Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Promise of Spring

I found this little "sleeping" online at Katies Rose Cottage today

A sweet BloG friend posted these yesterday..oh I adore a snow drop, I asked if I could
use it ..she graciously agreed, she's Gracious Hospitality.  

Good Morning..or is it? Is before 4 AM actually morning??
Well, it's still GOOD. I slept well, feel decent, but 
woke up sweating so much I had to get up
and take a shower. 
Poor hubby, he doesn't have the luxury of
laying around all day & I woke him stirring around.
I still am not sick, just the same nagging headache & 
fatigue. I ate some toast, took some Tylenol &
hope to find something that sounds good to eat.
Not much does.
I am so thankful I can just rest as needed . 

I am so thirsty & we have well water, so I
am drinking bottled water, using it for coffee and ice also.

Thank  you all for the well wishes & prayers.  As my strength allows
I'll keep posting , so far , VERY good!!

I received some lovely graphic awards too
Check the bottom of my page for them!

fondly, Deena

I did go to "Look Good, Feel Better"
I am so glad, I did learn things . My friend
Sally called & said she'd go with me.
I am sad that cancer touches so many lives &
I hope to make some friends who are going
through this journey & hold their hands through it.



  1. Deena, Good morning.. Thought I'd check to see how you are.
    Sorry you still have your headache and are so tired.
    You are in my prayers..wish I could just make this all go away.
    God bless you darling. You are so brave and you have touched so many of our lives!
    Hugs & love ~Mary~

  2. Deena, I'm checking in like Mary to see how you are. I'll be praying for you all week - just rest, rest, rest and let that chemo do its thing!

  3. Good Morning Deena,
    I'm just dropping by to see if your feeling good today. Sounds like you are except for the headache. My headache has finally gone away. I went back to bed this morning after I left a comment on your yesterday's post and I woke up before my alarm was to go off at 6:15a.m. I am having some coffee. I think that may be why I had that bad headache because I didn't have any coffee yesterday. I drink the coffee that has 1/2 the caffeine. "CONGRATUALTION'S" on your Awards my dear friend. You do deserve each and every Award you receive. Take care my friend and have a relaxing day. May God continue to Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs, & Prayers,
    Karen H.

  4. checked back by and see that you are up and at-im early....
    sorry your headache is lingering...
    still praying for a comfort for you through this ordeal!!
    glad you were able to make it to the Look good feel better yesterday...

    So glad to hear you aren't sick!!!
    That is a BLESSING in itself...Please ask your oncologist for some headache medicine. I had them BAD and they have some good stuff for them.
    Thinking of you always and praying,
    Hugs and Love, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  6. Hi sweetie, I'm so glad that you feel like posting. We're all thinking of you, hoping and praying that it is a smooth journey through this chemo. You're such an inspiration to so very many...rest and take good care of yourself ~ xxoo, Dawn

  7. So glad to hear not too many bad effects from the chemo. I do not remember Mother having headaches. But she never complained so she might have had them and not told us kids.
    Mothers favorite food believe it or not was Salsa and chips.
    I love the picture of Mr Sanders in his nice winter coat.
    You will continue to be in my lay me down to sleep prayers.
    Peace be with you dear.

  8. I've been thinking of you every day and I'm glad to know that things are going well...I know you are going to have up and down days -- just let your body tell you what you are doing each day and keep on pampering yourself. You are my hero and I'm cheering you on every step of the way!!

    ((((((hugs & love))))))

  9. Good morning sweetness and light! Checking in to see how you are doing today. I cannot imagine going through what you are going through. We all love you and pray for you to get better. In time you will be back to doing all of the things you love to do. Rest, my friend, just rest and take care of yourself. We are here....


  10. Oh that picture is most lovely...and yes I will take you to the dentist with me and take some of YOUR strength...LOL..thanks for offering!
    Rest and enjoy the snow..I bet its pretty!

  11. Deena, it will be in the seventies here in Phoenix today with pale blue skies. I'm buying some gift boxes and I'm packaging the warmth of a spring day to send to you. So when you get some boxes in the mail and they feel really light, no worries, sunshine don't weigh much. :-)

    Keep warm my dear friend. :-)

  12. so glad you are getting good rest, deena......and that you are not sick....praying and sending love and hugs for continued good days...
    enjoy the snow, tucked in all cozy.....sweet thoughts,

  13. I'm thinking about you, hoping this week goes well for you. Hoping you have a nice, restful day. Waking up at 4 a.m. is interesting, yes? Getting a headstart on the day...

  14. Good morning, Dear Deena!
    Hope you will get good nap during the day; winter is good time to do it! Your snow drops so beautiful! Spring coming! Everything will better in a few weeks. I want to believe, and I wish you feel so much better soon.
    I am surprised, what an amazing girl you are - you always have so many good worlds to say to your readers, and always make people around you happy. I found your blog couple days ago - what a darling gift…

  15. Have a restful day Deena~
    You persevered and went to the "Look Good, Feel Better"!
    That sounds like fun and what a blessing to have a friend like Sally...there are so many who care for you...get some rest dear heart, til things aren't fuzzy anymore.


  16. Just letting you know I am thinking of you this morning.

  17. You're in my prayers..
    Stay strong.

  18. I can just hear you, tinkering around the house at 4 am. I've been known to do that, I just hadn't actually gone to bed yet!
    You are keeping your lip balm handy, I hope. If your are that thirsty, you'll probably need moisturizer for lips and skin too. "Take good care of yourself, you belong to {us}"....you know all of our hearts have claimed you!
    Love you honey - Jennifer

  19. When you wake up at 4 AM, know that others are up too and you are not alone. One night I woke up at 2:30, the next at 3:30. No wonder I slept in last night till 5 this morning.

    I hope you rest through the day. The only job you have to do is to take care of yourself!

    Stay warm, the snow is approaching very quietly.

  20. A song for you---
    "Good morning beautiful,
    How was your night?
    Mine was wonderful
    with Him by my side"
    Deena, I hope yours was like that also. I have been known to be at all hours of the night, but nothing wakes Al. Glad you are feeling good and pray the headaches go away. Love and Hugs, Pat

  21. Hi Deena

    Snow...brrrr...hope you're still snuggling. I hope your headache is better.

    I'm still praying for you sweet friend. I hope it's okay...I linked to you in a post I did about this wonderful "Land of Blog", praying for each other and cancer survivors.


  22. Wish I was back in bed with the snow gently falling. Sounds lovely really.
    Hang in there....it's going to be okay! This is just part of it...but the better days are coming! Just like SPRINGTIME....we have to get through that "dead of winter" to get to the wonderful flowers and green grass and pretty skies.
    I'm praying for you. :~)
    Just as many others are.

  23. Hi Deena,

    So sorry you have a headache and are tired but you still have time to chat with all of us who care so much about you. Like I said you truly are an inspiration. Rest, rest, rest.....dream of pretty pink things!

    LeAnn :)

  24. Hi Deena,
    Thank you fo letting us know how you are feeeling. Hope something helps to get rid of that headache.
    What a pretty Spring photo.
    Take care and thinking of you.

  25. Good afternoon Deena, I am checking in on you late today :O)
    I am so glad that you aren't feeling sick ~ That would be wonderful like Amy said if they can give you something for your headaches ~ I will keep praying for you that you get feeling better and better ~
    Hugs and prayers,

  26. Deena,

    I'm so glad that Sally went with you to "Look Good, Feel Better." You needed that and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Your awards are lovely and you so deserve each of them.

    It's snowing here too and we are still in that frigid snap that has been so nasty, but am coming out of it and now snow. I will be glad when my snowdrops bloom. That is a definite sign that spring is coming.

    Take care. I'm glad you are cozy and warm in your bed.

    Love and blessings,

  27. That is an adorable plant. I have never seen anything like that.

    Thanks for sharing, and I hope today brings you comfort and joy. :-)


  28. Dear Deena, you were in my thoughts sooo much last night. Sometimes I find that when I'm tired and get a headache a glucose tablet helps. Do you have Lucosade in America, or something like it?
    Stay strong, dear one.

    Lots of love

    Kim x

  29. Deena.

    ~Just stopping by to check on you. Sounds like you are staying strong. I wish I could send you some yummy muffins or perhaps some scones ...I'm sure the last thing you want to do is make something for yourself to eat...I wish I was closer...I would bring you something...~try some cinnamon sugar toast...that always taste hits the spot!

    I keep you in my prayers daily and in my thoughts always.

    Hugs & Blessings

  30. Hi Deena,
    Just dropping by to say hi and let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers today!

  31. PS....the snowdrops are just beautiful. I don't believe I have ever seen those before. Thank you for the lovely picture.

    ps#2....6-12" of snow expected here this evening!!! Tomorrow I'm not leaving this house!!!


  32. Deena, it doesn't seem like you are sleeping that well considering that you were up so early this morning. I do pray that you are sleeping well and getting enough rest.

  33. Good evening, my little friend,
    I just had to mention that I always loved Molly Ringwald and her sweet movies. Of course, now when I see PRETTY IN PINK coming on, I think of you. And, every time I think of you, I say a prayer for you. In fact, BREAKFAST CLUB come on last week, I watched it and even then thought of you!
    Hope your evening is going good and I pray for a good nights sleep for you.
    hugs, bj

  34. I've been reading your journey and praying as I do. It is a helpless feeling to not be able to fix you. Your friends just have to feel with you and share your burden.
    Oh , but I can help with something..I saw the snowdrop on the blog "Gracious Hopsitality", LaTeaDah.

    Kathy b

  35. Hi Deena,just stopped by to wish you well and to let you know you are still in our thoughts and our prayers,hope the headaches go away soon!take care,love to you and your family from Kathyann and the girls

  36. I luv your blog- I found you thru Justabeachkat-
    I'll blogroll you and start sending prayers!

  37. I love The Queen is Resting banner, very cute. I am sorry that you have been restless and have the headache, but at least you did sleep and you are not sick. Oh I pray that you won't get sick the whole time. You are so precious Deena! Watch your mailbox, I sent you something, if you don't get it let me know I must have the wrong address and that would be sad.

    Have a great evening sweetie.

    Love Sharon

  38. The snowdrops look lovely on your blog, Deena. I wish I could bring you a handful of them, live and fresh, to brighten your day! Alas, a picture will have to do, I suppose.

    I hope your journey through chemo goes well. My mother had chemo in a far-away-from-home city and had to be hospitalized for it, so I'm thankful for you that you get to come home each day. It's so much better that way. God bless you with relief from your headache and tingling --- and a new day tomorrow feeling revived and good.


  39. sleep well, deena....will check on you in the morning.....and sweet dreams,
    hugs and loving prayers,

  40. Hang in there, lovely Miss Deena! Love, Esther

  41. Deena,

    If you are feeling up to it, please drop over to my blog. I have an award for you.


  42. Hi, Deena! I'm so glad that you went to Look Good, Feel Better! It's an awesome program, isn't it? Now go kick some cancer!

  43. Hi Deena, glad that you had a good rest. Love the snow drops. Never knew of this flower. Thought it was lily of the valley at one glance. Congrats on your awards! You certainly deserve everyone one of them.

    God bless!

  44. So glad you got that sign from Katie's Rose Cottage, I saw it the other day. It is perfect for you. Lori @ Katie's is such a sweetie. I am making such wonderful new friends here on my blog. It has been amazing. Hope you are having a restful day Deena and that you are doing well.

    LeAnn :}


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