Saturday, May 31, 2008

Garden Tour Event** BlogLand

I've been tossing this idea around all week
I want to host an online Garden Walk
hoping lots of bloggers will join.

I'd like each participants site to have the option
of clicking
to fund mammograms
(at the left on my blog)

I'd also like votes for the favorite garden
& the winning Garden gets a hand made journal from
my hands, with a lovely garden theme

My dream is to SOMEDAY make this a local
event here in the Peoria Area with nearby gardens participating
with the fee for
admissions going to the Komen Foundation.

I'm tossing this out for you to get ready for now.
I'm hoping a virtual garden tour date 6/15/2008
so start taking pictures we'll have a variety of
blooms and greens to share.
Birds, butterflies, toads, bugs, wildlife and garden art
are desired too!

Add your blogspot to the Mr Linky below NOW
and add the banner to the side bar
Tell your BBFF too.

***You will add yourself to MR LINkie TOUR again after you post your tour
pictures on June 15th.
It will need the address to that POST.
I'll be first on and show you how on June 15th***

I'd love to see
as many as we can join in.

As I work on getting it all ready.

Leave a comment on this blog , if you'll join me!! PLEASE!!
you can even post pics of a neighbors garden if they
don't blog.


the sun is out
God gave me a focus
feeling a bit better each day
chemo is over for GOOD I pray
the idea of a "Nestle in the Garden ,Tour for the Cure"
the promise each new day brings
roses in bloom
Share your joys with us
Please pray for all who suffer & are lost



  1. This sounds like a wonderful idea. Hope I'm savvy enough to figure out how to participate. Hope you're feeling good today and that God brings you more simple pleasures. Love, Diane

  2. Well it good to see you post...been looking everyday...but knew in my heart you were alright!...
    I love the ideal of the Garden Walk...Oh it's so lovely to see all the flowers and etc....and to give God the praises for letting me see the wonders of His Hand!....

    My shield of faith is held higher for you Deena! I believe in miracles!!!

    From the heart of Texas!
    Be safe in Jesus!

  3. What a great idea! Of course, I am NOT a gardener so I won't be participating other than to see everyone else's garden and making a donation on my own.

    I'm anxious to take that walk!!

  4. What a great idea. I'm a gardener so now all I need is a camera. I've been wanting one, so now I have a great excuse.

    So glad chemo is over. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  5. YES YES YES....
    this is such a great idea Deena!
    I love sharing my garden and visiting others gardens!
    I can't wait!

    Glad to see you again.....
    sending virtual hugz to you today!

    Smiles n blessings,

  6. My Dear Deena,
    What a lovely idea. I don't have my own garden, but the landlord's provide such an array of flowers, both annual and perrenial, the grounds are always full of color. I am forever taking in the beauty of God's Garden. I will get the camera going and see what I can come up with. :-)

    I am happy to see you are listing again. I hope you are feeling much better. Hugs sweetie.

  7. Darn you! I just knew you'd come up with a way to lure me out of lurkdom!

    Count me in!

  8. HI Deena. Took a peek everyday to see if you posted. I knew you were resting and well though. Our home is new with little landscaping but will take some photos of the what we have done. Count me in for the Garden Walk and making a donation.
    Hugs, Sharon

  9. I will make a donation of $ and garden photos, thanks to my husband. He's the gardener in this home and our yard is beautiful due to all his work. How do we get pics to you???
    So glad you're up to doing this!

  10. Hello Dear Friend,
    I LOVE the garden tour idea! I can't wait to join in. I have lots of little and big gardens and creatures made of recycled stuff for decorations. Hope I can do all the computer stuff to join in! Much love and God Bless! Debra

  11. Did you say GARDEN??? I'm in! What a wonderful idea. Can't wait to see all the lovely gardens. Will look later this week for the info.

    Hugs and blessings ~ Jenn

  12. What a great idea! I don't have a garden right now because we're staying with family in Calif. while trying to sell our house in Idaho, but I have lots of photos of my garden the past 6 years in Idaho--I could share some of those . . . what do you think--does that qualify? Glad to see you posting again--I've been checking and thinking about you! Blessings, Jann

  13. Deena,

    This is an incredible idea. You go girl!

    I'd be happy to participate. Going to email you.

    My joys:

    Nice weather.
    A phone call from Jordan this morning.
    The tenant is gone.
    Sunshine and bird song.

    Blessings to you for a great day.

  14. Oh yes.........What fun and motivation to get out in the elements! I'm in. XOXO Mollye

  15. sorry I can't participate (I don't have a camera) but I will be watching and cheering the rest of you on as you show your beautiful gardens...

  16. good day, dear deena....what a wonderful wonderful idea...i think that would be wonderful to be able to start such an idea in your area there in the well as this cyber tour...i would sooo love to participate, but summer here in arizona is not so kind to our flower gardens, as your sweet summer....but if i find someone who has managed to learn the art of gardening in the az heat...i will let them know...i can participate in the viewing though! :) will be checking in on the progress...
    hugs and prayers for your days,

  17. Hi Deena, I did an Oops~ trying to sign up for the garden tour, it is on that linky list, sorry, I also sent you an email, to make sure that you saw this....
    Not sure what I did wrong, It is not the correct link, so could you please remove both, I will try again to Follow Directions!

  18. hi there....good Idea!!
    It is our county relay for life there will be some bags for you there!!;)~

    I am not a gardener so I am afraid I will have to skip this other than jump for joy on seeing others pretty gardens and knowing they are ALL clicking for the cure.

    I've been away for a few days because of a sick computer and have wondered how you are doing...

    hugs, bj

  20. ok, I have your link on my sidebar..also have a CLICK FOR FREE MONOGRAMS....anything else I can do, just let me know....

  21. Brilliant! Glad to see you posting again! Will mark my calendar for the 15th!

  22. I will show a few pictures of my yard, but I do not have a fabulous garden! This is a dream of mine and a goal I have, but I do not have it now! What a sweet idea Deena. I keep praying for you. I hope we all get good news about your cancer.

    Bless you,


  23. we are linked and I have a click on badge for free mammograms. I have some interesting (lol) things in my garden, hopefully my little lavender plants will be in bloom, and who knows what else is out there. This should be fun!

  24. Hi Deena,

    I found you via Chel's ZNE ... and am so happy to meet you. Your story has really touched my heart, and I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I would love to be part of your garden tour. We moved to Illinois recently from Arizona, and I have been loving all the beautiful spring flowers and flowering trees - I will be getting out my camera and taking a lot of pics to share =)

    Many blessings, and hugs to you - Peggi

  25. Sweet one... for you I will do anything... what an absolutely lovely idea... while I do not have a sidebar to post things... I will put up your link on my blog... my garden is just getting started so its not quite there yet... and its only a deck... but I will get this one out to all my friends... I am sure they will love to join in....



  26. Hi Deena,
    Oh, what a lovely idea you have! I would very much like to join in your garden tour! I enjoy doing alot of container gardening as I just love having all of my plants around me when I am out on our patio! Can't wait to see all of the beautiful gardens!
    Hope you are feeling better, you are in my thoughts & prayers.
    Sending you love & a big hug,
    Carol Anne

  27. Deena, Yes I will do my best to participate. This sounds like a great fundraiser. I will pray that the chemo has done what it needed to do. I'm so glad you are done with it. I hope you are feeling good today. Hugs, Kathi

  28. Oh, I do hope that you'll do this again. I am up to my ears in getting the church ready to be able to meet there this week...after completely ripping it apart and beginning the paint projects...and all of this without my best helper...Chelsea. She is away with both Grandmas for a week. She'll be home soon. I just know that she will be bummed to have missed this fun garden tour.
    Becky K.

  29. Hello! Nonnie told me about your garden tour, so I thought I'd check it out. It's a great idea...I look forward to participating.

  30. Deena, this is a beautiful idea! I signed up and hope that having my name in the #16 spot will motivate me to get going on the pictures! My garden is finally where I want it to be! Had hoped to have it there last summer but was too wiped out from radiation to do much (boo hoo hoo, such a whiner I am!)
    Anyway, am looking forward to see how this all works. I don't know if I'll get the banners or links in right, but I'll try!
    Take care,

  31. Okay...this is a fabulous idea. I live in a condo so no garden have I. However, I cannot wait to see the results of this most excellent project. You go girl.

  32. Deena, I just now signed up. This is a wonderful idea! Will get the camera out tomorrow and begin capturing pics to add. This is such an exciting adventure...I can't wait to see all the "tours".
    Hugs, Karen

  33. Oh I hope mine will be satisfactory to participate! But count me in dear friend!!!

    Love & Prayers!

  34. Deena, you are such an inspiration to me! Will be moving soon so I don't have a garden at the moment (tho my husband has taken over his parents as his own, lol) but I'd love to share your garden tour in a future post and will return to browse the gardens when they post. Thank you for blooming inmy life... it is always a joy to cross paths with you!

    xo, Monica :)

    p.s. I just love the look of your blog, very cheery.

  35. Oh Deena, wanted to share also that we have a new button for The Pink Artist drawing, stop by and scroll down to the second post currently on my blog. I'm working my way down the list of 182 artists letting them know, my email is not currently cooperating so thank god for blogs! ;) ~Monica

  36. Good morning my friend...
    Just stopping by to tell you that you are so blessed to have such a cheery heart ! You make others feel soooo good and that, my sweet, is such a glorious gift....
    (not to mention the gift of HANDSOME HUNK hanging around you!)
    Have a fabulous day,
    hugs, bj

  37. Hi, Deena...I learned about your Garden Tour from one of Chel's ZNE emails and I'd love to join in! I've been snapping photos everytime something blooms in my yard so should have enough to participate. I've liked reading your 'joys'...thank you for the wonderful reminder!
    Hope you're having a good day today...hugs, Marilyn:)

  38. Hi Deena, I found your garden tour through Jo, what a wonderful idea. We're into winter here in Australia, I'm sure I'll come up with some form of photos though

  39. Hi Deena,I have been clicking everyday for some time now,I also click the others too,it only takes a couple of minutes and so many will benefit from this!
    I'll put it on my sidebar with the link if I can get it right this time lol
    I love the garden idea it will be lovely to see all the pictures, I'll try to get some of Ceri's and her neighbours gardens as we don't have one at the moment!
    Hope this is a better week for you and you go from strengh to stength!!Take care,Love from Kathy and the girls

  40. Hi Deena,
    nice to meet you!
    I'm new to your blog, coming over from Lori's Fairywindow and I'd love to participate in your garden tour event!
    For your battle against breast cancer I wish you all the very best and that the Victory will be yours soon!!!!
    Warmest wishes from Germany sends you

  41. Now I'm in. I hope I can post some pictures. Also hope you're having a beautiful day. Diane

  42. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's garden and would love some company in mine .

  43. Deena, I'd love to take part in your garden tour!

    My garden may be totally wilted in this heat wave we're having in NC, but we can still tour it!

    Hugs and many, many kind and sweet thoughts your way,


  44. Deena,

    What a great idea. Ever since I started my breast cancer blog, I've been posting pics of my garden on it. I started so that I could put up an alternative to picture after picture of my bald head...

    Hope you are doing well.

  45. I've got it! I will post photos from our local Huntsville Botanical Gardens and join in the fun! Thanks Deena for giving your heart over to this. It's a bee-utiful thing to have met you through the pink artist proj as well.
    xo, Monica :)

  46. Hi Deena, I will be away tomorrow for Father's Day so I went ahead and posted my link now... Jeff took photos of the botanical gardens just for YOU so please do not feel you must enter me in your drawing as I did NO work here at all to grow these beautiful flowers. lol

    I just wanted to be a part of this. You are so special, I really feel blessed to have crossed paths with you.

    My link is:

    Big gigantic hugs and butterfly kisses to you!

    your friend, Monica :)

  47. what a wonderful idea, count me in!


  48. I have just discovered you and your wonderful blog. I, too, am a breast cancer survivor, and I will be praying for you through this. If you ever have the urge to talk with someone who at least understands partially what you're experiencing, please feel free to contact me ( or anytime. I love the idea of a virtual garden tour and will try to get some pix of my flowers while they're still in bloom (before the hot Oklahoma sun chases them into dormancy). Hugs to you! ~ Mo

  49. hi deena,
    i'd be happy to participate. somehow i can't make that banner link to my blog but i'll keep trying.

    got here via rhonda.

  50. great idea!!!!
    my yard photos are at

  51. I've just gone out to take some shots as well -- a little late, however, but certainly flowers don't always bloom on time!


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