Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dee Is Home

I heard from my friend Dee tonight. She is home, minus both her breasts and with no surgery complications.

She will get the pathology report on Thursday, please continue to pray that all the cancer has been removed

I'll be hosting a Blog Autumn Open House, check back for details
fondly, Deena


  1. Hi Deena...thank you so much for the sweet email card. I really appreciated it. Hope your dear friend continues to do well. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. OOHh I am glad no complications for your Friend. A blessing with all that.

    And how sweet to get that beautiful card from you!! You are such and inspiration!! i can imagine how you have been a rock to Dee!!
    I think of how I'd in that situation and I just don't know what I'd do.
    I am sending hugs, prayers, thoughts and blessings to you. Thanks again for the sweet card.!!!
    I hope you are spending a wonderful weekend with lots of joys!!

  3. Hi sweet Deena

    I just stopped and prayed for Dee. God holds her (and me and you) in His hands. Keep us posted.


  4. Continuing to remember Dee in my prayers.

  5. I said a prayer for Dee as soon as I read this. I pray she will be free and clear of that horrible cancer.
    Love, bj

  6. I pray for Dee, you and all who need it today. Your music is so pretty and your blog so peaceful. Have a beautiful day.

  7. Hello Dear heart,
    Dee is on my blog prayer list, and in my thoughts.

    Your wreath is very cute!
    Can't wait for your open house.
    Love, Debra

  8. Deena....I wish you could really come to my OPEN house but will settle for a blog visit and pretend. Looking forward to having you.

  9. I'll be praying for Dee. Oh, how I understand exactly what she is going through right now. Please tell her I'm thinking of and praying for her...thanks!

  10. will be keeping her i prayer, glad things have gone well so far.

  11. your so sweet, kind and thoughtful...and that my dear friend is one of the many thing's that I just adore about you!
    I will diffently add her to my prayer list.
    God bless friend


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