Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday, Oct 29th 2007

Oh today was so special. My oldest daughter called early, said she was coming over. Then my friend Sally called & brought over a wonderful Apple Dumpling and a loaf of bread she'd freshly baked.  My daughter came while Sally was here, they met..and I got the call for my MRI.
Tomorrow at 8.30 AM I'll get the MRI...Kelly  ( my helpmate at the Breast Health Center)
will come see me and bring me "The Pink Book"..she said it's all about breast cancer..
I got a surgeon today also!! Her name is Denise MAMMOlito!! I love it!! She will call me on Thursday after she sees the MRI..and we'll get together for "THE CHAT"

My daughter , Nicole ..and I had Apple Dumpling with ice cream, ham & some good coffee for breakfast..YUMMY.. Nicole brought me some special Nail Color from OPI for October, Pink of Hearts.and a Bigelow Lip Gloss for October, Shine for sweet.
She is in cosmetology school, she brought her kit, ..and highlighted, covered my gray..and cut my hair..TIS CUTE!!
She gave me a pedicure and painted my toenails..cleaned my house and loved me. Oh how sweet a day we had. I was going to paint more shutters but after I got so cute, I didn't want to get dirty..LOL, so I put on make up instead.

Hubby noticed my new do right off, said ooooh you're hot stuff..and I felt like I was.  We walked outside a bit , then had dinner..comfort food of mac & cheese..for real baked in 
the oven , green beans and some of that fresh baked bread. 
I'm tired and ready to go to bed..and it's only 8.15PM..
I need to call my friend Marilyn back, so I'm going to go do that
and get ready for bed.  
I feel like a pampered princess today, my family is so important to me, 
and today was good.
Night all


  1. Deena~I am so sorry about this!! Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers...I am so glad you were pampered today, you deserved it!! Hugs to you, sissy!!

  2. Oh dear Deena, I had no idea this was happening in your life. I'm truly saddened by this news but I KNOW that you will conquer this dreadful illness and become an even stronger person than ever before! You are in my prayers!

  3. I'm checking in on you and Oh, I'm so happy you had such a treatful day.
    hugs darlin'


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