Monday, April 20, 2009

My New Chair~~April 24

Hubby and I love to sit on the back deck, listen to the birds, some music and drink a bit.
Ice Tea, Lambich, Beer, name it..
For my birthday he bought me this GREAT chair.  It is self sufficient and comfortable
Dont you just love it ??? I have to be careful of too much sun, so this is just great.
I did sit out on day, burnt my feet a bit and they swelled up.  I was even ill to my tummy that
night, so maybe it was a bit of sun poison.

Everyone !!!!!! should wear sun screen, but for sure cancer patients need to be very 
careful, as they are more sensitive. Chemo and radiation are wicked ..
The best thing you can do for your skin is use SUNBLOCK now, it prevents aging
from sun exposure.

Ok, enough of the lecture, treat yourself kind, enjoy the day and thanks for the
GENEROUS contributions to Walk for the Cure. My Blog friends are SO good 
to me. 

I told Rich today, I think I'm getting better. He said I know you are.
Oh I love that man. I am so thankful I can eat again & I have not gained
any weight back YEAH!!! Tonight it's Tuna Steak on the grill, Baby Spring Greens 
Salad and  a bit of grilled asparagus. Yum!! 
I am the Grill Master and I love it.


  1. Your hubby is a sweet guy! What a great idea this chair! Enjoy it, hope we have a lot of sunny days ahead, starting this weekend!

  2. If that is half as comfortable as it looks, the day would be filled with backyard visits and little done for chores. Gosh it looks like you can lay down in it too! Good for you. A little spoiling goes a long way.

  3. Hi Deena ~ Your hubby Rich is a keeper, that's for sure! What a wonderful chair, canopy and all! Enjoy this wonderful weather!

  4. You look great and that chair is a wicked item. By that it would cause me to be a slug on your deck. Loved the quilt, Ron won. How lucky he is a quilt and you. I am so thankful that you are feeling better. Peace

  5. Rich is a great guy, but I think you already know that ;)....

    We have those same chairs, sans the canopy, which I really like on yours...I love mine for star gazing at night.... I lay all the way back, turn off any outdoor lights and enjoy the show..they are so comfy!!

    You look so happy and peaceful Deena...after all you've been thru, you are my doubts!!

    enjoy this lovely spring weekend..


  6. What a cutie you are in that chair!! You look so snug and comfy and that nice little umbrella to keep that sun from making that beautiful face red.... tres chic!!

    Your dinner on the deck sounds yummy... I am a tuna on the grille fan... and the greens and salad sound so yummy for the tummy... glad to hear you are eating well...


  7. I love that chair, and you look wonderful, Deena. I hope you're feeling well.

  8. Awww... thanks, Deena for your very gracious comment. And, yes, I would be glad to share my mother with you. She actually has quite a following. She's "mother" to many. I'm truly blessed.

  9. Looks like a nice comfy chair and you look great in it.

  10. Wow! A cool new chair, a beautiful new quilt and a massage. Ain't life grand?! ;-) So glad to see your smiling face, hear that you're eating and getting ready to do a walk.

  11. Deena, you make me smile, thank you for that!

  12. A throne fit for a queen! :) I'm so glad you are feeling better too! :)

    If you're in the mood to giggle, come see my mermaid video...I got the girls in on it...and a shark with argyle (sp?) socks too!

    Hugs to you Sweet Deena!


  13. What a GREAT giftie! You two look cute and content sitting and chilling. Thanks for the note, and I'm glad you liked your charm. YOU"RE the charm! xox peace and hugs from my house to yours.

  14. I LOVE the chair, when we had our home with a pool, I'd sit out side every morning with coffee and my paper, and in the evenings when it was hot, I'd be out there with my glass of Ice tea, floating, I still sit out side sometimes, for me time, and I love to hear the birds, I've been hearing a wood pecker, somewhere, just pounding away! You look so dang adorable in that chair! I noticed your hat...I'm VERY fared skin, so I use sun screen, the kind for babies, I'm just a baby when it comes to sun =) and that supper, yummmmmy. I know your getting've been healed remember? I remember that post, like it was just written yesterday and the joy I felt when reading it. I love you.
    Hugs ALWAYS

  15. You are looking so good! I know it is so wonderful to have a hubby like that...My hubby was so wonderful too!...mean old cancer took his life, but he fought a good fight...and never lost his faith or have a wonderful weekend...and stay out too much better behave!
    praying for you as your joys...and your faith....
    Be safe in Jesus is my prayer....
    love ya,

  16. Deena,

    Rich is a keeper, for sure. The chair is a wonderful birthday gift. It will keep the sun away from your head and face.

    So glad you are getting better. I continue to pray.

  17. You look beautiful in your new deck chair! You look like you're feeling better. You just glow with "I feel better"! I'm so happy for you. Hugs, Penny Sue

  18. Deena, great chair and many wishes for a great run. I miss visiting everyone, but so much happening right now. I do have your little bird eggs, so trying to get those shipped without breaking them. They are not Robin eggs as I thought, but are very cute. Probably Purple Martins since Dad had so many birdhouses and I think one may be a mocking bird egg---not sure. Mom only took nest when the mamma bird would abandon them, so no harm was done to the little chicks that could have been. Love and hugs, Pat

  19. how very nice, every gal needs her own special chair.:0) by the are looking great! your hair is coming back so lovely..I'm so very happy for you.hugs.

  20. I'm glad you are getting better and better every day.

  21. hello Deena, i am happy to see you, your new chair looks really nice, and really comforting.
    i congratulate you hubby for being such a good person and so loving husband,being so supportive all the way.tell him my admiration,pls! thanks for being my inspiration.

  22. what a wonderful looking chair!!! I think i need a of those drinks!!:) send some sun here!! by the way You look MaRvOlUs!!! Just beautiful!! I hope you are feeling it!!


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