Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear RICH!!

~~Happy Birthday to my sweet hubby, Rich.
He doesn't like to be the center of attention, but I like to make
it special~~~

We have chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
Next weekend we will celebrate our birthdays with a dinner date, mine is the 15th.

Maybe he'll let me post a picture of him ..well..I'll post it no matter
what, if he'll let me take one.


chocolate cake
a sweet hunny hunk
God answers prayers


  1. Happy birthday to your husband! I hope you will have a great party. Chocolate cake mmmmmm

  2. Happy birthday to your husband and to you. The cake sounds yummmm.

  3. Happy Birthday Rich!

    Have a wonderful day today and eat lots of chocolate cake!

  4. Happy Birthday to Rich! My husband loves chocolate cake, too.
    Hugs, Susan

  5. Happy Birthday to Rich.
    So wonderful to have such a good man in your life

  6. Happy Birthday to Rich. I'm sure you'll help him have a wonderful one, Deena.

  7. Happy, happy birthday to the dear hubby!!!!! Would love a piece a cake --- just throw me a piece, ok????


  8. Happy Birthday Rich!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    My hubby has a birthday in 2 days and we will be sharing cake with you :-)

    Deena I will be visiting you on your day again I am sure, but I want to wish you lots of pre-birthday blessings!!

    Have a Very Blessed Week!!

  9. Happy Birthday to you both! Celebrate! The cake sounds yummy!

  10. Happy Happy Birthday Rich! Yum...chocolate cake with chocolate icing.


  11. Happy Birthday to your hubby, Deena! Happy birthday to you, too on the 15th!!!

  12. Happy Birthdy to your hubby!!

  13. Happy Birthday to your husband. Just wanted to let you know that your upcoming birthday and our wedding anniversary are the same, how cool is that?? Am so glad that you are doing so well and feel well enough for birthday parties and dinner dates. Love ya.

  14. Wish him a Happy Birthday from me! And of course, give yourself a great big birthday hug from me!!!

  15. Good Morning Deena,
    "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY" to your hubby. Your chocolate Cake and Icing sounds good, but I can't have anything good anymore. Why is it that they don't make those kinds of foods for Diabetics or heart patients? Take care my friend and have a great Monday. May GOD BLess you and yours.
    Karen H.

  16. OH, How precious Deena...
    I have a photo of me like that, around the same age, MAYBE even the same dishpan!!! Saves water all over the bathroom!!!
    Happiest Birthday to Rich...Make sure you eat ALL the Chocolate you guys want...
    Love Ya...M

  17. happy belated birthday to rich, dear deena....we were busy celebrating our youngest daughters birthday as well!!!
    wonderful to have answered prayers and joys!!!!

  18. Many Happy Returns of the Day! I hope you have a lovely celebration together.

  19. Hi Deena!! First of all, you look absoloutely radiant!! I love the photos of you in the other post. CUTE hair style!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday to Rich! You certainly were the center of attention in that little bowl you are sitting in. That is such a sweet photo - priceless!

    Enjoy your day and pass the cake!!


  20. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
    Happy Birthday Dear RICCCCCCH... Happy Birthday TO You!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs Deb

  21. happy (late) birthday!! what a most darling picture!!!!!

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