Tuesday, May 6, 2008

American Idol

Our Dish Network has been out
since last Wednesday.

The tech is coming tomorrow

..no American Idol for me
tonight..can't even DVR it
w/o a satelite signal.

I will be watching tomorrow
if I have to beg my way to
someone's home to see it!!

Early to bed..catching up on my beauty sleep



  1. Have fun watching American Idol tomorrow. I so wish our Australian guy had won it. He was a cutie and married to a lovely American girl

  2. Have a goodnight sleepy!

    xx Nancy

  3. sweet dreams, deena....

  4. Deena,

    I do hope you are able to see American Idol and that the tech gets things repaired.

    My prayer is that angels will surround and comfort you so you can get a good night's sleep.


  5. Hi Deena, just dropping by to see how you are doing. I'm waiting to catch American Idol too tonight.

  6. Call me. You can come to my house while we're at church. We're tivoing it. We're back soon after 8 anyway.
    Sleep tight.

  7. tonight will tell the important top three...
    my guess.. David Archaleta..Seyesha, and David Cook...in that order...

    David Cook didn't do quite as well as the other two last night...but He did much better than the fourth guy (I can't even remember his name)

    I pray that you had a good rest last night...and you feel great and have a wonderful day today...

  8. Hey! You can usually see the performances on Youtube...just type in their name and set it to show most recently added and they should be there.

  9. Oh we are so in need of watching AI... I hope you get it straightened out soon!!!!!!!!! but as sara said....... you can go to youtube and see them........ I did not get to watch last night either... but it was because of the CARDINAL BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!

    I love cardinal baseball....

    Have a day filled with roses my friend..........

  10. Rest and sleep but if you get any prettier, Your HUNKY MAN might not can stand it !!
    love, bj

  11. good morning, dear deena.....praying this day gives you joys a plenty....and strength to enjoy them!
    hugs and prayers this day,
    oh....and hope you get to see Idol...somehow, someway...what about your neighbors? :)

  12. Have a good nights sleep.

    Happy Mother's Day early.

    Love and Blessings,

  13. Oh, major huge bummer for you! I am so sorry your cable is out, that stinks. I hope the guy can fix it soon. I do not watch Idol, so I can't help you out....sorry! That guy looks cool and cute and I bet he sings good!!!

    Hugs, Sharon

  14. The person Mimi couldn't remember is Jason Castro. He blew both songs. Simon told him to pack his suitcase. I agree - he's a goner.

    David C's first song was pretty blah ("Hungry Like A Wolf"), but he did way better on the second (Simon: "Welcome Back, David Cook!") I can't think of the name of the song. I think it's by the Who, and it is a theme song for some tv show, if I recall correctly.

  15. We've been keeping up with American Idol too. I rather like the chappie with dreadlocks...can't remember his name. Is he still in it? Must google it.

  16. Oh, can you come over and watch it with me? I am thinking for sure that Jason goes home tonight. It's like he is not even trying anymore. He was horrid last night. But, I am thinking that Syesha is going to give our David Cook a tight race. Of course, little Archuleta will win. He has young teenagers all over the world with super texting powers in love with him! And I hardly think you need beauty sleep!

  17. Just found your blog..beautiful and inspirational. Should we all be gifted with your beauty, strength and courage!
    Have a good night's sleep :0)

  18. Sorry about your cable! I don't watch TV...well unless it is a cooking show or home improvement, but that is about once every couple of weeks! Every since I found out about blogging who needs TV???
    Thanks for the comment on my table, I have no idea where to put that thing...
    Hugs, Donna Lynn

  19. Deena, I didn't watch since I am into Criminal Minds. But why not look on the internet?

    My Rockies won tonight - just barely.

    Hugs to you!

  20. Hi Deena
    I hope you are having a good week!
    I am sorry but I don't watch tv so much ( we can see that tv show here and also there is a latin american version too)

  21. Hi there... its been a while but I wanted to check on you... hope you are doing ok...

    I hope your Idol wins... though I am the "other" Davids fan... I dont watch Idol as much because it sometimes cuts into the time for Dancing with the stars..

    I like to sit and handsew or sketch when I am watching...

    Love your hummers... they are my signature and my lovies...

    I can't get enough of them!!



  22. Hi Deena...
    happy to know u r going good...hope u get to watch American idol.. have fun...take rest..take care..

    chikku :)

  23. I was sorry to see Jason leave the show, not because he was talented, but because I loved his attitude! Didn't take himself too seriously-I like that!

    Hope you doing well,


  24. I see you have my favorite Idols picture up.....David Cook, he is the most humble, and talented person on American Idol....I hope he is the next.....I hope you were able to watch it somewhere....

  25. I'm an American Idol fan too...and i'm really hoping David Cook wins...though i really like the other David too. I hope you got to see it last week and you get to enjoy it this week too.

    Take care Deena...


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