Friday, March 7, 2008

The Winner is

I started using a random number generator
online save my arm.

I wish I know how to show it here!!

Nonnie, please email me through my profile
& send me your mailing info.

Thanks to EVERYONE who entered.

I'm breaking for the weekend now!!

 My Joys

hubby brought home potted tulips for ME
hubby is home for the weekend
feeling good even with chemo
daylight savings time
reading "One for the Money"
bubble baths at night
talking to Mary on the phone today
Please share your joys too


I've been praying about blogging
My purpose is to help others with my
blog, not just in cancer, but in faith, 
friendship..whatever God wants.
I am not looking for sympathy or 
gifts...just to share what life can bring,
how precious it is
& pass on things I've learned. 
I truly feel
my cancer started many years ago as an
"excess tissue growth" which was 
poo pooed by the doctors I trusted.
I WISH they would have biopsied it years ago.

FEEL those breasts, be your own advocate &
love God & God's children.



  1. I hope your arm is feeling better, Deena. You said you are feeling good even with chemo. That's good. I'm glad.

  2. You are right, Deena. Good advice. My mother, a colon (at age 29) AND breast cancer survivor, is a registered nurse. She didn't drag us to the doctor every time we had sniffles as kids. However, her experience with other fighters such as you, is that lumps and bumps many time were just "watched" and then ended up being a problem. She tells me to INSIST have a lump checked out. Taking advantage of preventative testing, if you are lucky enough to have health insurance (don't get me started on that) is key to, especially if there is a family history. For years, I have to have a colonoscopy every THREE years due to my mother's history and the fact that I constantly have those "cell changing" polyps removed. So, I am always one step ahead. Other than your arm, I am glad you are feeling good! With much love, Esther

  3. i am SOOOOOO excited, deena....what a wonderful surprise! i'll be looking forward to having a little bit of you here in my home in fun.

    you ARE helping, deena....i just had a mamogram about 4 weeks ago....all came back fine...however, the lump that i went in with still hasn't gone because of things you have said, (and my family history) i went in yesterday and will be having an ultrasound...she thinks everything is fine...but i am being more proactive....nothing to mess around you are being a lot of capacities....hope that means something.
    again, i am so happy to be the recipient of these sweet little ducks...i promise to give them a very good home!
    love, hugs and prayers,

  4. Good Evening Deena,

    I think that we are getting the advantage of what you are sharing. God is using you in this little quiet place of Blogland. Each of us, as women, learning and sharing and quietly strengthening each other. You are a blessing and I'm grateful to know you.


  5. Deena,

    I do hope you have a restful weekend. Enjoy time with Rich and just take it easy.

    I am so glad we met through your blog. You are an inspiration to me and I'm learning more about living my life for God through your words, your inspiration and your courage.

    My joys for today:

    Talking to you on the phone
    Spending a couple of hours with the grandsons.
    Feeling a bit better
    Watching the beautiful snow fall this evening. It is so pretty with the street lights as a backdrop.

    Love you, dear friend. Praying for you, as always.
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. I love to read of your daily joys Deena - they in turn make me so grateful for mine.

    Bob's inverted nipple was pooh-poohed for two years at his annual physicals. It wasn't until we felt the lump early one morning that I insisted he get a mammogram. That internist, who's been his doctor for 20 yrs., refused at first to refer him, but after threats from me he gave in. Bob was having a biopsy within 2 days and a mastectomy the following week!! He is one of the just 1% of men who get breast cancer! As you know Bob is now 5 years out from surg. and chemo and has just ended his Tamoxifen - but we pray every day he will stay cancer free.

    You, like us, have an obligation to share our stories (I do with my colon cancer of 18 yrs. ago!) to make others aware of the importance of preventative medicine. In this country it's possible, at a price, to get good medical care - something which should be available to EVERYONE! My darling brother-in-law has just been diagnosed with a very rare lymphoma - we are now passing on the positive spirit to him and his family.

    Deena darling, stay brave, fight as hard as you can - we need you to help us pass along the words, to make sure everyone who is scared to have a lump checked, or allows a medical person push them aside and make them wait, to take their life in their own hands and insist on immediate medical attention and care.

    Sorry, I got on my soapbox here - but being a cancer survivor is wonderful - there is so much to live for - we need to be heard and saved.

    I love you even though I've never met you - I care each day that you are doing OK. Bob and I talk about you...........and right now are sending you love and gentle hugs.

  7. Your blogging truly has a great purpose Deena. I know you have touched so many lives. You certainly have touched mine. I am so much more aware of breast cancer now, but more than that, I have learned from you on how to be giving and graceful even in the midst of a very difficult time. You are a beautiful person and I am so glad that we are friends.

    I hope you get the rest you need. Enjoy your weekend with your husband!

    Love Sharon

  8. sweet dreams.....take good care of yourself,
    hugs and prayers,

  9. You have GREAT purpose in the Kingdom of God... to inspire and encourage others... to show the enemy that you WILL lift up the name of the Lord... You WILL sing HIS praises...You WILL NOT look at the mountain and think about going around ,,, you will look at that mountain and tell it to get out of your way......

    I will never give you sympathy.... Sympathy will kill people.... I will give you the weapons that you need to fight the fight of faith and in doing so my faith is increased.... just as Moses needed help when he grew weary, we all grow weary and need someone to hold up our arms.... there is coming a day that I will need you to hold my arms up as the battle rages....

    I love you in the Lord....
    You are a Sweet reminder that God inhabits HIS peo

  10. Hi Deena, hope your arm is better now. Have a good weekend.

  11. Deena dear, you are an inspiration to so very many people..never think that it is only is true remind us of all that God can and does do for us...
    and you are making us more aware that we have to be pro active in our medical care...
    I am happy that you are having some good days...continue to rest your arm .I am thankful
    for friends in blogland
    children who are wonderful parents themselves.
    grandchildren who love me
    a Wonderful God who loves me even more

  12. Deena, I'm so glad you are feeling better! I love reading your joys of the day. Mine today was some special quiet time this morning with my oldest girl, before the siblings rushed downstairs for the day.

    Enjoy those beautiful tulips! Keep feeling good! Katie

  13. I've been sitting here looking out my window at the snow melting, thinking about what you said, what you've learned. And I realize I'm focusing on the wrong issues, keeping myself too busy. It's time I stop putting off getting that mammogram. Just do it, one step, then another.


  14. Hi Deena, I found you through a comment you left on my blog ( I need to start a "Joys" list. I will be thinking of you and reading your posts. We are having a big snowstorm here, so I am loving reading about your bird sightings. I too, have a strong dislike for snakes. I marvel at friends who never worry about encountering one. I hope you have a pampering day.

  15. Dear Deena, I love seeing a post from you on blog lines, and can't wait to read it. You inspire each of us in so many ways. The constancy and strength of your faith in the midst of difficult times, and your concern with other's suffering even when you feel poorly, reminds me of the impact each of us have in this world as a source of God's love. Please don't stop blogging, but DO take breaks to rest your arm. Your health is very important to us, your blogging friends! So glad to have met you in this land of blogs. My joys: Rachel home on spring break, Reid coming home Monday, finding a church we love in this new town, blue skies and sunshine, Kissy Belle (our baby dog) who always has kisses to give, family love and support, your celtic music playing in the background. Love always, Pam

  16. good morning, deena.....hope you have a blessed and feel well day today along with simple joys.

    sweet love from grandbabies
    new day
    weekend (hubbies here)
    seeing family tonight
    overcast today
    God'd mercy and love each day


  17. Hi Joy is this...I went to a choir concert the other night for DD's school....It was an all district event so it was in a huge gymnasium so the parents sat on the bleachers....I sat down and heard someone behind me calling.."Robin...Robin"....I turned...and there was the Mom of one of DD's BFs sitting there...I don't know if you remember but months ago I talked about a friend of DD's whose Mom was battling breast cancer....well this was HER...and I was SO embarrassed because I did not recognize her...she had gained a lil weight from her therapy and her hair had grown back in curly..not the shoulder length bob I was used to. I moved closer to sit near her and she shared so much with me...I tried not to pry..I just listened, I think she was ready to share...she is cancer free now. I am so joyful for her...she has also shared some of her experience with our girls so they are more AWARE.
    She is a survivor and you are a warrior....survivor in training!

  18. Hi Deena,
    I enjoy your blog everyday because you have such faith to inspire all of us no matter what we are going through. Your advice is so important as I lost my mother to breast cancer at age 44 which was 30 years ago. Cancer treatment has come so very far but we still have to do our part & have our checkups.
    I pray you continue to feel well with the chemo treatments & as always will look forward to your joys as I think we have to always remember that joy can be found in the smallest of things. Your joys always remind me of blessings we all have in our lives.

    ~~~~~~~~~My joys~~~~~~~~~
    My hubby of 34 years
    Benjamin & Peter my sweet felines
    My spring flowers coming out
    My God given talents that bring joy to others
    Wonderful friends in blogland

  19. I am thankful that you are feeling good, that you got potted tulips and that you and your Rich are so in love.
    I am good to get a mammogram ea year but not as good at "feeling"...I need to do that more often.
    Rest...your body AND your mind.
    many hugs, bj

  20. Oh Deena it was so wonderful to read your post on my blog! Thank you for the compliment on my sampler stitching.

    I know I don't visit your blog as often as I should, and I know we don't know each other, but thoughts of you pop into my head often. I hope you are having good days.

    Lots of love to you!

  21. sleep well, and sweet dreams.....hope you had a wonderful day.

  22. Hi sweetie! Shucks, I missed your giveway, which is so precious! Congrats to the lucky lady who won!

    How are you feeling? I hope better. Hey, you take as many breaks as you need to. We just love you and understand if you aren't able to do blogging. A break is healthy afterall and if your arm is bothering you, then get plenty of rest.

    Love ya!


  23. Good Morning Deena,
    "CONGRATULATION'S" to Nonna for winning your Giftaway. I know she is excited about getting all those nice things from you. Deena, I pray you won't give up blogging. You are such an Inspiration to so many including me. It's not only dealing with your cancer, but your Faith in GOD. You are such an uplifting Woman and especially to me. I miss it when you don't post, but I truly understand when you don't tho. YOU come first and your Health. You have to take care of you. My Joys yesterday was enjoying the Snow we got on Friday and being with my Family. Another Joy is YOU my friend. I just admire you and your courage so much and it gives me strength each time I visit you. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Continue to Bless You and Yours.

    Love, Hugs, & Prayers,
    Karen H.

  24. Hi My Dear Deena,
    I am sorry to hear your arm is hurting so much. I love your blog also...I don't know what I would do if I didn't have your warm and cozy little place to visit. Please rest and post when you can, but don't close it.

    I also have been so very inspired by you, your courage, your ability to share with us all each step of what you have been going through. Bless your heart for being such a giving woman.

    I have been checking my breasts every day since I started coming to your blog. I am always afraid, but I do it. I am having my yearly mammogram and pap test next month. Thank You for instilling the importance of self examination. What once felt uncomfortable to do, now is like a mission to me.

    I tagged you for a sweet little meme Jen from dust bunny hostage sent to me. I totally understand if you cannot do it. It is just a really fun one and I thought it would give you a giggle.

    Take Care of yourself Deena, we are all here for you, the prayer circle of friends you have is unending. Everyday there are new friends taking our hands to pray for you. God is Good, he will heal you. Love you my sweet friend.
    Warm Comforting Hugs,

  25. Dear Deena, You are truly an inspiration. You have made me aware of the need for regular self-examination and your courage in the face of your difficult times is amazing.

  26. Dearest Deena
    You bring hope to all of us with or without cancer. I am thankful that I found your blog. Have a wonderful day. Peace

  27. Lady, I can hear your sweet smile in your post. You are a blessing, always. I hope you feel lifted up in prayer and feel HIS loving arms wrapped around you in comfort today. He loves and desires fellowship with us and your blog always conveys FELLOWSHIP!

    Be blessed today and always...


    My Joys

    A sore throat that
    kept me home from
    so that I could visit blogs
    and pray for people
    who need a touch from the master

    The wonder of love
    flowing through ugly wires
    to people
    who see with their
    hearts and not their eyes
    The beauty of others

    And Deena
    who is a warrior
    and does battle with a smile
    lifted on the prayers of
    who find inspiration in her

  28. Good Day I hope for you!!
    I send my Love for you.
    My Joy today...My husband at home!!

  29. Hi Deena
    I look in on you often and am always in awe of your courage and your wonderful sunny nature..
    I hope your hubby gets well real soon.

    Much love and prayers to you.
    Michele xx

  30. Deena~
    Thank you so much for sharing how you think your cancer started. I had thought that when I went back and read past post that I had seen that there had been a question at one time about a mammogram or something like that and then years later then you have cancer. I have just had my very first mammogram and we are watching 2 places. I am to go back in 6 months for another mammogram. But after reading your blog I really feel like unless I am really sure that there is nothing to worry about I am going to push for more test to be done. It is really scary. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. I know you have helped me tremendously and I am sure you have helped many others. God bless you and keep you,
    Lisa in Texas = )


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