Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh So Sweet

Mary dear , from Isabella's Closet made this..isn't it darling??

About Me

I have headaches all the time. My vision loss really bothers me. My head pounds, I get dizzy & my hearing comes & goes. I am quite anxious about the brain radiation & surely do NOT want to be bald again. I will be glad when it is all done.
I had so thought by now I'd be all well. It will be a year on Oct . 27th that I got my diagnosis.
I know God has a plan & I do NOT feel sorry for myself. I have seen the ravages of cancer at the Cancer Center & I know I am doing good compared to others. I am NOT afraid ..God will heal me or bring me to Him. Either way I win.
Rich is very stressed, very attentive, very loving and very protective of me. I think this has been harder on him than anyone else. This has brought us SO close & I thank our Lord for that.

I just finished reading a book by Judi Picoult "Change of Heart" ..very different but I did enjoy it. On to my next book , another by Judi Picoult "Nineteen Minutes".
Rich and I did see "Burn After Reading" ..I am a Cohen brothers fan, this was not my fave movie by them, but it was enjoyable & Brad Pitt's part was a HOOT.
One of the previews played before the movie was "The Secret Lives Of Bees" with Queen Latifa & Alicia Keys & Dakota Fanning..coming in October..I can't wait!!!

thanks to all of you who are so caring.. & please remember to pray for Sandra, Dee, Cora & Michelle ..they are all battling breast cancer too. Your prayers have gotten me this far.


  1. Your right Deena, you WILL WIN either way !
    My best friend told me that same thing when I was way down in the dark valley. I had not thought of it that way. And I clung to those words. You and I will be victorious either way ! Halleleuyah !

  2. Deena,

    Yes, you will win either way. I'm glad to hear such a positive attitude. You are a dear friend and I pray for you each day.

    I have also added Sandra, Dee, Cora & Michelle to my prayer list. Aunt May is holding her own, but has lost a lot of weight.

    Take care, my friend. Now I'm going to catch up on your posts I have missed.


  3. actually for you this is a win, win situation...but for Rich, it has to be most difficult seeing you go through this...and knowing he cannot make it all better for you...
    I pray for both of you..
    I also pray for your friends, Sandra, Dee, Cora & Michelle...

  4. Deena, I have had dreams of heaven; so has my son. You're right to have no fear.
    Will pray for the side effects to go away. And for your health to return.
    Love, Debra

  5. Have I told you you're one of my most favorite people?? You really are. Your spirit positive glows right off the screen!

    We saw Burn After Reading Saturday, too. I agree - not my fav, but still funny. And "hoot" is the perfect way to describe Brad.

    I also want to see The Secret Life of Bees. It looks excellent.

    You have been blessed with a wonderful husband. (I have, too. :o)) And you all remain in my prayers and those of the ladies in my Bible Study.

  6. Dear are such an awesome lady! You face so much every day, and your attitude is still so uplifting & positive. So many people fold at the slightest difficulty, but you are a shining example of a truly wonderful, strong woman who touches other peoples lives in ways we may never understand. And I agree, you do win either way, but take our prayers and keep on fighting! *elaine*

  7. It doesn't do any good to let Satan really win by giving in......Satan/cancer/heart's all his plot. I feel so fortunate to have a friend like you who is so positive and so brave when facing so many unknowns. You give us all strength. Whether you mean to or not! LOVE..

  8. Dear Deena, you are a blessing to many people. You are in my prayers, as are Sandra, Dee, Cora, & Michelle.

  9. Thinking of you often!

    Praying each time!

    I just told Chelsea about the new tumors. She is sad that you have to go through more treatment. So am I.

    I am sorry for the pain.

    I am glad that you know Jesus and to know that HE is there with you every time you have to endure something unpleasant.

    You are a winner!!!!!

    Becky K.

  10. Deena
    I love your inspirational attitude and you have given hope and laughter to those around you with that beautiful smile and positive mind set. You have also given us in blogland a glimpse of the journey and we truly admire your efforts. Sweet girl I have memory loss and can only say it is getting old. Keep a song in your heart, a dance on your feet and a smile on your lips and girl you will survive. YOU ARE A WINNER. PEACE AND LOVE


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~