Monday, March 31, 2008

A Nice Warm Monday

What do you think?? Does it look ok, or would you
know right off, I'm not sure HoW I feel.
I looked in the mirror "nice wig" ROFL
sleeping GOOD
feeling good
enjoying eating again
a warm thunderstorm today
doing The Primitive Gathering update (check it out)
my grandson Cole, knowing what day I have my last chemo
my grandsons (& ME) knowing I'll be well soon
putting on makeup & my wig
going to bed early
Thank you my friends for all your comments
Goodnight, Deena


  1. I think your new "do" looks GREAT!

    Your photo is look happy and peppy.
    Hang in there, you are nearly done with the treatments...and there ARE nicer days ahead.
    That is so sweet about your Grandson Cole, knowing the last chemo date.

    I'm going to bed early tonight in right now. I just wanted to "check in on you."
    I've been wondering about how you've been.
    Your sounding good.
    Be blessed,

  2. You look so lovely!

  3. Your new "hair-do" is beautiful !!! You look wonderful and I am so glad to hear you are eating and sleeping well.... I continue to pray for you .... Oh ..aren't Grandsons the best ?? I have 8 Grandchildren and 7 are boys...they are such cute little guys !!! Enjoy yours as I'm sure you do !!!

  4. it is great and I would have never known otherwise........ good for you and I am so glad that your pep is back again and you are enjoying food....... God is good .......


  5. I think you look great!! What a great picture of you. Great to see you are feeling better.
    We continue to pray for you,

    Lisa in Texas = )

  6. ~~Deena,
    It looks great,and so do you....I say get a couple more in different colors....Why not?
    You are a precious woman...
    Sleep well tonight.

  7. Deena

    You look beautiful. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


  8. Not to test your sanity BUT! are you sure you lost your hair cause it seems to be right there, where it's always been looking as cute as it always has?! Good to see you again! xo c

  9. You look FANTASTIC!!!! No one would ever know - it looks very very realistic, I wouldn't be able to tell at all! I pray you continue to do well - and am sending hugs your way from Michigan - Diane

  10. looks great Deena. I found it hard wearing a wig and prefered scarfs and hats. I think because chemo gave me hot flashes that I could not wear one...too hot. But it looks wonderful, it really does.

    Glad you can eat again. Does food taste metalic to you? I remember everything tasting so strange for awhile. I lost 20lbs during chemo, but sadly I've gained it all back and then some :(

    I was just reading my journal from last year at this time when I was doing chemo. You will be amazed how after the fact time really did and does fly.

    blessings to you sweetie,

  11. Hi Deena~

    You look beautiful!
    Enjoy the spring rain and have a happy week!

    Hugs & blessings,

  12. DEENA! Your hair looks gorgeous!! It is so very you and looks so very similar to the haircut you had, don't you think?? I just love it, and I love that you feel good to put it on and your makeup! I'm always so so glad to see you post!! Wishing you well, love to you & Rich, xxoo, Dawn

  13. Deena, if I didn't know better I would truly not be able to tell it was a wig. It looks so much like your real hair, it's amazing how they can do that, isn't it? What a nice way to end my Monday by seeing your pretty smiling face ~ I haven't seen a pic of you for awhile and I think you are looking great, my friend!! I bet you have the last day of chemo marked in red on your calendar!! You must do something absolutely fantastic to celebrate:o)

  14. Really great look,not at all artificial looking. Looks just like your hairdo did. Glad to see you looking good. Thinking of you.

  15. Wow, Deena, you look great! I had been thinking about you and praying that you would feel better and be sleeping well, and then I checked your blog tonight. You look so pretty, and I would not have known that was a wig if I saw you on the street! And aren't grandchildren just the most wonderful gift from God? They can be so entertaining, and make us laugh with their goofy antics, and make us feel so warm inside and so loved when they give us kisses and hugs. Hope you have a peaceful night . . . Jann

  16. The hair looks great Deena.
    How wonderful to have that last chemo date getting closer and closer.
    Love to you and Rich

  17. I think you look lovely...doesn't look like a wig from here.

    Take care of yourself dear one.

  18. Deena, You look fantastic! I did a double take - then thought maybe it was an old picture! Glad you are feeling well enough to dress and do makeup. Blessings and prayers for you. . .

  19. My first comment was "Oh how cute!" You probably just need to get more accustomed to it. Deena, you look cute whatever you're wearing so just wear what you feel best in.


  20. My Dear Girl,
    The Hair looks so natural...the style and color match perfectly...
    It is a good feeling to know that you are half way home with the Chemo treatments isn't it?
    I know each one knocks you for a loop..and just when you start to feel better it's time for the next one...
    but hang in are half way home...ready to start the down hill slide...
    Love you,

  21. My Dear Deena,
    You look beautiful. Just as you did the first time I saw your smiling face many months ago. If you didn't say anything I would have thought it was very own hair. Just think, you are almost done with treatment...the summer will be here soon and you will be able to have this all behind you. I think about you daily and you are always in my prayers. Keep smiling my Dear are such an inspiration to me. Much Love!

  22. It looks very natural but you look good with or without it.

  23. Deena,

    It is perfect!

    You are amazing!

    The treatments will soon be past and we will all celebrate your healing and wellness and get back to seeing more of the Singing Woods as this time will fade into a mere memory of the Lord's sustaining grace in your life.

    You are being uplifted in prayer.
    Thank you for your honesty and openness as you travel through this path.

    By the way, Chelsea was thrilled to receive the award...we need to get that onto her blog.


    Becky K.

  24. Hi, Sweetie,
    Beautiful!--as always. Can't wait to see you in person.

  25. Deena,

    You look wonderful, the wig looks soft and its style beautiful…
    Happy to hear you are feeling better.
    I have been thinking about you a lot, I have been working on your
    Junque in your trunk swap and saying little prayers as each little items gets tucked inside the box…
    I will be sending it out next week…

    Take care and enjoy the coming of spring,

  26. You look as beautiful as ever Deena and it is YOU that shines through..!

    warm wishes

  27. Hi Deena,

    I think the wig looks beautiful. I can tell it's a good one as it looks so real.

    I'm glad you are feeling better.

    Love and Prayers,

  28. Hi Deena,
    You look amazing, I would never know from here that it is a wig. Looks very natural. I am so happy you are sleeping and feel like eating again. Blessings today!

    LeAnn :)

  29. OMG!!! thats amazing..u look lovely.Trust me, if i saw you like this for the 1st time, i would never know its a wig...You know what im thinking?? if you look so pretty in this age, then, you would have been a damsel in you teens...have a great day..

    chikku :)

  30. You look spectacular! Or as Billy Crystal would say, "You look MAHVELOUS, SIMPLY MAHVELOUS!"

    Love and hugs.

  31. You look spectacular! Or as Billy Crystal would say, "You look MAHVELOUS, SIMPLY MAHVELOUS!"

    Love and hugs.

  32. look fantabulous, magnificent, awesome, beautiful, joyfull, glowing, HEALTHY! That wig is unbelivable and looks just PERFECT on you.
    I know in my heart all these treatments are working for you, Deena. I just know it!
    hugs, bj

  33. I think you look gorgeous! The wig is excellent and no, you wouldn't tell right off.

  34. You look GREAT Deena! I know its a wig, and I even have a hard time believeing it~ it looks EXACTLY like your normal do~ NO ONE will give it a thought! Your looking refreshed and 'spunky'~ have a GREAT week dear friend!

  35. Deena, what a wonderful picture and had you not said, I would not have known---it looks so much like your former pics. Glad you are eating and resting good. See you in a week---I'm gone again. Love and Hugs, Pat

  36. I felt the same way when I first wore my wig. I did a "test run" and had my best friend come with me....and no one knew...many people complimented my new style..and I had people ask me where I had it done!!

    You look beautiful and you will become very used to this look...I promise!!

  37. I think it looks great. I think that mostly the complaint is that the wearer feels uncomfortable but you can't tell at all it's not your own hair! How could you not be darling?

  38. I think you look great Deena. I would not know by looking at you that it's a wig.
    Love your smile :)

  39. Oh wow-I thought it was your real hair. I got so confused! :D

  40. Yeah, I thought it was your real hair too, considering you posted a photo before with your own hair! I think it look great! Glad you are feeling a bit better and that you getting closer to the end of this treatment - brighter days are to come! Love, Esther

  41. Deena-

    It looks FABULOUS- I was like- Holy Hannah her hair grows FAST :) It looks really perfect. You are looking a little peppier than before-hang in there- think of green Ireland! Then we'll see that twinkle in your eye.

    Prayers and hugs-


  42. Oh my goodness I never would have guessed it was a wig. I thought you posted an old picture. It looks great!

  43. I think it looks very nice, very natural. But if you feel better without it .... whatever floats your boat!! :)

  44. WOW that looks awesome!! You always have such a sparkle to your eyes!!

  45. I found your blog through Jan's Bold & Free. I love your blog..the colors..the pictures..the music...and your positive attitude through a tough time in your life. Your wig looks really natural and you look good! I've been praying for you, and know you'll soon be feeling even better. :)

  46. Good Afternoon Deena,
    You look absolutely beautiful with your wig on and you look like a breath of fresh air. That is so sweet that your Grandson knows when your last day of chemo will be. We still have been getting more rain here. It hasn't rained today, and the Sun is finally trying to come out now. Rain is back in the forecast for tomorrow night and on Thursday. I'm glad that you are feeling better and able to sleep good and eat something. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love, Hugs, & Prayers,
    Karen H.

  47. You look great Deena, keep strong, you can do this! We are all behind you, in a long row of warriors :)

    Take care honey.

    Kim x

  48. Deena ~
    You look wonderful and no it doesn't look like a wig at all ~ in fact I thought it was a picture of before you lost your hair ~
    I am glad that you are feeling better today and are able to sleep ~
    Lots of hugs and prayers !!!

  49. Deena,
    So glad you are feeling better. I did a double take of your picture because it looks so much like your own hair style. Hope you continue to feel better with each day & thanks always for reminding us of even the little joys of life. I wish I could send you some of my beautiful twice blooming iris that are starting to bloom out. Flowers always remind me of God's love for us making such beautiful things for us to enjoy. Love & hugs Deena.

  50. I like your "new do" very much! I think that you look lovely. I've been hoping to see a Deena Pic. Makes me feel good to see your smiling face!


  51. Deena,
    You look so lovely! Your eyes have a sparkle and you have such a peaceful look. Grandsons can have that magic, as can special friends. I hope you have sweet dreams tonight. Holding you close to my heart and in my prayers.

  52. You look wonderful! So good to see you again!
    Blessings to you.

  53. You look mah-ve-lous darlin! You really really do.

    Funny story...George and I stopped for ice cream on our bike ride the other day (hey, we needed a little pick-me-up) and sat outside to enjoy our ice cream. This older lady said "Oh honey, I sure do love your haircut." I said "Thank you very much!". And just as I was feeling really good about my hair, she added "Is it your hair or is it a wig?". LOL! So one ever really knows one way or the other.

    Hope you're feeling as good as you look!

    Hugs sweet friend!

  54. I think you are looking fine! :) So much like your real hair color. Not as bouncy and fun, but it will only be for a little while. Just don't tell everyone its a wig. Only your hairdresser knows for sure. :)

  55. look MAHveLouS!! I'm sorry I haven't checked in on you in a while. Sounds like your treatments are moving right along and that you and the doc have a plan. It's nice to know what the plan is, isn't it? 8 weeks will come and go before you know it.

    I'm thinking of you and keeping you and your family in my prayers always. Hugs--Susan

  56. I absolutely LOVE your new "do", but your attitude is contagious! You are so positive and I love to read your joys because i always realize that when times are at their toughest God is at His greatest. I am joyful today for the opportunity to live a better life- gotta remember to always be a better me! Thank you for the gift of your blogging voice- You are an amazing example of GRACE and perseverence! God Bless you!

  57. Deena, I think it looks WONDERFUL! I seriously do. I do not think I would guess it was a wig. It looks really natural. Girl, you are so pretty! Even in the midst of fighting cancer, a body full of chemo and losing your hair, you look so healthy and well. Tis a good thing to see you looking so well. You have not had a picture of you up lately and I was getting concerned. You are so cute, I am starting to use your cute word "tis", but only when talking with you, I want to honor you and not "steal" it from you (if that can be possible with a word! LOL!). Any way, I think you look great!

    Love Sharon

  58. HI Deena! Don't you look gorgeous!! You look rested & so happy & at peace in your picture. I pray that so much for you. Hang in there, pretty lady. Better days ARE coming!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  59. Deena~~So glad to hear you are feeling better & half way through the treatments. Your wig looks wonderful & natural!!

    Keeping you in my prayers~~Jackie

  60. hello dear look wonderful!!!! and i would never have known! so happy to see you looking wonderful, and hearing that you are doing much better! hope your day is wonderful....look forward to visiting again! :)
    hugs and prayers,

  61. Deena...I swear that it looks like the real deal!!!! Glad to see you up and about..I am pushing a little SPring your way! angie

  62. Deena...I swear that it looks like the real deal!!!! Glad to see you up and about..I am pushing a little SPring your way! angie

  63. Deena,
    During my countless years as a hairdresser I've seen many WIGS. Yours is very natural and lovely, just like you. Bless you, dear.


  64. Deena,

    Oh, my goodness. It doesn't look like a wig at all. I love it!

    Sorry I've missed your post this week. I didn't realize you were posting.

    Love and hugs,

  65. Deena, you look wonderful in your wig!! It is just perfect for you and looks so natural on you!!! Big hugs from Duhgall! He said to tell you that you are beautiful!! xoxo
    Becky and D. Doggie Butt

  66. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!! That is from a total stranger, so you must not worry that it looks like a wig, it doesn't at all!
    Donna Lynn

  67. That doesn't look anything like a wig! It looks very natural.
    I love, LOVE, that you share JOYS on each post! Lovely!


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