Sunday, September 28, 2008


Some of my past work

a good night's sleep

waking up


washing my hair

shaving my legs

doing my housework

doing laundry

watering fleurs outside

the song of a Carolina Wren

my mom is doing SO good

autumn sun

Sunday's pot of chili

Bears football

my BFF Marcia visiting

Pictures of Hunter, my BFF Marcia and Rhea's grandson

"Today is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it"

Won't you share your joys with me??

I've made an Autumn Journal for a random winner


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day to me!

    Joys are;

    My family, our son, and daughter.

    My husband traveling safely back today from overseas.

    Planting bulbs when the rain stops!

    Coffee, housework, just being here.

    Enjoy your day Deena.


  2. my joy today....

    Having so many wonderful friends I have never met, and each one of you hold a very SPECAIL place in my heart!

    Being able to visit you!


  3. Happy Sunday! You inspired my joys for the day and I posted them on my blog. Glad today is peachy for you too. Sounds blissful and full of peace. Love ya much.

  4. My Joys: A Godly husband by my side, My son, Friends and Family to pray for, another day on this earth, my chihuahua's, Chuck Smith, and You !! :)

  5. Hi, Deena!

    Here you are! I lost track of you! I get confused when some of you girls have more than one blog. Ha!

    Any day that is free from depression is a joy to me! But even when I'm down, HE IS THERE!

    ~ Hearts ~

  6. My joys at the moment are:

    My sweet husband who took care of me during our western trip when my hurt knee got too much for me to handle.

    My home and bed, which are still here for me and will ensure that I get a good night's sleep tonight.

    I've been praying for you while I have been traveling and just popped in to see how your treatments were going. HUGS!

  7. Oh boy...joys! The way the sun has been shining in our bedroom morning every morning lately....there's certain way late summer/fall light is defused differently. The restful sound of the cicadas whirling away all day, their sound relaxes me so much. The Sunday silence of a small town that still observes Sundays but without oppression. Sewing first thing in the am along with coffee. Having the time and quiet to create. Drawing out a new pattern that has been my only source of happiness during endless political meetings filled with corruption. Then finally being able to express what has been the mental life preserver while sitting thru ugly stuff. Then there it is! The beauty that was being created in my mind! The ability to think up new beauty, what a blessed gift...if we slow/calm/listen to Spirit within. Having fingers and eyes to make/sew/see/smile! Strong legs to walk around the table making patterns and all things. Our dog who nuzzles every am before he goes out he has a ritual of forcing me to showing him affection. The dog God forced on me when I was unwilling to trust or love again. The internet, my laptop, women who are supportive to eachother, who know each of us is unique and there's gifts in all of us, we don't have to compete.
    I could go blog...loving you and meeting you.
    Grace....all around us even when we are the most scared and doubtful. God's angels sent and beside us all always.

  8. Good news about your mother--God be praised.
    And since you mentioned Bears football, my joy is the Lions had a by week.

  9. First cup of coffee in the morning
    A new magazine - Artful Blogging
    The sound of the computer booting up
    My little dog curling up with me in the afghan
    The sound of "Shall we go out for breakfast?"
    Feeling like things are done
    Seeing the little twin fawns

  10. I sent you a friend invite on facebook. They have a really cool blog section on there.

    You can network your blogs. Its pretty cool.


    Oh and P.S. Even if I am having a tough day I make myself come up with atleast 5 things that brought me joy/happy about/or thankful for that day. It really changes my outlook and keeps me positive. I tend to have bad negative feelings.

  11. My darling Deena,
    Stopping by to catch up and so glad to see that at least you have a couple days "off". Loved the pink pumpkin. You aer so amazing to me and I alwasy ahve you in my thoughts and my prayers. My joys today are
    a loving husband,
    my parents next door
    my sister down the road
    a few good friends
    sleeping late
    the ability to laugh and pet my animals
    chocolate ice cream and nachos
    but not together
    that you are still sharing your journey

  12. Today's joys ~
    Flea market hunting with daughter
    Watching her bake a cake
    Eating chocolate cake :)
    Fall weather
    Listening to my Pug snore
    The Chargers beat the Raiders!

  13. What a wonderful list of joys. Peace and joy be with you my friend.

  14. My ~Joys~
    Your frienship
    your blog
    my dove, Norton, hooting in the early morning
    my son, asleep in his room-letting him sleep in, because he's got today off from work!
    A full pot of Dunkin' D. coffee
    the glory of Fall just beginning
    friends in blog-land that cheer each other on!
    Love, Debra

  15. Hi Deena,love your fall things. So glad your Mom is better. God bless,and hope you have a blessed week..

    My Joys.....God's love,time in his word and prayer,my family,friends,my home,beauitful music,birds singing,children singing,holidays,a hand written letter from a dear friend,

    so many more I could never mention them all.........

    Blessings, Shelley

  16. My Joys?

    Hearing my littlest one say "Let's be cute togedder mommy" (and all the sweet things she utters throughout the day:)

    Listening to beautiful music...

    Still feeling "tingles" when my husband walks into the room...

    Hugs, Cuddles, Giggles...

    God's Love & Mercy...

    The inspiration I receive from dear friends...

    $1.50 antiques...

    Chocolate Cake...

    ;)... Love You... *Linda*

  17. Hi Deena!

    Hope your feeling good today after your treatment.

    Many blessings ~ Jenn

    P.S. I'm really enjoying your music...I love Harry Connick Jr...he's the best. Do you have his Christmas CD's? They are just wonderful. Take care :)

  18. You my friend are one of my joys...because in spite of what you are going through you still feel the Joy of living and loving...
    my husband is a joy...she always looks after my needs before his own...
    my children and grandchildren are a real blessing to me..
    Jesus love and death on the cross in order for me to have eternal life...
    breakfast in bed
    singing in the rain
    holding my puppy after his bath(he likes me to hold him in a towel while he dries) = spoiled
    blogging friends...
    have a blessed week,


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~