Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for most schools here.
My oldest daughter Nicole, sent her boys off today.
Caleb the smaller guy is going to school for the first time
He's 5 (6 in October)

Cole's first day of 3rd Grade was today . He's just 8 & my sweet redhead guy.
The boys have two different Caleb was a big boy by himself.
K-2nd go to one school and 3rd to 6th go to another school.

I pray they had a great day.
I'll see what adventures my son Steve's boys have,when they start Tues. & Wednesday. All
my grandsons are starting a NEW school this fall as they all moved this summer.

Happy Back to School


  1. This is such a sweet picture, Deena. Reminds me of my youngest's first day of school, She's 39 now. When she got home from school I said "Well how was your first day of school?" She carefully laid her stuff down, threw herself on the floor, screamed bloody murder, got back up and went to her room. I guess she was tired of being pent up for 7 hours. Have a great day.

  2. Precious memories of my own little one, who turned 23 in June.

  3. So sweet, I miss those days! They must get their cute little grins from you!!!!!
    Margaret B
    I am putting your name in for my giveaway, at least a couple times!!!!! hehehe..... good luck sweetie!!!

  4. They are "cheek pinching" cute! Tell your daughter to take advantage of these earlier years of starting school. Go look at my post today to see what happened to me!

  5. Good luck to your grandchildren's first day of school. How exciting. My kids here in Michigan don't go back to September 8, after Labor Day.

  6. Awhhhh what a lovely photo! xx Suzie X

  7. Deena- Thinking of you and the boys on this rainy day and hoping all the transport goes without a hitch this time :) Please send up a prayer for my friend Cindy who continues her battle with ovarian cancer and now starts radiation on a spot on her liver on Friday. I hate cancer.


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