Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Do You See Patterns of Behavior Here

Cole turned 8 on July 30th. He's my oldest daughter's oldest son.
so we had a small party , just us girls, for him.

This is Bunny, he/she belongs to Nicole.
Both the boys have bunnies too.
Caleb's bunny is Bunny's dad. Cole said..Bunny is Caleb's bunny
brother and dad.. OMG he was right.

Caleb took this picture. He'll be 6 in October.
Me, Nicole, Cole & Bunnty & Nicole's room mate, Ashley.
Ok, now notice the BOYS.
Notice the boys again.

Are you seeing patterns yet?? Caleb is jumping!!!!!!

I just love this guy!! but he's Nicole's pay back .
My dad said to me lots of times
"wait till you have kids"

(my dad has been gone one year on Aug. 5th, dearly missed by us)

Cole has some NEW teeth.

Do you see?? Cole is quiet and sweet.
Caleb is one crazy boy, makes gramma so
stressed sometimes..I feel sick.
No matter what comes with can
always love them and leave them.

PS ..I had two Mojitos at Nicole's and
I got stopped for speeding..doing 54 in
a 40 MPH zone.. I KNOW better..but I
felt so free. Had rock music on and the windows
down and I have HAIR.

He said "oh you weren't speeding too much, I'll
just write you a warning" WOOOH I was so glad
but I deserved a ticket..

TeeHee..till next time


  1. hehe on the ticket.. good for you.

    MEEPS on the bunnies.. love bunnies.

    The boys are pretty cute too!!

    Glad your feeling better. Blessings. Tammy

  2. Hey Deena...
    My Mom used to say 'Hope you get on just like yourself' WELL.....................

    Such Beautiful photo's for a Grand Day...

    I can just visualize you going down the road, rock music, head bouncing...Good for you Lady D...


  3. Let that hair fly and crank that music UP! Life is good the sun is shining and you have beautiful grand babies! What a day with the bunnies and the laughter..... Live and let the speeding ticket find their way into someone else's life !

  4. Well I'm glad you didn't get a ticket. It looks like you all were having a good time.

  5. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. So glad you didn't get a ticket. It must have felt so good to be driving along with music going and the wind in your hair. You deserve to enjoy it! -Jackie

  6. Mom used to tell me "One of these days, you're gonna pay for your raising". Boy was she right. I told mine that to and lo and behold. Guess we're now as smart as our Moms were. Heck I think we've even BECOME our Moms! Glad you had a good time. They grow up so fast. Love ya honey.

  7. Your blog is beautiful!

    ANother cancer warrior

  8. Wow no ticket that is lucky ... good for you.

  9. What fun! Glad you're feeling good - and you have hair!

  10. What a truly lucky gal you are to have such a wonderful family and to be able to escape a ticket too!!

  11. The kids are real cuties....

    As for you... U GO GIRL!!! Enjoy that mojito... drive with the windows open and the wind blowing through your hair... and crank that rock music waaaaay up loud!!!

    How on earth did you get away with no ticket!!! You crack me up!!



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