Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day Two~Thursday Oct 25, 2007

I met a new friend..through a Christian Art forum & was shocked ..when signing up

for a swap I see she lives aboutve 5 miles from me.

I email her, we have coffee twice at Starbucks and chat. She is a mixed media artist

and it's so fun to just sit and chat.

Last week we made a "date" to go antiquing & eat lunch.Great fun. During lunch my

cell phone rings & it's Voice Mail from home. I only check it because it will keep

calling me if I don't.

GREAT , it's the Breast Center wanting to speak to me about another mammogram.

"I knew it".. why does it catch me off guard??

I return the call & leave a message & enjoy my lunch.

As I walk in the door after my friend drops me off , the home phone is ringing.

We need you to come back in for another mammogram & possibly a sonogram..

Ok again I tell myself.."you knew this" & she sets the appointment for the next

day at 9.30 AM at the hospital this time. I call my hubby, he asks if I want him

to go with me tomorrow..I hesitate, thinking..Well, I want him there if they tell

me it's cancer I had been told the doctor would talk to me after the second

set of yes....I want him with me..and he doesn't hesitate..he says

Ok, I'll go.

so, I'm set up for the next day

and I go take a nap till hubby comes home and I make dinner.

The rest of the day is fine..


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