Monday, March 3, 2008

My Sweet Blog & ME

thank you BJ @ Sweet Nothings for this sweet picture 

I just want you all to know, I'm not as clever as you
think, when it comes to my blog.

She is gentle, kind & talented.

I'm not doing as well with chemo this time
NO surprise to me.  I have no appetite
can't even keep my meds down, so 
I'm going to drink water & rest today.

I got up early, did some laundry, vacuumed &
tried a bit of breakfast.  NOPE ..that's not
staying in me.

**My joys today**

Sara of Graphic Pretties

My dear friend Church

a visit on Saturday from my TWO best friends

the rain falling on the roof right now

seeing turkeys in the yard yesterday 

that I do NOT work outside of our home

my soft bed

a new Princess candle that came in a box of love on
Saturday, I'll be sharing pictures

Please share your joys with me
rejoice in the day the Lord hath made

gentle thoughts , Deena


  1. Good morning Deena, I am pleased to share my joys with you. They are my 4 sweet children, my 3 girls Emma (9yrs), Leah (6yrs), Frances (4yrs), and my baby boy Jesse (23mos). They kept me going throughout my treatment, and keep me hopping today! Of course my husband is up there too, can't forget him!

    One of the favorite parts of my day, when I do get online, is visiting my favorite blogs. I love it when you post because I know you're up and about, and your music is so uplifting! I'm sorry you're not feeling your best today and am sending more prayers your way. Whenever I felt yucky during treatment, I reminded myself that that meant the drugs were working.

    Take care of yourself, Katie

  2. Hey sweetie,

    Yesterday at church, our pastor talked about our struggles and trials here on earth and though how terrible they can be, they pale in comparison to eternity. I found myself to be nibbling on that off and on yesterday, we do struggle, I am seeing how you are struggling but you haven't wavered in your faith and God will honor that. I am praying for you Deena daily, please know that.

    Your sister in Christ,
    LeAnn :)

  3. good morning, deena....praying that you will feel better are an inspiration my sweet friend.....your joys still your spirit.

    new day
    beautiful colors of God's creation

    rest well, deena
    hugs and prayers,

  4. Oh put that vacuum away and rest!
    I hope you feel better soon dear Deena,...nothing wrong with relaxing and treating yourself to some idle time....good Lord you need to rest!

  5. Dearest Deena... I pray that you will feel better... The Chemo is doing what it was intended to do, sadly it takes it's toll on the rest of the body as take good care of your self, and that will be short lived.... Sending much love and hopes for many Blessings for you today !!
    My Joys/ Blessings:
    It is so warm here today, you can hear snow melting all around and I even opened a window to allow the warm fresh breeze in..

    God is Amazing !!!

    My Dear Sweet Hubby is a hard working loving/ caring/ gentle man and I know he was Hand Picked just for me 30 something years ago !!!!!

  6. Oh no, sorry to hear your not feeling too well! I hope it is a short bout and your feeling better very soon!! Take it easy and rest today!!!

  7. *hugs*. I'm sure God is carrying you very carefully at this time.

  8. Rest, dear Deena, and know that you are being lifted in prayer throughout the day.

    Blessings to you,

  9. Treat yourself like a princess today, Deena.....and leave that vacuum alone!! There are many more pleasurable ways to pamper yourself, and please know that we are all out here praying for you!! Hugs, Trudy

  10. Deena, I just found your blog through Alison Gibb's links to people who inspire her. I think the comment from above said it best. I will say a prayer for you today. My friend had a better time than most when she was on Chemo. She took a pill that helped her with the sick feeling. Nice to meet you.
    Blessings, Karen

  11. Deena, may the prayers of many wrap around you and snuggle in to your rest so that when you wake you feel better...thank you for sharing your joys with all of us.

    my joys ~
    dew on the grass
    quiet walks in the morning
    a sweet note from a friend
    Deena's blog

    hugs and prayers-

  12. Sorry you're not feeling too good today. Rest and let that amazing chemo do it's work = kicking cancer's ass. LOL

    My joys today:

    My sweet dog, Miss Daisy
    yummy homemade chicken salad
    a beautiful day
    calls from loved ones
    my sweet husband
    friends, including you


  13. I hope you have an absolutely glorious day today!

  14. Prayers going up for you right now....hope you can find something today that will rest easy on your tummy and make you feel all warm and comfy!!

    My joys today...all my many blessings from God:
    My sweet United Methodist Minister Husband
    My sweet 3 boys
    Our warm home
    Our 3 cats
    Being able to be a stay at home mom and homeschooling mom of our two youngest - our oldest is a college student
    the excitement of a life changing move this coming June and the opportunity my husband is receiving to go back to school to finish his degree
    The signs of Spring around me!

    Robin (Southern Bella)

  15. So sorry that this day has found you feeling "yucky". I know that is an awful feeling but it will go away! Wish I could bring you something that would taste good. But for now, enjoy those joys and snuggle down for a sweet dream.

  16. My joys are:
    1. Reading your blog every day.
    2. Sunshine today.
    3. I woke up this morning feeling depressed and all of a sudden got a surge of good feelings!
    4. Discovering an extra bag of powdered sugar in my cupboard for a glaze (I didn't have to run to the store.)
    5. Family and friends, ALWAYS.....
    6. Reading my current good book, "The Crazyladies of Pearl Street."
    Take care Deena - I wish I could hear that rain on your roof too...

  17. I am glad you are able to rest today! :)

    My joy this morning was taking a long nap with my sweet Madeline. She sleeps longer and better that way and I sleep too because it so delightful and cozy. :)


  18. Rest and gather strength, dear Deena.

  19. I feel so bad that you are not doing as well. Take it easy and stay in bed. You poor thing. I am so sorry. I hope that it passes quickly and I hope the chemo does its job!

    BLess you today, Sharon
    P.S. I love this picture!

  20. I was afraid this would be a bad day...that darn Chemo can't kill the cancer cells without knocking the rest of you for a loop for a few days...I'm so sorry you can't keep anything down...I am praying for a good night's sleep tonight...and a more relaxing day tomorrow...
    I hope we don't put too much pressure on you..checking every day to see how you are...
    you don't have to post anything each day... just have Rich or one of your daughters... give a real quick update on what kind of day you are having... so we know how to address our prayers...
    love and {{BIG HUGS}}

  21. Life's Rushes:
    Your laughter while on the phone and talking while running up stairs to get your meds to stop the ick so you can keep talking.

    Sewing and drawing.

    Making dresses.

    Making romantic skirts and aprons.

    Checking what you have done new with this blog.

    Trying to "outdo" you on who has more birds species in their yards.

    The fact that you care about birds and nature! minute at a time, and to be able to hear my heartbeat and to know yours beats also.

    That all cells in our bodies are totally renewed over seven years.
    Saints and Haints

  22. Deena, Sorry you are having such a bad day. Maybe tonmorrow will be better, I sure hope so..
    As for "my joys today". I'm joyful I only cried once today..that was when I read you were not doing well my sweet friend... how my heart goes out to you!
    I wish for you a day without pain.
    Hugs & much love ~Mary~

  23. Joy for me is in daily living, seeing God's creation, knowing it will all be here for my children and grandchildren after I'm long gone.

    I hope your tomorrow will be a bit easier than today, Deena. :)

  24. Deena sorry to hear you are having a bad time with this last treatment.
    Hopefully things will improve each day and after the next treatment you may do better.
    Take care

  25. Hi precious Deena ~
    Let the joy of the Lord be your strength today ~ I am sorry that you felt yucky today ~ I love what other people said about how that is the chemo working ~ what a great thought way to look at it ~
    My joys today are ~

    My husband calling me a few times a day while he is away at work ~

    My girls, who are out of the house, living for the Lord

    My mom and dad who are amazing Christians after a long journey with my dad while I was growing up

    My puppies wet nose

    Hugs and prayers,

  26. Hi Pink Princess Warrior,
    Hope this evening you are feeling better. Just take it easy these hard days after the chemo. Prayers & hugs coming your way.

    My joys
    Getting through Mondays at work
    Working this afternoon in my yard
    Hubby cooking a wonderful supper
    My tabby cats Benjamin & Peter
    Deena's Blog & the beautiful music

  27. Deena,sorry you are not doing so well today but like they say tomorrow is another day and things will seem worse before they start to get better!So I am sending our love and hugs and pray that tomorrow is a brighter day! God Bless.
    From Kathyann and the girls

  28. Iam so sorry You are not feeling well. I know it is part of what You end up going threw but I wish it wasn't!! And you can still find joys!!
    My Joy would be if you felt much better tomorrow!!

  29. So sorry to learn you're not feeling well dear one. May you bounce back quickly.

    My joys today:

    Alive & breathing

    Finding decent clothing at my favorite thrift shop - I highly dislike paying the prices in the stores today ... my husband calls me "cheap" ... I rather believe I am "frugal". When you can buy a brand new sweat shirt for $3.80, what would you call it???

    Energy to get through the day

    M & M's - peanut

    My son & his family are on their way home from their vacation

    58 degree weather today!

    My blog friends

  30. Deena,
    One of the joys in my life today is visiting your beautiful blog, and seeing all the love and beauty that exists within it. Another joy today is the extra long hugs from my girls today, just because. A cuddle from my very fussy cat, who today decided she wanted to snuggle. Feeling warm sunshine on my face, instead of freezing snow. Seeing the most beautiful snow geese flying high above the lake, that we live on, it looks like fairy dust when they fly in the sunlight.
    I am sorry you are not feeling well Deena. Please know that I am holding you tightly in my heart and prayers. Tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully you will feel better. Get some rest!

  31. hope you start feeling better and holding your food down.

    My blessings--the blessings of talking with God and reading His word. The blessings of cheerful pansies, birds, and cats. A loving husband and kids. A wonderful church. Having time to reflect! Enjoying each moment with God's presence right there, right now.

  32. I am blessed to have found your blog. You are an amazingly strong woman of God. What an example you set. May you have a restful evening and be able to eat well tomorrow...and keep it down!
    My joys...
    finding your blog and learning to count my blessings!

  33. Deena, Love the look of your blog! Of course you know I really like these colors. Know that I am praying for you. I spent the day with Barbara (another appt for her) and I caught her up on your news.

  34. checking in to say sleep well and sweet dreams, hoping that you are feeling better by tomorrow....and blessed with sweet joys!

    loving thoughts and prayers,

  35. Hi Deena, hope you'll feel better soon. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  36. Deena...I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well today. It's gonna happen but it will leave in due time.
    I saw that you got the book Wicked. I bought it 2 summers ago to read at the beach on vacation and I just didn't get around to it. Have you started it yet? Just wondering if it's good. Sounds like an interesting book, huh?
    OK off to veg out on the sofa. Prayers are going up for ya my dear. Take care now-Erika

  37. I am glad you used the picture of the rose and the looks pretty on your blog.
    Sorry you aren't feeling as well this time. Maybe it will soon pass.
    Prayers with you!
    hugs, bj

  38. Good Morning Deena,
    Your Friend, Sara, did a great job on fixing up your blog. Isn't it just so wonderful to have some great Friends who will do things for you and help you out? I know I always appreciate it very much when someone helps me out. I'm not very computer literate myself and I still have lots to learn about this world of blogging. I may never learn it all. That's okay if I don't either. I'm sorry your not feeling well with this round of Chemo. You know I will be praying for you as always. Don't worry about the housework dear, just take it easy and REST. You don't want to overdo yourself. We got alot of rain here yesterday. I bet we got about 4 or 5 inches of rain. Some of my joys yesterday was signing the new Rental Lease on our other house and seeing you were able to get up and do a few things. We may get a dusting of Snow today, but I'm not getting my hopes up for it tho. Take care my friend and try to have a great and relaxing day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love, Hugs, & Prayers,
    Karen H.

  39. My joy today is that you felt well enough to post. You inspire me and wish you sunshine and rainbows today.
    I will get to go paint today (not walls-a canvas) today.
    Peace be with you.

  40. Hoping today will be better Deena. Remember to stay strong as the chemo fights those bad cells - not easy when it makes you sick, but you can do it!! Your faith will carry you along, and remember, that we your many friends are sending love and caring wishes.

    Today the rain will come - the Lord is good. Last night my little wren decided not to sleep in the hanging porch basket - has moved back to her corner in the porch ceiling - guess it's warmer now. She's been coming almost every night for 5 months - amazing!

    The new wren's nest by the front door - in the faux plant - appears completed, can't wait to see if it becomes the home to a new generation this Spring. Such a clean bird, the Carolina wren - when the nest is vacated by the young there is never a sign that they were born and raised there as the parents clean it every day!

    A handsome male red-bellied woodpecker is at the feeder - a bluebird is on the birdbath, several cardinals and chickadees flitting around......and squirrels everywhere this morning. Perhaps they know bad weather is imminent and they need food.

    Sending my birds' chirps and songs to your 'singing wood' this morning.
    Hugs - Mary.

  41. good morning deena.....hope the birds are singing and you got a good rest and are feeling better!
    hugs and sweet thoughts,

  42. Stay in and stay warm. I know you are anxious to get out but there will be plenty of time ahead in the warmer days! Here's hoping your strength catches up with your SPIRIT very soon! Hang in there....I'm thinking of you.
    Sending warm wishes your way.

  43. Oh Deena. I'm sorry you aren't quite as smurfy this time. Hang in there dear. You are in my prayers.

    As for my joys, I will let your joys be my joys, that they may be magnified!

    Love you sweetie....Jen

  44. Dear Deena,
    I hope you are feeling better today and keeping some food down. You need your nourishment. Many prayers for better days.

    My Joys

    Making New Friends
    Going on "Dates" With My Husband
    Picking A Color Of Paint For My Porch Rockers
    Warm Hugs
    Kitty Kisses

    Love to you my friend,

  45. One of the hardest parts of chemo is the build up effect...and you are at that point now. And you know how to treat yourself -- with kindness. Listen to your body, listen to your spirit. Rest and rest and rest and in a few more days you will feel more like yourself. Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

  46. Sweet Deena, sorry to hear things did not go well this time, but praying that after resting, you will have an appetite and keep some food down. Even with you feeling bad, your post is uplifting with your joys. Big Hugs and Love my friend,Pat

    my joys today
    God giving me another day
    A call this morning reminding me of tomorrow's smashing of my "girlies"
    Going to dad's for some reflection on our past.
    My new diet keeping my sugar under 200.

  47. Deena:

    Dad2eight,here. Little Eva had surgery yesterday and they removed a level 2A tumor the size of a small football. Hard to believe such a thing in a 16 month old body. No need for chemo, they think they got it all. Thanks for posting about little Eva and thanks for your prayer support. I continue to remember you each day.


  48. Thinking of you Deena, i hope you are having a better day today....take care, rest and come post when you feel up to it.


  49. Hope the next couple of days will be easier than today.

    My joys today are my daughter

    That I have an internet connection after days of it being almost non-existent


    Bloggers such as yourself

    Opportunity and all that awaits ahead

    Opportunity to move forward

    Our health and our safety


    My winter coat (is absolutely freezing here at the moment!)

    Reading yours

  50. I'm sorry it's harder this time. My joys are beautiful snowfalls and being inside while the snow is outside.

  51. I'm sorry you had a bad day. I am praying for you.

    They say that the worse you feel and the more hair that falls out; the harder that chemo is killing off the bad cancer. I think it's true.

    Please rest if you can. Hugs, Kathi


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