Friday, May 23, 2008

First ..Prayers ...then humble me

Please pray for the Stephen Curtis Chapman family.
Their youngest daughter Maria, was killed when hit
by her older brother in a vehicle, while playing in the driveway.
Several members of the family witnessed the accident.
Please keep them in your prayers.

Please continue to pray for my friend Sandra Dias, as she is having a HARD time with chemo.

I will also got word from Kimberly about her daughter's friend who recently had breast surgery.
"she is doing really well.....her test results came back and she showed they were able to get all of the she will be starting chemo/radiation treatments soon after healing."

Now for humble me, It's 7AM , we will be at the Cancer Center @ 8.30AM for blood tests,

see Dr. Prager and then on to my LAST chemo treatment!! Praise God , He has blessed me

with all of you AND He has carried me gently through this.

Rich will be with me today. That's a good thing.

I know where we go from here, in two weeks I'll have a Pet/CT scan to see how the chemo

has worked on the cancer. Then an echocardiogram to make sure my heart is ok with the


In a month, I will begin my radiation treatments. 5 days a week, 5 minutes a day, for 6 weeks.

At this time, I will continue IV's of Herceptin(because my cancer is hormone driven) and Zometa (bone hardner) for a year ..once every three weeks, the chemo will be all done today about 3 PM!!

thank you ALL for your prayers, friendships, gifts and love.

I'd not be so well without you and Our Lord.

Rich thanks you all too.

Love in Him,

humbly His servant,


Joys today

a spring rain

God's faithfulness

a good night sleep

seeing an Indigo Bunting yesterday

prayers and love from all of you

living each day

being able to garden

watching my seedlings come thru the dirt

David Cook winning "American Idol"
(trivial??, it did give me joy)
Please share your joys with me & sign my guest book


  1. Oh so glad today is the last prayers, thoughts, love are with you, Deena...My heart feels full of thanks that you have so many wonderful joys, my friend...
    love, bj

  2. Positive energy being sent to you today, as always. Have a beautiful weekend, Deena.

    Blessed Be.

  3. Deena,

    I will be praying for you as you undergo your last chemo treatment. I'm so glad Rich will be with you to keep you company.

    So many joys. We have much to be thankful for. My joys are:

    the lilacs are in bloom.

    A lovely walk with Meeko last night and seeing lots of birds and a beautiful sunset.

    Having Brandon stay over tonight. It is his birthday sleepover. I can't believe he is 13.

    Love you, my friend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. I am thankful this is your last chemo. I know it has done everything it is suppose to do to the cancer and all your test results will be great. The radiation will go pretty fast. I remember it took longer to drive to and from my radiation treatment than it did to get them. My prayers are with you today and everyday. Thinking of you all the time. Love, Traci

  5. God is with you, carrying you, holding your hand, and healing every inch of your body. He is using you as a tool to touch and speak to so many on this journey you are taking. Many blessings to you on this last treatment. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

    Love and big ((HUGS)),

  6. The day for your last chemo has finally arrived....sending you all my best wishes and prayers that it goes well and blasts out those cancer cells. May God bless you and yours, Deena!

    Love & hugs, Karen

  7. My prayers are with you today Deena. I am so happy this is your last treatment. I pray that it is working! You have been through so much, but your attitude has been amazing! You are a true inspiration.

    I have been praying for the Chapman family today, such tragic news.

    BLess you, Sharon

  8. Dear Deena, I am Kimberly's Dad. I have seen your comments on her Blog before but since she posted your photo on her blog today I now feel more acquainted with you. You are a lovely lady! After viewing your photo I read your latest blog. It brought back so many memories to me. My wife, Juanita Pearl Ashmore Grove, was diagnosed with cancer in her left breast in 1997. We thought the bottom had fallen out of our world. We had a strong faith in God. But I still had to turn on the shower full force each morning to drown out my cries of anguish before I could leave for work. After finding 16 cancerous lymph nodes in her left armpit she undewent a radical mastectomy. She had one chemo treatment and it made her so deathly sick she said she would just take her chances with the disease and she discontinued her chemo after that one treatment. She did have 5 weeks of radiation (each day for 5 weeks Monday thru Friday on a monster machine called a linear accelerator (the latest thing back then). We prayed for a miracle and God granted us one. She lived for 20 years after her cancer never having a reoccurence and died of other causes at age 71 in 1997. So miracles do happen and God does answer prayers as I am sure you already know. We even later had many laughs when swimming at Pismo Beach her false "boob" as she called it floated out of her bathing suit and was headed for the open sea when our little poodle took off swimming after it and caught it in her mouth and brought it back! Or when I received a call at my office asking me if I knew where her boob was. I retorted, "Well, do you think I bring it to work?" A later call told me that when she made up the bed she noticed a lump at the foot of the bed and there it was! Once, Kim's husband, Bryan dropped by and Juanita told him, "Bryan go see my garden I prepared today...I really worked hard on it." Bryan came back laughing and said, "Hey Mom, I guess you really did work hard out there because your boob is up in the fork of a tree!" She said, "Oh my goodness, I was bent over hoeing and it kept falling out of my dress so I just put it up in the fork of the tree and forgot it!" When she died Kimberly's 5 daughters thought that since Grandma never left the house without her purse that she should be buried with a purse that had some of her favorite things in it. So the purse contained, kleenex, tea bags,chewing gum, toothpicks, mints and her favorite comic strips, Spiderman and Judge Parker. I later wrote the story of her death titled "When Judge Parker and Spiderman Went To Heaven" It was later published in a delightful journal out of Tucson titled "Messages Of The heart". I hope you live many additional years and that there shall be many laughs along the way.

    Love to you and yours,
    GG (Grandpa Grove)

  9. I pray for all that are having a hard time and for you that your last cemo treatment is all most here and over. I pray that God be with you and see you through all. Have a good weekend and remember to take the time to smell the flowers and rest if needed.

  10. good morning, dear deena......yes that is my dad....GG :) have been thinking of you so much....with love and prayers this morning...and hoping that all is going well with the LAST chemo visit this morning.

    deena's last chemo tx
    still raining today
    cold today (for an arizonan) :-)
    flowers nourished
    a new day
    God's unfailing love

    talk with you soon....and much love and prayers to you this day, dear friend,

  11. I pray today is easy for you so you can celebrate afterwards. more chemo. I did radiation and it's really not bad at all. I hope the technicians are as wonderful as mine were. They made it actually fun. We're still friends.

    Hugs sweet friend!

  12. So glad that this is your last chemo day and I'll be praying that God will continue to put His angels around you and your family to give you strength, comfort, and love.

    Have a great weekend!


  13. My prayers are with you. Your beautiful spirit always shines through.
    Hugs! Nancy

  14. Why does it always seem that good news and sad news play ring-around-the-rosie? Blessings of your last chemo and Tear of Steven Curtis Chapman's child. Eyes on Him, right?! We just turn our faces to Him. Blessings today for you!! -Polly

  15. I'm glad today is your last chemo. I think of you often and pray for you always. You have a strong spirit and may it continue to give you power and strength. Hugs, Linda

  16. Just checking in on you. I love you, Deena. And I thought of you when David Cook won. It's great when a talented person is also a sweet guy.

  17. I love the countdown! And then hopefully you will be so free from that horrible nasty "C". I can't wait. I know that you are just waiting to do a cartwheel in the front yard! YEAH for you. We do all love you!

  18. Deena, so very glad you are done with the chemo! Zometa I know about as my daddy took it ~ it is a wonderful & helpful drug. I'll continue to pray for you ~ and today I'll thank God especially for keeping you safe always in His arms! Please send me your address by email, as I think a little celebratory gift is in order!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  19. Forgot to add how saddened I am to learn of the Chapman familie's loss. That is just heart-breaking. My daughter chose his song "Cinderella" as her & her dad's dance at her wedding in November.

    Angelic Accents

  20. Deena,
    So happy that the last chemo is today, I am praying as always!

    I too am praying for the Chapman family two very tragic things to have to deal with...

  21. Hi Deena,
    I am visiting from my mom, Kimberly's space. I just wanted to send you my healing thoughts and let you know that you are being kept close in my heart.

  22. My prayers are with you and your friends. I hope all the healing energy from your lovely blogging friends will see you through.
    Take care,

  23. HI Deena another milestone in your cancer treatment. I will be thinking of you .
    My thoughts are alaso with the Chapman Family. Such a tragic event.

  24. Regarding David Cook (Yeah!)Whatever gives us joy! It doesn't matter what. For me today: Lilacs!!!

    You are one of the strongest and bravest persons I have ever known.

    Last year I posted about an Indigo Bunting that had obviously been blown off course and landed in Dickinson, ND, about 90 miles west of here. It was the first sighting ever of an IB in ND!! Wish I had seen it.

  25. Deena, Hello...also visiting from my mom's blog. hoping you know that you are thought of deeply and with love.

  26. Deena- So glad you are done today!!! I am working hard on the house- getting tired, but keep plugging away, right? Look for more pictures soon.




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