Friday, May 23, 2008

Tis Me

Getting my last chemo for now & weighing in the same as last time.

Two weeks, then another Pet/CT Scan to see what the cancer looks like now.

love to all of you
your bald friend, Deena

last chemo
better weather coming
seeing the indigos in the yard still
new baby Mourning Doves


  1. You look wonderful Deena! Bald is Beautiful!!

    I wish you and your family a wonderful, happy long weekend!

    Hugs, Nancy

  2. Bald is Beautiful Dena....
    and you my sweet friend are beautiful inside and out!

    You look wonderful.... I am so proud of you for being so strong and always smiling!
    You are an inspiration to us all!

    Luvs ya,

    P.S. Have a fun weekend....
    you deserve it!

  3. Hi, Deena so happy to see your beautiful, smiling face. You are such a beautiful, brave woman. I am very proud of you. You have handled this traumatic experience with dignity, grace and a very brave positive attitude. You go girl!!!!!!

    You were in my thoughts and prayers many times today, and your hubby too.

    Joys: Catching buses right away, no long waiting.

    Getting a single seat on the bus.
    Not missing my second bus, praise the Lord, He held it for me so I didn't miss it.

    Lunch with a friend, she is leaving for Tunisia next week, she won't be back until Feb.

    Coffee with a friend and giving her the wedding gift.

    A friends filled day.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Jacquelene L.

  4. Hi Deena,
    I just found your blog through the FFM, and I wanted to let you know that you look beautiful in the photo you posted. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you kick this cancer in the butt!!! You seem like a wonderful woman.


  5. Hi Deena,
    I am so so happy that you are having your last chemo, that must feel so wonderful!!! You are looking amazing!!


  6. Hi Deena,
    Your smile is radiant! Sending you love and prayers..
    Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  7. Deena - You look beautiful,and your smile warms my heart. I am praying for you, and thanking God that I was pulled to you!

    Blessings, Sally

  8. so good to see your sweet smiling face.....loving the thought of this being the end of chemo for you.....and keeping you in my heart and prayers, dear friend.....
    hope you sleep well....and have a good day tomorrow....
    love and hugs,

  9. Beautiful Deena... Much blessings and praying for you to know the presence and grace of our loving
    God... Love in Christ,

  10. My bald friend Deena is beautiful! I hope you have a great weekend darlin.
    Hugs & Thoughts

  11. As Joe Cocker said, "You are so beautiful to me."

    I applaud your strength and courage.

    Love, Julie

  12. Congrats! Looking beautiful as ever!


  13. Deena, You have the most beautiful eyes...I am praying for you and thinking of you daily.
    Love Nita

  14. You're beautiful, Deena, bald or not. That smile is so warm. I'm thinking you remind me of an angel. ;)

  15. Hi Deena,It doesn't matter what you have or haven't got on your head,it is whats in your heart that counts and your heart is so full of warmth and love for everyone and it shows in your smile! I was smiling through tears last night when I watched American Idol and David Cook won,all I could think about was you and how thrilled you would be to see him win,well he did it,he won his battle and so can you Deena!!!!
    You have the love of a good man and a wonderful family and many many friends who are thinking of you and praying that it all turns out well for you and it will,stay positive Deena we are all behind you!Praying also for the Stephen Curtis Chapman family what a horrendous thing to happen!we pray also for all who are having to go through cancer treatments!God Bless you all,Love and hugs from Kathy and the girls

  16. Sorry missed out telling you that I WON a give-a-way banner from Mary at Isabells's Closet It is so beautiful she is a talented lady!
    Love from Kathy and the girls

  17. How cute are you sweet Deena! I am keeping you in my prayers as always, much love and hugs, Suzanne.

  18. You look wonderful! I was praying for you today on your last chemo day. Did you have a special graduation at your chemo center???
    I'll give you mine now -
    HAPPY GRADUATION! You did well!!!

    Love to you.

  19. Deena...I read up on your further treatment in your previous you don't have to answer that question in my email. I'm glad I popped look gorgeous Bald!

  20. Much love to you pretty friend!! I'm so very proud of you ~ wishing and praying you well, xxoo, Dawn

  21. Now you match Robin Roberts.... and she was bald on the morning show....I would rather see a bald person, than one with a bad wig... You look beautiful.....I pray your Pet/CT scan comes out GOOD..... judy

  22. My Dearest Deena,
    I am sending warm hugs to you. You made it sweetie...your last treatment is finally over. Lets do the "Happy Dance" and get "Jiggy"! ;-) You look radient. Still that beautiful smile and twinkle in your eyes.

    My Joys

    Comfort from my Kitty
    Peach Ice Tea
    Quiet Time

    Love To You,

  23. How radiant you are!

    Praying for good news!

  24. Deena you are looking fabulous.

  25. Deena!

    I had lost track of your blog for a while ... life had me by the tail. You look marvelous ... your bald head is beautiful and to see your smiling face looking back at me this morning brought tears to my eyes.

    Congrats on your last chemo treatment and I'll be thinking of you as you wait for the pet scan and results.

    Sending love & hugs ... have a wonderful holiday weekend.


  26. Deena,

    You are beautiful in that shade of green. I'm so glad that was your last chemo treatment and will pray the Pet/CT scan is a good one.

    I have never seen baby mourning doves. I do have baby starlings and they are as noisy as can be. LOL.

    The blue indigo buntings are so beautiful. I'm glad you can enjoy them.

    Blessings for a good day.

  27. Yeah! Thanks for coming by my blog. Glad to see you are doing so well Deena. One day at a time huh girl? Me too. Life is wonderful!

  28. You are a very pretty bald lady. I don't think I took any pics of myself bald except in a hat. I do have some of me with my hair very very short with my daughter cause I didn't have many of us when she was tiny and I think she was about 8 months old. Traci

  29. Such happy news, how time flies! You are doing great and I know you will be well. Keep up your wonderful attitude and know so many of us are praying for you out here in blogland. God bless....enjoy your coming warm weather and garden. ~~~ Lori in California

  30. Congratulations on your last chemo. We're all pulling and praying for you. Do I detect some fuzz along the skyline of your head? Cute!! Love, Diane

  31. I love my bald friend! I didn't even notice until you mentioned it. WINK WINK. You are still amazingly gorgeous.

  32. youre BEAUTIOUS Deena~ Have a great weekend with Rich

  33. You look marrrrvelous, Deena. Pale green becomes you. And congrats on getting through your chemo treatments!

    May your blessings multiply.

    Love & Hugs,

  34. I'm happy for you that you are finishing up with your chemo. Now I pray you will get a good report when you go back for the Pet/CT scan.

  35. Lookin' good Deena! Lookin' good!
    Life is beautiful!

  36. Praying for strong bones and a healthy recovery and also that you will need no more chemo because of God's healing hand! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Big ((hugs))

  37. Hi Deena Pink Princess Warrior!
    I am glad your last chemo is done & my thoughts & prayers are with you for a good outcome on your upcoming tests. You are such an amazing, inspiring woman. Your blog is one of my joys! Take care Deena & many good happy healthy days ahead!

  38. Deena, you look fabulous !! Praying for a good report !

  39. ALL GLORY to GOD!!!
    You made it thru chemo...I AM SO VERY VERY HAPPY FOR YOU DEENA!!
    My heart is singing!!!
    Hugs and Love,

  40. why, bless my soul....i do believe your are the loveliest bald headed woman I have ever, in my life, seen...and GOSH, you look fabulous in green!
    blessings and hugs, bj

  41. I have never seen you without a smile.... you are a special person. We are here when you are feeling rough too, and love you just the same! And oh yes, bald IS beautiful! XOX Kim

  42. oh haooy day! you made it!love to you!

  43. Hi,

    I came across your blog through searching for cottage style homes.
    Though I do not know you personally, hope you stay strong!


  44. not bald any longer...I can see the little fuzzies....and it looks like your hair may come back in a little lighter than it went out...

    I was unable to get to my computer all weekend...all my rooms were full of loved ones sleeping in cots in all my extra rooms...
    but I am back to just me and my sweetheart now so I will try to catch back up with you...
    you were not forgotten for one minute even though I could not post to you...I remembered and prayed for you all day on I am anxiously waiting for the results of the Pet/CT scan...

    Tell Rich that I never forget him in my prayers either...

  45. Tooooooooooo cute bald!!!!! and I sooooooo admire your courage my sweet friend..... How wonderful that your Chemo is over...... I pray that the Holy Spirit replace that chemo with the oil of the holy spirit and that it flows over you and brings healing where it touches....... You bring such joy to others....... I know that God will indeed bring joy home to you............ love ya!!!!!!

  46. Last treatment, yeah! You look beautiful.
    Hope your holiday weekend was fun and peaceful.

  47. You're awesome and beautiful...with or without hair!

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day!


  48. God Bless You, Deena--prayers every day--and virtual hugs~Jann

  49. I am glad that this is your last chemo.

    You look as beautiful, as always. Your inner and outer beauty beam out of my computer screen.

    You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

  50. I am glad that this is your last chemo.

    You look as beautiful, as always. Your inner and outer beauty beam out of my computer screen.

    You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

  51. Hi Deena , this is my first time to post here, but I visit very often. I have been there done that so to speak . I had a very hard time with chemo, radiation, and a rough, rough surgery. But I had a different cancer, mine was esophagus cancer,very agressive.But so far I am a 3 yr. suvivor, praise GOD !!
    Please tell Sandra I am praying for her. I pray for you too Deena. God bless you,I love you and have a very blessed day!
    Come visit me sometime, the door is always open ! :0) :0)

  52. Deena you look beautiful.
    Stay strong
    i am praying for you.
    You will come through this.

  53. Your smile is like sunshine and you are lovely without hair or with it. I'm so happy you've had your last chemo. God bless you Deena. I'm praying for a full recovery for you. Hugs, Kathi

  54. You do so look wonderful!!!!!! And Iam so glad you are doing so good!!
    Have been thinking of you much. It has been so crazy busy here. Always this time of year!!
    have a wonderful week!!

  55. Deena, you look beautiful!

    We have new baby cardinals, squirrels and rabbits in the yard. Isn't spring fabulous!?!

    Have a wonderful day.

  56. Like so many have said, you are one GORGEOUS bald woman.

  57. You may have lost your hair, but you are still beautiful!

  58. You have the world's most beautiful smile. Thank you for reminding me of some beautiful things I once learned from a very special cancer patient I once cared for...(don't worry, she's a survivor-who taught me how to LIVE)
    You're in my prayers and I'm sorry you have to go through such a difficult time, but I can tell from your smile and eyes you are a joy for your nurses to care for.

  59. I must say that you are one of the most beautiful bald persons I've ever seen.

    I do enjoy visiting your blog and have you on my prayer list.


    P.s. I left a comment on your give-away. I was so into admiring your handiwork that I forgot it was you!!!
    Silly Girl.

  61. Your a beautiful Lady with or without hair.
    Our prayers are always with you.

    Love,Blessings & {{HUGS}}

  62. Deena,

    You look beautiful as always. I am truly amazed at how good and healthy you look. I have a good feeling about this! I am so thankful you are DONE with your chemo! I am praying that the PET scan will show awesome results.

    God bless you!


  63. Ahh..Well! You've made it!

    You should be so proud of yourself... Coming through this with a smile on your face and love in your heart! :)

    I hope the following days are easy on you.

    Thinking good thoughts for you in your next step with the pet scan.


  64. Hi Deena, I've just found your blog. Your picture is absolutely beautiful and you're truly an inspiration as I read through each of your posts.
    This is just what I needed before I head off to bed, thank you for all the wonderful thought provoking words from your heart.

  65. You are lovely... lovely in the inside and on the outside...

    Many blessings going your way...



  66. Thank you sweet lady for the cute card....... I think it is a keeper. You look very healthy.. and always that smile on your face....... Faith in the Father keeps the joy within your heart and that will keep the hope alive.... Faith is a servant and it goes out and bring to you that which you are hoping for......... Your hope is faithfilled..........

    Love ya!!!!!

  67. Deena, you are beautiful with and without hair. Congrats on your last treatment.

  68. Just stopping by to sy Hi Deena,Hope you are starting to pick up after your last chemo session and pray that your scan show a good result!
    Thinking of you and your family,God Bless,Love and hugs fromKathy and the girls

  69. i love the joy that this picture portrays. it is lovely.

  70. Deena~ Your beautiful spirit shines on! Who needs hair? Well, of course you'll be glad when your returns, but sweetie, you look so lovely and vibrant! Sending love and sweet thoughts your way!

  71. Deena, I'm so glad you are now finished with the chemo, and I love seeing your pretty face. I am continuing to pray.

    I won't be participating in the virtual garden tour--we are having a bad drought and my plants look rather sad :_( I will post a link to your blog on June 15 so everyone will be sure to visit everyone else's. It's a great idea and I look forward to seeing everyone's gardens!

    Oh, and I'm clicking daily on SGC.


  72. BAld and beautiful!
    Hang in there....things will get better! I will say a prayer for you! Karen b...

  73. i9 love your site.. be strong, be brave.. we are fighters.. you are loved
    peace laura


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