Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The Ruby Throats are SO active..eating, eating, eating, and fighting for the feeder. I tried to get pictures of them fighting..but they dive bomb each other & flit so fast , it's about impossible.

My grandson Caleb, sitting on the kitchen counter (with my Race for the Cure shirt on) watching the birds at the feeders.
I put a pot roast in the crock pot for tonight, Rich says it smells like home. His mom made roasts . I think our generation grew up on them .
Rich doesn't eat meat, just fish and I usually follow that, but since Nicole & the boys are here, I have to cook two meals.
I go to my oncologist on Friday, she'll give me the results of my echocardiogram. I also get my IV of Hereceptin & Zometa. For the FIRST time, hubby hunk can't go , work is pressing. Love to all of you, Deena
the smell of roast in the house
I parted my HAIR today with a comb
a cooler day


  1. when I read the part of you parting your hair I cried, not tears of sorrow but tears of great happiness. I love to watch humminbird's I'd love to have 1/4 of all that energy they have going on!! your grandson is a real cutie!!!!, your so thoughtful by cooking 2 meals, but thats one of the many traits we all love about you!!!

  2. You're so blessed to have hummingbirds. I see one occasionally but not like you. I'm happy about your hair, too. Wonderful!

  3. Oh yes the Sunday Pot roast..
    I remember it so well…

    Sending you prays and very good thoughts for Friday..

    Love the hair parting...


  4. Deena,

    Your hair is growing back and now you are parting it. That is perfect.

    The photos of the hummingbirds are awesome and such a handsome grandson. I'm sure he brings you much joy. Grands keep us young.

    The pot roast sounds delicious. We had roast beef one night last week done in the crockpot and it tasted soooo good. We don't cook roasts in the summer, but I was craving some.

    Take care, my friend. Keeping you in my prayers for good results on Friday.


  5. OOHH Iam so happy for you!! I think of you when my hair is having a frumpy day!!
    Sounds like a minnesota meal!! love roasts!! And A cutie your Grandson is!!
    Do you know I have never put out a humming bird feeder!! You got a good pic of them!
    My Joy knowing you are having a great day!!

  6. Deena
    Check out Abe'Town and his photos of the hummer. They are up close and personal. Mine look alot like yours and we are also enjoying the territorial dances of these fine feathered hummer. Glad you are up to doing those meals and a part for your hair. That is gran. Wishing you get good news Friday. Peace

  7. Deena
    Check out Abe'Town and his photos of the hummer. They are up close and personal. Mine look alot like yours and we are also enjoying the territorial dances of these fine feathered hummer. Glad you are up to doing those meals and a part for your hair. That is gran. Wishing you get good news Friday. Peace

  8. So neat, I need to find a feeder like that for my hummingbirds. Then they couldn't hide from me behind the syrup jar! xo rachel

  9. Yahoo for your hair!!
    Our hummers are very demanding. I've got 4 feeders, and they seem to drain them about every day.
    I'm praying for Friday.
    Love, Debra

  10. What a blessing to have stumbled upon your blog this past weekend. your story is truly inspiring. I had to come back and check it today! Your grandson is such a cutie pie! Love the beautiful hummingbird pic...and your roast sounded so yummy! I hope you have a blessed day!

  11. We have also been enjoying the flight of the hummingbirds.... first drinking, then dive bombing each other, sometimes even appearing like they're dancing as they face off! Quite entertaining!!

  12. Wow you did great to get those shots. The hummers here are gone for the winter.

    Parting your hair? That's a big first step. Praying with you for those results.

  13. I bet it smells wonderful...I haven't made a roast in a while. I hope you are enjoying having your family with you.

  14. Deena, what joy it must be to be able to part your hair once again. You have an award for 'Brilliant Blog' over at my page.

  15. That is wonderful that you are parting your hair my friend!!!!
    I watch my hummingbirds every morning. This morning as I am looking out my kitchen window to the back of my property there was one just looking in the window. She didn't want to move she just looked as to say Good Morning. What a treat that was to start my day. :)

  16. YOU PARTED YOUR HAIR ?? God is so good,He brings me to my knees doing such things as this! So thankful am I that you are feeling so much better, that you have a grandson, that you have a hunk that loves fish, that you find JOY in so many all makes my heart sing.
    And, little, fast, flighty hummingbirds are among my very favorite things.....and so are YOU.
    love, bj

  17. Your pictures of the little hummy's are so beautiful. I love watching them too. Don't you wish you had 1/2 of their energy! Of course, it sounds like you do. I grew up on pot roasts too! We have one EVERY Sunday. We have started liking the pork ones alot. I like how they are ready when we get in from church....However, ONLY MY OPINION but I think you are doing TOO MUCH! Are you still having Deena rest time? Let those precious boys help you. They will. And your hair? Before long you will braiding it!

  18. I love your hummingbird pictures.

    My stepdaughter built a wooden birdhouse and hung it from a tree that you can see outside her bedroom window. The only bird that ever visits it, is a woodpecker that is pecking it apart (!) - which makes us all laugh.

    You are in my heart and prayers as you get ready for your oncologist appointment tomorrow.

    xoxo - Chel

  19. Little Caleb is a cutie pie ! And I can almost smell that pot roast from here. You sound like you are stirring around more, yeah !
    Have a blessed day dear.

  20. That Caleb is the exact image of Nicole. I know they are blessing you Deena
    I love you!

  21. I love hummingbirds!!!!!!!1
    they always make me think of my childhood home...we had lots of hummingbirds around....

    wow...did you think you would be parting your hair again??
    I can hardly wait for the news of your first hair cut!!!!!111

  22. Hello Dear Heart, I stopped by to get caught up on you and was happy to see some hummers, hair pictures and creativity. ;-) Such good things.


  23. Hi Deena,

    Pot roast is my favourite meal, especially on a Sunday afternoon or with special friends for company. I'm glad to hear too that your hair is growing must be a real boost for you.

    Please stop by my blog and pick up the award I've sent your way. You're a real inspiration to so many, I couldn't think of anyone else I'd like to share it with.


  24. mmmmm....i think i can smell that roast from here! :)
    love your joys, deena....and happy that life continues to be full for you....such wonderful "small" things God gives us each day that bring us great joys!
    will be thinking of you tomorrow!

  25. I laughed and I cheered when I read that you parted your hair today. I realized I have this terrible habit of reaching up and pushing my hair back ------ but I HAVE NO HAIR!!!!!! I'll be so happy when I can part my hair again!!!!!

    LOVE those hummers!

    And pot roast right now sounds like the greatest food on earth!!!!!


  26. Beautiful pictures! And yay for your part! :o)

  27. Deena, we still have the little hummers, but I think the hurricane scared them away, but we have nesters that stay through the winter. Happy to hear you can use a comb---it brings a smile to my face. Your grandson is adorable. How sweet that you have enough energy to cook 2 meals. I don't remember the last time I ate red meat, except for a hamburger now and then. I will be praying that all goes well with your tests. Love and Hugs, Pat

  28. Hello you beautiful girl! My hair is gray too but my "natural" color at this time is "cardboard box brown", as it came out of a cardboard box, har har.
    I love the top hummingbird picture - you can see it's wings! neat-o!
    I can nearly smell pot roast, too... it's true, it does make a kitchen smell like home.

  29. Yeah! Parting your hair! Exciting!

    I love your photos today. Great shot of the hummingbird and your handsome grandson.


  30. Caleb is so handsome, just look at that smile :)
    Thanks for sharing the hummingbirds with us, I don't get many at my place.

  31. So good to catch up on your blog since we've been gone. It was so nice to see your hair! We take it so for granted when we have our hair ... so what a blessing for yours to be back! :)
    I love your humming bird pix. I have some neat ones we took up in the mts that I'll post later.
    Thanks for praying for our Jacob. He did so well with his kidney transplant and is home and doing remarkedly well.
    Love to you. Ruthie

  32. These are my favorite birds in the whole world--aren't they fun to watch--and they're so territorial, aren't they? Good luck at the doctor today--I am praying for you, sweet Deena! Love, Jann

  33. Dear Deena, I am just now reading this post. I hope and pray that you heard good news today from the doctor.

    I love hummingbirds. I had eight at my feeder once this summer. It was mostly newly hatched ones that were not too aggressive yet.

    I love the crock pot too.

    Thanks for your encouragement the other day. It meant a lot. Hugs, Kathi

  34. I love hummingbirds, pot roast and you! Not in that order! God Bless!

    We have a new Grandson as of yesterday! That makes three girls, and two boys!

    They are such a blessing, and so much fun!

    I hope you are able to enjoy yours, even if they are a lot of work....

    (I don't usually post, but have been reading faithfully for a year. You have been in my prayers.)


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