Monday, August 6, 2012

Little Guys

My oldest daughter Nicole is going out to celebrate her new job tonight. Her boys, Cole (11) and Caleb(9 soon) are coming over to spend the night and the day tomorrow.

They will be here soon. I have banned the video games players athey seem too violent and the boys get too upset when theyplay them. They will be here soon. They are not so little.


  1. They were much smaller when you posted about them a few years ago I'm sure. It's nice that you give them a peaceful, serene place. Diane

  2. Have fun Deena, I agree about the video games, good for you for cutting them off!

  3. I know what you mean about those games.

    Enjoy your time with them.


  4. Hi Deena, PRAISE GOD that you are back and doing so well. I am beyond happy to know that you are doing well and back to blogging.

  5. So good to have you back to blogging. Be blessed dear Deena!!

  6. hi beautiful!!!
    oh....enjoy each moment!
    you look amazing!!!

    GOD bless you,

  7. Oh Deena:
    I have not checked in in quite a few weeks. I've posted messages on your blog, when you were not around....just in case. Today, I sign in and here you are. What a miracle!!!!!! WHATA MIRACLE!!!!!! I am so fiercely proud of you!!!!!!!!
    What a blessing!
    One of your Florida Angels,

  8. I am so happy to see that you are enjoying your summer and grandsons. It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow in St. Louis. I'm hoping the breezes come up your way!

  9. Hope you are feeling better and stronger everyday. I still check on you. Your hollyhocks bloomed in Texas this year but our weather is hot and the drought is fierce. Won't be long and it will be my favorite time...fall!

  10. So glad to see that you have won the battle! Praise God! I had quit checking for awhile and was so pleased to see you back in action. Thank you for sharing your strength and courage with us. God is good! Have a great visit with the little cuties.

  11. Deena, how wonderful to know that you are doing much better and blogging again. You have been in my prayers since I discovered your blog about 2 years ago. I was so concerned when there was no word from you for so long. You look great as usual. Take good care of yourself and keep us informed about your journey. Lots of hugs. Amy

  12. Have fun with you grandchildren. You've made the right decision to ban video games and such. You can't have bonding time with that thing.
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  13. My sweet beautiful friend !! It is so so good to see you back !! Happy that you are back to blogging and happy that you have beat cancer !! We are so lucky ... I am doing the happy dance that my friend is finally back in blogland and we can now read about all the good things in your life ...

    Thank God ... for Deanna ...
    that she can now blog
    for everything !!!


  14. Praying for you always Deena. Love, Rebecca

  15. Just thinking to check in with you to see how it's going. So thrilled to hear that you have beat it. A long, long road for you it's been. Hoping my baby sister does as well as we are on the brink of her journey ~ tomorrow morning she undergoes surgery for a tumor on her kidney. We all are trying to think positive, that it will be benign, but just in case, if she finds she is going to have a battle, I will send her here for inspiration and courage. Cheers to you!


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