Friday, August 3, 2012

A Visit from Rich's Sister

Five years of cancer, I won.

Rich's sister was here for a overnight visit. She was on her way to Chicago for business. We had a nice supper at one of my favorite restaurant, compliments of Rich's sister , Rhonda .

 It was nice to dress up and show off my new haircut.
It continues to be HOT and DRY and my plants are dying.

 Wonder what will survive through the summer and what I'll have to replace?  

 Thank you Lord

For Friends


  1. It's been a wet summer in England, everything is green and lovely. You look really pretty in that photo, Deena.

  2. I agree-you are beautiful!
    Hot and dry here too-I have already lost some plants, but hoping they will recover for next year. I totally lost a blue hydrangia-so sad! It's nothing but sticks...

  3. Deena you look stunning! I love your hair cut! It's been hot an dry here in MI also, hopefully we get the rain they're calling for.

  4. Deena~
    I just wanted to say, I commend you for all you've been through, what a strong and couragous woman.... And love the hair, you look amazing.. God Bless you!!!

    On to this weather, we live in Ohio and it's been a scorcher here as well. My garden, thank goodness is hanging on by the grace of god and my dear dh watering every night. My flowers are also struggling but hanging on as well. Have canned pickles, froze green beans, digging up potatoes this evening, tomatoes are coming on for sauce. So I am thankful for all that. Enjoy your blog, so glad youre back....
    Keep posting pictures love them all...
    Prim blessings and hugs

  5. Hi sweet friend

    Congrats on 5 years! It's 6-1/2 for me! Yeah us!

    You look great.


  6. So glad to hear your good news. Sending you much love from Saint Louis. It's hot here, too!

  7. Lovely cheery post Deena - glad life is good these hot Summer days.
    Yes, we're all losing plants this season, it's been brutal with the temps. and little rain most places..............things will improve though and we'll be planting in the dirt again next Spring for sure!

    Love your short coiffure - very casual and spiffy!
    Hugs from North Carolina - Mary X

  8. I love the new haircut. Glad to read you are getting out and about! Congrats again on beating cancer, you are inspiration.

  9. You are so BEAUTIFUL and such a tough lady I am so happy for you!!! Hugs BeCca

  10. Hello, Deena! I have been so out of touch and behind on things on the computer. Got a new one in Sept which is still a pain to get used to!

    Your hair looks wonderful and you do too! Congratulations on the FIVE years as a survivor!

    You're in my thoughts and prayers, as always!



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