Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Too Hot

Oh by the way , it's to be 105 degrees here
today. I'll need to make iced tea.

I have lost so much weight.
I must get a picture if I can figure out
how to do that. I am like a baby, everything
is new to me.

Oh Forgot, here is me with reading glasses.

My gift to myself after I lost some of my vision
thanks to all brain radiation
"Vera Bradley"

Thank you God 

for iced tea


  1. You were always a winner, Deena. This is marvellous. Thank God for everything.

  2. Deena, lovely, lovely pics dear girl! You look really fabulous, and your eyes are so blue and pretty with that gorgeous print dress/top and snazzy eyewear!

    We are thankful you are back with us and hope you will continue to post as often as you can. Make sure you rest during this terribly hot weather - raising my glass of tea to you today (wine later, too early to be drinking!) wishing you happiness, love, and all things good.

    Mary X

  3. Wonderful, just wonderful. I am so happy to see you back blogging again and you look absolutely wonderful. Enjoy that nice cool glass of tea on this so hot day!

  4. What a blessing to see your blessing (thank you God for iced tea). I didn't realize how much I missed them and how comforting they are to see them on your blog. You look so beautiful Deena. Love, Diane

  5. Deena, You look beautiful! Such good news ~ praise God!! It's so nice to see you again. Glad your able to recover your lovely blog. I'm not online much during the summer months, so I missed a few of your posts. I'll be back again soon. Sending big happy hugs! xo Jenn

  6. you look beautiful deena....and i love the spunky glasses....just perfect for you!!! so happy that you are here again....have visited many times looking for you....and now you are found! :-) wonderful days to you sweet lady!

  7. And thank God for you Deena! You look fantastic! I love your new glasses!

  8. Oh Deena, I am so happy to see you here I have been smiling so much my face will be stuck!

    I have prayed for you every day. I am so thankful that God has answered our prayers with this good news!


  9. Hallelujah my sister in Christ. You are so precious and special! May all be restored as you journey to higher ground. ((((( HUG ))))) I am so proud of you. *U* Love Always!


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