Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh So Fun Swaps

I did a Spring Journal swap
with Heather of Speckled Egg. This is
mine from Heather

I love it!

I was lucky enough to do
Junque in My Trunk Swap
with Louise from Pink Front Gate

OH MY it was so fun!! Didn't she
send the MOST lovely's too me??

I am late in sharing, but
ya all know why.
love to you



scented geraniums
robin's nesting in the pine tree
the fountains are out
God loves us

I'm a bit "shattered" from the 5th chemo, but
it is well with my soul.


  1. Well, sweet Annee...I am sorry you are having a hang-over from the chemo but so glad to know your soul is well .....
    Thank you for the bra...
    hugs, bj

  2. Hi Deena, sorry to hear how rough the 5th chemo was.Hopefully you will soon be feeling better.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful swap goodies with us

  3. praying you feel strength soon, dear friend....and "in one piece". the "stuff" ladies are sooo talented....such fun lovely treasures.
    love and prayers,

  4. So much "eye candy"! Just beautiful!

    Hope you're feeling much better real soon.

    Hugs sweet friend!

  5. I love your new goodies, Deena!!! Many hugs across the miles for you sweet friend, I pray you will rebound against this 5th treatment quickly...much love xxoo, Dawn

  6. your swap goodie are sooooooooooo sweet....... I bet they lifted your spirits..... such little sweet things are always sent with the spirit of love in each piece..... and love never fails...........

    Praying for you.....

  7. Deena, I am so sorry to here you aren't feeling well. I so appreciate that time you took to drop by and leave a lovely message on my blog. Feel better soon.

    I love your Junque in My Trunk goodies. Especially the pink. And I recognize that small mason jar in the background. I bought one of those all glittered up a Christmastime.

    Feel better soon my friend.


  8. I'm so sad you're experiencing this set back. Your in my prayers tonight. Also, I just love Louise from Pink Front Gate. She sent you some lovely goodies!

    xx Nancy

  9. I know those Chemo's really wipe you out...but you only have one more...
    and it is wonderful to know that "It is well with your Soul"
    you are such a blessing...

  10. Dear Deena ~ Sorry to hear that your 5th chemo was tough. It's great though, that you well within your soul. Will pray that you begin feeling better soon and the next chemo goes well.

    Love the goodies you received....just delicious!

    Hugs & love, Karen

  11. So happy you enjoyed your swap…it was a joy to do…

    Hope you are feeling better,
    sorry this is all so hard..

    I adore scented geraniums I use to have tons, I have not any years,
    Think I will go get one…


  12. Resting your eyes on beautiful things is healing for the body, soul and the psyche. You have so many beauties around you, in your home and just outside of it...all work towards healing. One more and that's all she wrote! n

  13. Hi Deena,
    All those pretties surely put a smile on your face.
    You're in my prayers.

  14. Well Hello Deena,
    I have been reading your blog and wanting to post...but no not with dial-up...I think it because it does load the post page to well...anyhow it pop right up and loaded today....yea!! I do have you on my "heart list" to pray for and wanted you to know that...I have been praying for so many that are taking treatments...and many others that are having problems just in life....there are lot of hard times right now across the US...but just wanted you to know you are so uplifting on your posting....Thanks for that!
    Many others do need it too....
    To see your joys
    of this walk you are in....

    My joys are:
    God is good all the time....
    This spring has been so lovely with wild flowers...a wonderful garden planted, by God

    Sitting in the swing and remembering my sweet
    Dear Husband....

    My children are grown and blessed of God....

    My grandchildren and greatgrandson are so special to me...

    Knowing my prayers answered...

    Having faith to know you will be healed, in Jesus name....

    Be safe in Jesus!
    My shield of faith
    is held higher for you....
    from the heart of Texas!

  15. Deena,

    Chemo hangovers are certainly no fun. Though I have not experienced it myself, I have seen others go through it.

    Love all your swap goodies.

    My joys for today:
    Bird songs
    Seeing the grandsons
    Visiting the farm.
    Having you for my friend.

    Love you and continue to pray for you and your family.


  16. Hope everyday gets better. I can't imagine you not being joyful.

  17. Hope you're having a better day. God bless you and keep you. Diane

  18. good afternoon, dear friend....wanted to let you know i was thinking of you, and hoping today you be able to enjoy your day and joys....hoping you feel stronger and less "shattered".

    i have more sick grandbabies and daughters today.......but some well ones too! always something to be thankful for!
    love and hugs...and prayers,

  19. Hope your feeling better to soon Lovely Lady. My prayers are always with you.

    Love,{{Hugs}} and God bless

  20. Deena Dear,
    I am praying for you everyday like clockwork, I will pray that your shattered parts will be feeling better soon! I am hoping to get your box off to you on Friday, I am hoping it makes it to you in decent shape...I have been working on creative packing methods! :)
    Take care and fight the good fight!
    Love and hugs,
    Donna Lynn

  21. Hello dear Deena
    I hope you are feeling stronger by the time you read this. You're in my prayers. Make sure you pamper yourself tomorrow. You deserve it.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  22. Deena- You are looking good- the journal is AWESOME- so pretty...Spring is here in Iowa finally- tulips up all over make my heart happy- Hang in there- I'll be back at work ont he house this week. Anita

  23. Dear Deena,

    I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling up to par after your latest chemo. I hope you feel better soon.

    What great treasures you have!!! I love all of it. I really like the fun journal with the pom poms on it. I write in a journal like that almost every day, it is my prayer journal and I am going to have to doll one up! Mine is the boring old black and white composition books. Not any more!!!

    "Praise the Lord, o my soul, and forget not all his benefits - who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases". Psalm 103:2,3

    Have a great day today sweetie.

    Love Sharon

  24. What fun treasures! I love the book Heather did--it's lovely. I've always loved scented geraniums, also--so many people don't know what they are when I mention them! Take good care of yourself. Hugs and prayers, Jann


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