong, sweet lady.
    xoxo bj from Sweet Nothings

  3. Sweet Deena....... I went back and read all the post from the day we met ..... Almost 4 years now..... What a blessing you were to me.. I was an newbie here in the blog and you were right there to encourage me... I never forget to pray for you my friend and I know that the Father God has great love for you...... You have blessed many here in the blog and we in turn bless you......... Love ya Denise

  4. You don't want to be defined by your illness, but you need Rich to give consideration to it. Hard for both of you. Warm love to you x

  5. Think of you often and pray for you and have passed your blog on to others fighting cancer, because you are so inspirational. Hugs to you from far, far away.

  6. I am happy you got to go to the Art fair! What a fun thing that must have been for you and your friends. Praise God for friends! I pray the new meds help the edema. Take care, we are all thinking and praying for you.

  7. Dear Deena, So good to read your post...and we all forget our password some times! You are in my thoughts and prayers every day...I have a sweet little mermaid box that you made, and I won a couple of years ago. It sits on my dresser and I see it every morning...that is where my prayers for healing start each day. Be well Sweet Annie. *elaine*

  8. Dearest Deena....I've been wondering how you were and sorry that I didn't write you earlier. I think of you often and you're in my prayers. Hopefully you will have better days ahead.

    Love & hugs, Karen

  9. So glad to see a post from you. Glad you felt good enough to go with your friends on your annual outing. You continue to be in my prayers.
    God bless you,Lisa :o)

  10. Deena....I will tell you what my husband tells can only do what you can do....your only job is to stay well. I know it is hard. I want to do the things I did before cancer, but some things I just can't. I don't go out much by myself either. Sometimes I get "shakey" and then I don't like to have to drive home alone...
    you do what you can, write when you can...we are here....
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Deena, the advice from Ceekay is better than anything I could say. She is right, don't feel pressured to do anything except trying to feel better. You have so many people who love you and pray that you get better soon. I pray for your husband too because a long term illness is difficult for the family as well. I hope you can feel strength and love from your blogging friends.
    Diane P.

  12. Sending much love. You have long been an inspiration. Hope you find time and strength to get outside in the cool fall air; even when we can't garden, just visiting the garden gives moments of peace, I think. Hugs from Canada.

  13. Always so nice to hear from you even if it's just a short note. You outdid yourself this time. How blessed you are to have so many blogging friends keeping you in their prayers (as I do). You are truly an inspiration to each of us. Blessings, Ann

  14. Dear Deena, I know you will get good news from your MRI! You are always in my thoughts. Don't worry about the things you are unable to do. People that love you totally understand! Take care, Love & Hugs, Darlene from Calif.

  15. I think of you often and you are always in my prayers.
    Take it easy and enjoy your television programs .
    Hugs and God Bless You

  16. I'm so pleased to see you've been able to post dear Deena. For you it must have felt a big accomplishment knowing how we were all craving just a few words and you blessed us with a story!

    Hopefully you will get better results at the next MRI. Meanwhile, try to get out again, the fair must have been so enjoyable after being stuck in the house, and now Autumn is here the weather and colors will energize go out and breathe in all the beauty of Nature which I know you love so much.

    We hold you close in thought and prayer. Stay strong, you continue to be such an inspiration to so many others.

    Our love, Mary & Bob

  17. Dear Deena,
    You are continually in my prayers. Rest and recuperate, give your body time to heal. I am not going through all the health issues you are, but I still need to write down my passwords or I would never remember them. Take care and hugs!

  18. Dear Deena, I think about you everyday and pray for you to be well. You are a blessing to so many folks! Hugs! Maridon

  19. Dear Deena - the Internet is an interesting place. I have been following your story since the beginning and have been so encouraged by you, even though we have never met in person. Please don't give up.

  20. Hey Sweet Lady!

    You are not alone on forgetting passwords. They are my least favorite part of working on the computer. I'm always glad to see a post from you. My father in law was on Decadron too. It is a very powerful drug. I'll bet it helps that swelling.

    I love how you are seeing the blessings in your life even through the unpleasantness of your illness.

    My prayers continue for You and Rich!!

    Love you!!!!!
    Becky (and Chelsea too!)

  21. Like so many others have said, even though we've never met I've been following your story and rooting for you for years.

    I was so worried that you weren't posting and am so glad you let us know you were okay and fighting.

    Don't give up, Deena. Do what you can and let the rest just slide.

  22. Hi Deena,

    I have been thinking about you and am so glad to see your post. I also forget my passwords and have a binder specifically for that. It makes me crazy!

    Do what you have to and listen to your body. If it needs to sleep ~ sleep, don't feel guilty. I'm glad you have some good friends close to visit with you and keep you company.

    Stay strong.

    Your always in my prayers.

    Sending big hugs and many blessings,


  23. You're always in my thoughts and prayers, Deena. I'm so glad your friends are taking you out of the house. I'll bet you'll feel better when it's not so hot outside. Take care and God bless. : )

    ~ Wendy

  24. dear deena....check here often...but don't leave many messages...but you are in my thoughts and prayers. so glad you were able to get out and enjoy a few things...hoping that will happen more often...but as others have said you can do what you can do.....sending love....

  25. Denna, sorry to hear about your latest news. I will continue my prayers for you and your fmily, also for Rich's dad.
    I haven't been doing much blogging either and sleep like yuu do, but I am getting some much needed rest and I am starting to feel a little better. the diabetes has knocked me for a loop and not much energy. The pills are working to keep my sugar down, so that is good news.
    I pray that all this will be behind you soon and you can do all the things you used to do. You are such a deserving friend that I pray you will soon be your old self. May God watch over you and keep you safe and heal your body. Love ya

  26. friends who still care when i don't respond...i understand that

    love nita

  27. Hi Deena, just want you to know that you are still in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you and the family are getting rest and feeling much better. We here in the south were getting a taste of autumn but the temperature was back in the upper 80 degrees today. I hope the weather is nice where you live and that you can get outside and enjoy all the beauty of nature. Wishing God's blessings for you and your family.

    Diane P.

  28. Thank you for the update--I've been thinking of you so much lately! Much love to you, Deena

  29. Dear Deena, How healthy and handsome your grandson's are growing! It was good to see you in a picture, even if it was just from the back! You never fail to be grateful for something, even in the midst of your great difficulty. You also never fail to inspire me. Deena, I thank you for sharing your true story with me, and all who follow your blog. Hugs and prayers for you to feel better and stronger! Maridon

  30. will be praying for you Deena. God's face shine upon you and give you peace...


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