Sunday, December 21, 2008


We woke to this on Friday. Some of the trees around have just given out and split.  The more days go by as cold as it is and windy..the more I worry about our trees.  My poor Paper Birch out front is at the ground.  I pray in holds out..would be awful to lose it. 
The evergreens bend down instead of up now
and it's 4 below real temperature.

I'm staying in and safe. 
Click on the pics for more detail


  1. Hi Deena, We're getting it now up in Michigan. Mainly lots of snow and white outs. As much as an inconvenience, it sure is beautiful though! Stay warm and safe!
    Blessings, Laurie

  2. Dear Deena, It sounds like you're having awful weather, too, except that you got rain, or melting, first. I'm not ready for this, are you? I would have liked to just ease into winter. Hope you're having a lovely day, anyway.

  3. Dearest Deena, that's one part of winter that I don't like. Beautiful pictures, though. 4 below, I can't even imagine. We are gearing up for 30 tonight. I have finished my pictures on my Christmas blog, but haven't gotten many visits or should I say posts. I hope you stay in and keep warm. Love and Hugs, Pat

  4. Hi Deena...we got more snow last night and a dreadful windstorm...we had to bring in our 2 lil Christmas trees that were on either side of the front door...they kept getting blown over.

    We hardly get snow here in my neck of WA and I love it...especially Christmas week.
    Stay warm.

  5. Hi Deena,
    Stay warm and I wanted to give all of you a hint we did down here in the South. We had a bad ice storm, one year. I know it's hard to believe it. The one's that had shot guns went out and shot in the trees that had heavy ice on them and it did save a lot of them. Ice breaks and falls. Don't shoot toward any wires. We live out in the country.
    Merry Christmas,

  6. We are in fridgid weather but no ice or snow thank goodness.. We had an ice storm two years ago and the landscape has not yet recovered....... Stay in and stay warm!

    I got my jingle in the mail and I have a pic on my blog! Yeah!!! go and take a peak !

  7. Yikes! We have the below temp -4 here in MO but thank God none of that ice. I can't look husband is having to drive in this all over US to earn a money if tires don't roll...slide...skid. Ohhhh, I don't like this time of year. Going to go paint and sew, "busy hands" and all that. Sorry about your lovely woods...they still look lovely though. n/Church

  8. It looks so beautiful to this Texas gal. I can't imagine having that to look at everyday. It's good you are staying in and warm. Are you resting up for a big Christmas with all your handsome grandsons? Some of my babes are already here so the fun has begun. LOVE YOU!

  9. It looks pretty... but oh so dangerous to walk on or drive on...continue to stay inside and be warm and safe...
    Love ya,

  10. Your snow pictures are beautiful, but it looks like you got a lot of ice as well, brrrr!

    Staying in - good idea!!

    Merry Christmas, Deena.

  11. My gosh, those are gorgeous photos. It's cold as all get-out over here, hit 30 below today, but it's pretty to look at when the sky is blue. We have to see the bright side I guess. Sorry you did not have hair for Christmas, but you are still Vogue-cover beautiful.
    I signed your guest-book from the last post, by the way.
    :) T

  12. Gorgeous pictures of the ice storm, Deena !

    Merry Christmas, and *infinite love* to you...

    Loving Annie

  13. Your snow and ice look similar to our snow and ice in Portland, Oregon. Brrrr!

  14. Well it surely looks pretty; I hope the trees hold up!

  15. and people in this house are complaining that it's 46 sometimes, I love the cold though, your pictures are pretty, even though mother nature is causing trouble...
    are the birdies still eating, even though their food source is covered in ice? or do they stay away and stay warm someplace? LOVE YA, LOVE YA, LOVE YA!!!!!
    stay warm and drink your hot tea.

  16. mother nature is pretty even in her icy glory! too bad it is so dangerous. we had some ice but not as much as you ~ today ground blizzard conditions with wind chills 30 below zero. was nice to stay in ~ cozy in. very blessed that power stayed on to keep cozy. hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

  17. Yep. That tree is really leaning. I hope it makes it too! Gorgeous shots.

    Thinking about seeing a movie? I have tons of movie reviews on my blog.

  18. Happy Monday Deena. Your pictures are beautiful, but I know how treacherous that kind of weather can be. Stay in, stay warm...stay safe! Merry Christmas, sweet lady! *elaine*

  19. Hi Deena,  love your it to soon to wish for Spring?  I am an impatient person, and I have been stuck in the house for 3 days. Lights went out last night, but only for about 15 or 20 min. White Christmas's are really nice, but when ice is included, not so... Wanted to tell you to have a wonderful Christmas....your lookin good....that's ok to say from an old granny isn't it....? LOL...judy

  20. We still have our "leaner" birch. It had 3 ice storms back to back last winter that really made him lean like crazy. I prayed for my tree-I planted all my white birches. They were my Dad's favorite tree, so they mean a lot to me. My prayers were heard for my tree. God is so good.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Love, Debra

  21. Stay nice and warm Deena.
    Always thinking of you.

  22. looks like what our relatives are dealing with in Oregon also.....hoping our kidlets from New Mexico have somewhat good weather as they are driving down starting look like you will definitly have a white Christmas! :)
    love and prayers,

  23. Wow... how surreal that something so beautiful can be so dangerous .... we have below freezing temps but no snow or ice... hope you come out of it all ok




  24. Glad you're safe and warm--your photos are lovely. I especially love all your bird feeders. Merry Christmas, Deena--I hope your holidays are wonderful. Love, Jann

  25. I hope your paper birch has recovered!

  26. Hi Deena, weather sounds awful, but looks so pretty. I can't remember the last time we had proper snow in the UK, what I'd give for some of that. Love and seasons blessings to you Jackie x

  27. OMG, those pictures are amazing--truly amazing. I love the one with the ornament on the window (it says it all!). I don't do ice storms (snow--yes; ice--no!).

    This is truly one of my favorite blogs and the music (simply divine). Oh dear friend, I've never met you, but feel like I've known you all my life.

    Enjoy the beauty of the captured it so well! It was a gift for all of us...thank you!


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