Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Smile on My Face

I did take a sleep aid..slept 11 hours.
I so needed it.
My body is achey today
but I am glad for the day
the Lord hath made.

I heard Punxsutawney PHIL saw his shadow six more
weeks of winter. I can DO that!!

If you get a chance, watch "Groundhog's Day"
tis a sweet tale of getting it right.

Today we have freezing fog, but when Rich came down
for coffee, I said Freezing Frog ..oh my gosh.
I'm a nut

My head has the I've started asking him
to help me keep my meds straight AND I wrote
things on the labels , just in case.
I have a HUGE 7 days of the week case I use to make
sure I do it daily.

Today I woke up and looked at my husbands face & found
the blessing of another day waiting.

Again I ask for prayers for Nicole. poor dear. She made a mistake

and added liquor to the wrong patrons tab and they didn't point it
out , paid & left.
The other patron did notice, it cost the
restaurant 30.00 and that was IT.
There must be more, she
has worked there for ?? way over a year?? and now she's gone??
All I can the dishonest person who didn't bring her error
to her attention ..should be shamed, she and my two grandsons
barely make it from paycheck to paycheck. God has a plan for Nicole
I am SURE!
Thought I'd show ya a picture of how I eat ..this was lunch
one day this week

she made just for me!! I'm wrapped in the wings.
I so love it..I feel this way!!

Enjoy the's a gift
be kind & gentle
but get tough when you need to!!

fondly, Deena
Passing this to ALL of you
as you are a HUGE blessing to me

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  1. found your blog through Marcelas, saying a prayer for you now, healing hugs..P

  2. happy for your restful night, deena.....pray it is also a restful and happy day for you.

    will keep nicole in my thoughts and prayers also.....i have a couple of daughters going through difficult times now also....but as you say, God has a plan for them.....and they have loving and supportive family adding to their strength also
    hugs and prayers

  3. Glad that you SLEPT....
    Praying for Nicole....GOD IS ABLE...and willing...

    You are such a blessing, Deena.


  4. Thoughtful post.
    I enjoy your pictures.
    Nicole will find better.

  5. Good Morning Deena,
    I am so glad you was able to get a good night's rest. Sometimes we need a little help like that to be able to rest good. I take those sleep-aid's often myself. I will still continue to pray for Nichole and her situation. I know that GOD will show her a better way. That was just so awful for her to lose her job that way tho. I mean gee whiz, the least the employer could have done was make her pay for the bottle of liquor. That would have been alot better. I know howw it is barely living from paycheck to paycheck. Been there and still doing that trying to get caught up ourselves. But GOD is getting us thru it and I know GOD will get Nicole thru it as well. Your meal looks so good and yummy. The Salmon Salad sounds really good. Do you have a recipe for it? I may want to try it sometime. "THANK YOU" for sharing some beautiful pictures of your daughter and your Grandchildren. They are all very beautiful and I know you adore them all very much. We had some freezing fog week before last here. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  6. Good Sunday! from Church...I was thinking yesterday and today about my long ago past and what I learned on my "C" journey of dire diagnosis. I started it in Tucson AZ and next at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix AZ and went a route from there to Colorado hospital that wouldn't take me and ended up of all places back east in the very same hospital where I had been a single mom working and the same doctors I had for my son who was very ill as a child with acute asthma and allergies to every food dye and unnatural thing in the world. Anyways! I learned a few things on my tour. I found it interesting that Cheryl Crow the musician/singer years later now learned some of the same things. I lost a lot of weight not only from multiple health problems after surgery...but also I found that my body was estrogen sensitive. Cheryl Crow is staying thin not only for good looks but also because she has talked about her breast C being estrogen sensitive. She cannot eat any of the estrogenic foods just as I could not. When I was going through it, not many had this data but now west coast and southwest have it as common knowledge. I have to keep my weight down today and work hard at it cause I don't feel like it most often. When the big boogie C goes away...or at least into the distance...I forget how serious it all was. But estrogen is stored in the fat cells and so I have to keep my fat to a minimum so therefore not much excess estrogen can be stored. I had all my female stuff yanked at surgery time...full of melon size tumors...and because of the data that they knew on the west coast, I wasn't given any replacement hormone as it would most likely start all the C drama over again.
    While all the books were saying to eat soy and such...I couldn't and still don't cause it is an "estrogen" food. Plants can be phytoestrogens and they are not good for me...ever..never. I had to read a lot on my own back then but I feel that God guided me to the places where I needed to be. There were doctors who were not so smart, and one in particular who ran the largest women's clinic on the east coast. I spent a few minutes with her while she made fun of everything I said. I wanted to believe her as she was so renowned. I decided to trust myself and what I had learned. Some girlfriends mocked me out and made fun of me and even my relatives. I was rejected and shamed just when I needed support. I read the Book of Job a lot.
    That woman doctor of that big clinic that was trying to get me to take hormones, she died 3 years later of breast cancer. 80% percent of her patients at that clinic under her care are now dead.
    The two friends who shamed me about my choices and who followed her directions are dead from breast cancer. Nuff said. There is a lot to be learned about C. And not everyone is "estrogen sensitive". You have to find out what is uniquely going on for yourself and take all your time to do that. It is a lot of work when you are already very sick and don't feel like it. I remember being so sick and throwing up and going back to bed so limp my hand couldn't flip the pages of the next book. When I ended up in the NW I started a women's health help line from my bed...I read to women who also were sick. I talked to women who were at work but couldn't leave the bathroom cause they were too sick and they were so afraid...but I could stay on the phone and read and talk. I didn't do this cause I was a saint, I did it to hear what others were learning and what else was happening in the world of women and cancer and menopause etc.
    There are a lot of women's health help lines now, along with the internet and blogs....what HUGE gifts...the research and awareness about women's C is a lot more knowledgable. You may have to go to more than one place for info. I did not have insurance when I got sick, that turned out to be a blessing but at the time it felt like I was a big loser. I have since found that sometimes those who have very good insurance are "taken for a ride". I was turned down by many places but I was also told the cold hard facts because I didn't have insurance. It took many many years to pay off that 6 digit medical debt. This whole health crisis, is where I really came to trust my guidance from my Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit...sometimes I wasn't quite sure but I just put one foot in front of the other and kept going. I learned that I had to give my prayers feet and act.
    It was quite a journey and I miss many who traveled it with me. But I feel them all around me as I write this to you, to you all.
    God Bless us all today...May the Force be with you.

  7. Stopping by again for a visit.

    Don't you LOVE that movie? It's one of my favorites. I could watch it over and over again. Isn't that ironic??

    Glad you've had a good night's rest. AND glad to see you're eating right. Looks delish, and so good for you. I should take your lead on that one...

    Sorry that you didn't start your chemo. Next time, for SURE! (Did you ever think you'd WANT to start chemo? I remember being amazed by that, myself....)

    I hope you enjoy your day, with it's freezing frog :-)


  8. Very thankful you were able to sleep last night and that you're having a good day today.
    God bless.

  9. I also slept about 11 hours and it was wonderful!! Congrats :).

  10. Hi Deena
    Glad you had a good rest. That food looks very healthy and nourishing for you. My little boy loves fruit and last week in total he had 15 kiwi fruits! 3 a day at school monday - friday. I keep saying to him I bet he tastes juicy !!.He has pineaple or pear at least everyday too. As well as veggies everday and also the only drink we have in this house is water , I drink tea, but no squash the fresh fruit juice occasionally. The children are good as they dont expect anything other than water and that is so good for you. fresh fruit smoothies are lovely too.
    I am sorry to hear about your daughters job. It seems very unfair they let her go after a year, because of a mistake. We all make mistakes.
    take care Dominique x

  11. HI Deena, Good to hear you had a really good and restful sleep.
    Poor Nicole - things are sure to turn ourright for her.
    Lunch looks pretty yummy.
    take care.

  12. Dishonest people -- and someone else's pays for that. It doesn't seem "right" does it? And yet, I believe there is something better for your daughter and she needed this to happen so she can find it.

    Sleeping is good -- helps your body to restore itself and you need that right now.

    Hope you have another lovely, peaceful night of sleep tonight. xo

  13. I need your address !! You are a Winner of one Foofy Ballerina Box !!! :) Hugs,

  14. Deena, I am thankful that you got some much need sleep.

    Your poor daughter. They fired her over $30.00? Why couldn't they just make her pay it back instead of firing her? I'd like to know the name of the establishment where she was working so I could remind myself to never go to one of those places. That's terrible.

  15. So thankful you slept!
    Nicole and the boys are in my prayers, along with you and your entire family.
    hugs, bj

  16. Hi Deena,
    Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and praying for you.
    I'll remember your daughter in my prayers as well..

  17. Dearest Deena, so glad you had a good nights sleep. I hope you are having a more rested day. I'm including your darling daughter Nicole in my prayers as well. She is lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive family. Much love and hugs, Suzanne.

  18. So pleased that you had a restful night and are looking forward to a wonderful day today.....
    I am praying for Nicole and her little ones..what a very difficult time for her... to have her mom so sick...and her job gone...and no one to help her with expenses...but if she can rely on God to see her through this He will take care of her!!
    You relax and have a joyous day in the Lord...
    {{Hugs for you, Rich, and Nicole}}

  19. Glad you had a better nights sleep,we will keep you all in our thoughts and in our prayers!love from Kathyann and the girls at meg's mum's muffins

  20. Sending out prayers and lovely thoughts to you and your husband and prayers for your daughter with her 2 little boys.

  21. Deena, you WON my first GiveAway! Hoorah! and I didn't even cheat.
    Talk to you later. Sally

  22. Dear Deena,

    I found your blog(s) through Susie, and just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts each day, and in my prayers.

    Your blogs are beautiful, just like you! My prayers also going out for Nicole.

    Hugs to you!

  23. I am glad to hear that you are doing OK, I will keep your daughter and your grandchildren in my thoughts.

  24. I think it's terrible that they let her go over an honest mistake. We've had the wrong ticket plenty of times and we just ask for the waitress to switch it. I wonder if they were just too bombed to notice. In any case, we will pray that a better job will show up.

  25. Deena,

    I'm so glad you were able to get a good night's rest.

    I can relate to what happened to Nichole. It happened to me once as well. I had worked for the restaurant for 5 years and that was it, I was gone. That was many years ago, but was a single parent at the time. I was devastated as she must be, but God DOES have a plan for her. I will keep her and the little ones in my prayers.

    Your lunch looks delicious. That is my kind of food.

    Take care, dear friend. Praying for you and Rich.

    Love and blessings,

  26. Deena, I'm praying your daughter will receive an even better paying job and this will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

    Glad you had a good nights sleep!


  27. I'm glad you got some rest..I will continue to pray for you and your family...

    I think of you all the time.

  28. thinking of you this day, deena....and wrapping you in love and heartfelt hugs....with prayer

  29. Groundhog Day is one of my favs! I feel bad for Nicole. Mistakes happen - can you imagine if we were all perfect!

  30. Deena,
    Hope you continue to get some Good Sleep, as Your Body really needs the rest.... What Beautiful Little Boys they are, Nicole Beams with Love for those little ones.... God has a Plan ~ Thanks for Sharing.... Continued Prayers for You & Nicole~

  31. Deena, so glad to hear you got a good nights rest and sleep. That is the one thing they told me that is the best thing for your body. It's when your body builds new cells, so if you find yourself sleeping 11 or 12 hours, just do it and remember it's like eating that healthy plate of veggies and fruit---now I'm hungry. Love, Hugs, and prayers, Pat

  32. Deena, my mom (Mimi, Listen to your Grammy)told me about your blog, and I spent a good part of the weekend reading your past posts and catching up on your journey. You are an inspiration! After reading your post today, I thought I would invite you over to my blog to read a funny story about the movie Groundhog's Day! I think it'll make you laugh. Will pray for your sweet daughter as well as you and Rich!

  33. Glad you got some sleep Deena I'll be praying for Nicole. Have a good evening.


  34. I hope you got another good night's sleep last night. Will keep you and Nicole in my thoughts.

    It's hard to see it now, but I'll bet in a couple months she'll be so glad this happened. There's something else out there for her. It's a good thing she got away from an employer that would do that to a single mom when she could have paid the $30 herself. Toxic employer, is what I think.

  35. Deena, here for the night shift. I'll try to be quiet, but I want to get the floor clean and the living room dusted. Then back to the barn. I've got more buckets to haul. Sweet dreams when you get that far. :-)

  36. Deena, sometimes things just stink. I will pray for your daughter. I really think though that God has a bigger and better place for her to go. God works in mysterious ways. It just sounds too weird to be random and accidental, I think it is a new appointment from the Lord.

    Love & hugs, Shar

  37. Deena, sometimes things just stink. I will pray for your daughter. I really think though that God has a bigger and better place for her to go. God works in mysterious ways. It just sounds too weird to be random and accidental, I think it is a new appointment from the Lord.

    I am glad that you got some good rest too. And good job on your healthy eating!

    Love & hugs, Shar

  38. Deena - the treatment of Nicole was very unfair and she is probably better off looking for a new job at a much kinder place. She and those sweet little boys will be OK - I just know you will make sure of that.

    Meanwhile, sleep for you is so important - good fresh food too. Off to say my prayers now, you and Nicole at the top of my list, and your friend who lost her husband - her story is so very sad.

    Be strong dear friend.

  39. Deena, your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Your thoughts are beautiful. We should all appreciate every day.

  40. I'm always thinking about you, Deena. You are in my make a difference in everybodies lives...Thank You!

  41. Dear Deena, I am Kathi of featheringmynest. I am Sharon of roseofsharonmay's sister. She has told me all about you and how much she cares.

    I am praying for you too. I have a dear friend named Debbie. Both her daughters had cancer at different times. Both are in remission. Actually the younger one I believe was completely healed. Her name is Brianna.

    The older daughter, Cheree, had a stem cell transplant, which used her own cells, NOT aborted babies. She tells about this on her webpage: I hope this information is helpful to you.

    Sincerely, Kathi

  42. Good to hear you had some rest, i hope you are able to rest again tonight Deena.

    Good thoughts for Nicole, i hope something comes along soon.

  43. Glad you could sleep, Deena. Sounds like your body needed it. Sorry you feel achey... It's no fun, and you are being very brave about it, trying to see the glass half-full.

    Smart to get a large 7 day of the week case. They are useful.

    They fired Nicole over $30.00 ??? That's a disgrace. Hope that she finds a better job soon.

    And lunch looked YUMMY !


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