Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Son's Two Youngest Boys

My son's boys..Joe who is 9 and Steven who is 5, went to a new school this year .
This morning I went over to get them to the bus stop. Everyone is gone from home
by 7:45 AM and these two don't catch the bus until 8:45 AM
The youngest boys go to the same school.
Joe is so sweet and kind. Steven is sweet and going
all the time.

Two weeks from today, we'll be traveling. woohoo


  1. They are so precious! And how sweet of you to go and help out! I know they love you tons!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. Such fun to be able to see the boys off to school. I love picking my grandchildren up from school every Tuesday. Special times

  3. So Sweet Deena. (I know they won't like that I said SWEET)...Your A GOOD Grandma Lady!!!
    AND Wonderful your able to help out when needed...


    P.S. Are you learning and Italian???

  4. Oh how sweet...aren't they 2 little cuties! starts here very very soon...where did the summer go?
    I have been away from blogger for many weeks and am just now trying to get back in the groove. I hope you are feeling well Deena.

  5. Hi Deena, I tried to leave a comment when you first posted about your Surprise trip, but for some reason it wouldn't go I'm trying again.....Happy, Yes I'm so happy for you....what an amazing trip that will be...don't forget your you can share....

    Your grandsons are adorable....I pray you stay strong for your trip....there are some bloggers that I wish I could meet and your are one of them....God Bless You....judy

  6. Oh my gosh. I wonder if there is anything sweeter than little kids in backbacks going back to school. :) Nice that you can be with them in the mornings. I bet that creates very good memories for them.

  7. Hello Dear!! I have missed you much!!! School starts here tuesday after labor day.....I hate when school comes around..I shall miss the kids so much!! I usally start out the morning with a good cry!! Looks like your grand boys are enjoying them selves!! happy Days to You!!

  8. Hey Stranger... I just wanted to say "Bon Voyage" to you and I just know you will have a wonderful time. There will be so many awesome moments to sink in. How romantic that your husband took care of all the plans. That is great. All you have to do is go. Hope you are doing well, you haven't commented lately on how you are feeling. Hugs to you, enjoy your dreams coming to life! Penny Sue

  9. Deena, I enjoyed both posts about the boys returning to school. The photos are wonderful and will make precious memories when the boys are grown.

    I know you must be getting excited about your trip. Enjoy!


  10. sweet grandchildren....what a blessing........and yeah for traveling deena.....enjoy.enjoy.enjoy!

  11. Aww. I do hope your grandson's are off to a good start! How nice of you to get them to their bus stop.


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