Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday ~~ Thoughts and Prayers

Just a sneak peek of my Autumn home, hand dids are my passion
Polly of Counting Your Blessings.. I love the pretty & prim together.
My favorite chippy blue stool night stand
Lotion gift of love
Just a whimsy I made!!!

It's a typical Autumn day, after a rainy morn. Just mums and the neighbors mums are blooming so brightly yellow..and the leaves are slowly warming up to bright colors and the sun's rays are dappled. I see the last of the season's butterflies dancing around the zinnias as I sit here at my desk, listening to XM Radio ..the Groove...and gaze out the window.

My daughter gave me this gift of lotion yesterday. I was so delighted by it. I pondered on why..and realized it was because it was a way for her to show how she loves me. We have always had a tight bond ..and as I lay in bed and thought of the giving, lots of thoughts passed through.

Do I make a difference on Earth?? have I touched anyone in a gentle way?? Has God's love been shown through me?? Will I be remembered fondly?? It will not matter to me I don't think , but it will matter to those who love me.. and I pray I have been a good daughter, woman, wife, mother, grandmother, friend and testament of what God's love can do.
I do not fear..I am peaceful.
My eyesight is getting worse, but I am hoping for an improvement in a few days. My head is not hurting much, I do have a hard time sleeping at night without meds, but I came home today
at about 9 AM and went to bed until 1 PM.
I feel free & I am being carried around in God's hands.
I found out I am not even half way through my lifetime cap on the insurance for the cancer..RELIEF.
Nicole and the boys will be moving out Oct. 15th.. not sure how I feel about it.. I want her to have her own place but I want her here too. I pray it will all be fine.
Thank you all for your kind comments, prayers and caring. It so makes a difference. I started this blog to help others & it has helped ME so much. God is good, All the time.
Oct 15th.. I'll draw the Journal winner on Oct. 20th.


25% through brain radiation (only 15 more)

Jesus died so we would not

Marcia my BFF



the best husband I could ever be given
My son
My daughter Mercedes
The days I LOVED my career


  1. Simply beautiful.

    Your thoughts about the Fall,
    about your daughter
    and your impact in this world.
    The peace that passes all understanding, God's love in and through you.

    Becky K.

  2. My darling have touched many both in real life and here in cyber are one of God's blessings on this earth and anyone who has been touched by your words, your kind heart and your beautiful smile is richer indeed for having been so blessed ♥

    Sending you much love, prayers and kind hearted thoughts.

  3. love the whimsy you made. I have been very busy trying to get the fall chores done so I have not been comment lately just reading. I often have those same thoughts and it was strange to read them in your post. You are a wonderful person and I am thankful you let us get to know and love you. Peace

  4. Oh sweet one you have made such a huge difference in my life... you have touched me with your strength... with your loving heart... your goodness... I cherish the day that I found you... as you have reached deep in iside my soul more than I could ever say..



  5. Hi Deena!
    I don't really know you, but I feel I know you. Your words touch my heart and I feel the presence of God in them as well. I love reading your joys.

    A few of my joys today:
    -my smart, handsome sons, Kevin and Kyle
    -my blogging friends, including sweet Deena!
    -my hands!
    -my new glasses for my middle aged eyes
    -my dogs who love me no matter how I look
    -the hot bath I'm about to take!

    God bless and know that you are loved. :)

  6. Here's what you're going to hear when you get over there..."well done oh good and faithful servant"...and you'll also here "Woo Hoo!!! She's here, everybody get your party hats on cause this girl is known for her positivity and her liberties and most of all, another major Joy just came home, we've been waiting for you Miz Deenz, help us make heaven just that much prettier." Do I hear an Amen??!!! Yes Lord, Amen!! and Again! c/n

  7. Deena, as an unseen cyberfriend, I can only tell you how you will be remembered by me; however, if I was a betting woman I would bet that I am not alone in my thoughts here. You have touched me not in one, two, or a few ways but in many. I will remember you as a strong woman of faith, a child of God who puts aside her pain and prays with and for others in theirs. I will remember you for your intellect, your determination and your devotion to God, family and friends. I will remember you as being a warm and caring person who, in what appears to be her last days (which will hopefully grow into years) on this earth continues to put the feelings of others before herself. You will be remembered as a warrior whose battle is for souls of others and whose only General is Christ the King. The angels will line your path to Heaven in song. May the Lord bless and keep you always.

  8. Deena,
    It is good to think of those things every day-am I a good mom, etc.
    Things can change very quickly in a person's life. The very best deal of all is to have a thankful heart. God really changes us and circumstances then.
    One of my thankfuls is having you as a friend.
    Love, Debra

  9. Thanks for sharing your heart, Deena. You have a beautiful spirit and have touched so many...I am blessed by your encouragement. Thanks for reaching out to me so compassionately as you have. I'll continue to lift you up in prayer. Please know you're so often in my thoughts :)


  10. You are a blessing dear Deena. May God make that real to you. You are indeed a blessing and I thank you for allowing me into your life. I pray for you each day.

  11. Gd there is still plenty of money left on the insurance, Deena.

    And to have such a wonderful daughter and loving husband - you most certainly have made a gentle and positive impact in this life !
    You are thought of fondly - and will be remembered so as well, by your family AND your friends, both in real life and here in cyber-space.

  12. Hi Deena,
    Your posts are a blessing and inspiration to all who visit here..
    You have such a wonderful, peaceful and calming way of expressing yourself.
    My prayers continue.

  13. too much emotion being felt here so i'll have to come back you!

  14. and All the time, God is Good! Our pastor says this to us many, many times. I understand your questions. I have asked the same. I don't believe we ever fully know what our lives have meant, even to people we have never even met....your life means a lot to many and those that you love...they KNOW it. Hold on Deena. I can only imagine this is hard. My hubby tells me OFTEN, when I let my mind think...We are IMMORTAL until the time the Lord says its time to come home. I am praying that BOTH of us will have many many more days and months of blogging and enjoying this wonderful life God has given to us!

  15. My dear friend, I am unable to say what I want to say. Just know I am holding your hand and I hold you in my heart and lift you, Rich,the girls, your Mom and all the boys in prayer. What amazing joys.

  16. Deena, by all the remarks that have been posted this past year, you can be assured that you are leaving a mark on many of us, but you still have many more to touch. For one you have given me strength to continue fighting my pain and never giving up hope for a cure. You are one of God's angels doing work for him and you are doing the very bestest job!
    I have left a post at my blog, so hope you stop by. Iknow what you mean about your children leaving--it's a pain that stays in your heart but you learn to adjust until they come back for a visit. Prayers, Love, and Hugs, Pat

  17. You have shared so many beautiful thoughts in this post, Deena. You touch many hearts each day. I will be praying for you...Kathy

  18. I believe that you have no idea how many you have affected sweet Deena ~ your life, your attitude, your love for your family, your love for the Lord, all speak volumes without even saying a single are a beautiful, sweet wife, mother, grandmother and friend and we're all so blessed to have you in our lives....much love and hugs, xxoo, Dawn

  19. You sound so peaceful. And, yes, you have made a difference, are making a difference. Blessings to you on this new day.

  20. Goodmorning Deena... As I have said before you are such a Blessing to me, and I know many, many others. Everyone has been Blessed by knowing you, whether thru your blog, or actually in your presence, and are better for it. You have definatly made a difference and will continue to do so God willing, because HE is in control. I believe nothing touches HIS chilren without passing thru HIM and you are indeed in his Hands. Im reminded of the story of "Footprints" which im sure you have heard of or read...
    I see GOD in you.. Jackie (Dove2mist)

  21. Hi dear Deena,your post is lovely. It's wonderful you feel God's loving arms around you,holding you,carrying you.
    Again,your faith is so present in your words,and shows the love you hold for God,and your family. You are a blessing to so many.

    I love your little prim kitty...very sweet!

    God bless you, Shelley

  22. May the blessings God gives you this day be the ones you need the most.
    Peace be with you,

  23. Dear Deena you have surely touched a large number of lives by your courage and strenght.

  24. You have touched so many people and you are making such a big difference for so many people. We love you and hope you feel better soon and that you get better everyday. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I hope I always have as wonderful of a relationship with my daughter as you do. She is only 6 and I treasure everyday with her as you do with your children and grandchildren. Traci

  25. Sweet Deena,

    You do indeed touch many lives. You are such a blessing and the warmth of your beautiful spirit is undeniably tangible even here in this cyberworld.

    Huge hugs,

  26. Hi, You so remind me of my mom. She passed away two weeks ago and my life will never be the same. I find myself remembering all the Godly wisdom and love she gave me through out my life. Her words to me through her battle with cancer were so comforting. We prayed everyday for healing and we never gave up because we know that miracles do happen. When she breathed her last breath this is when we gave her to God knowing she belonged to him ever since she was a little girl. I pray you will be healed on this earth and your life will be a witness to so many. I know that God holds you in the palm of his hand and HE will carry you.

    You are loved by me and so many others!
    KAY :)

  27. I love what you said about feeling so free and airy...because God is carrying you in his arms...I am so glad that you can experience the feeling of peace with this journey you are on...

    Continuing to pray for your family as they cope with the wide swing of emotions they must be feeling at this time...
    {{hugs and prayers}}

  28. Deena-

    You are an inspiration to me. I am praying for your family, that they are able to find peace. Know that God is holding you in his arms. Bless you.

  29. Dear heart, I just can't read your blog without feeling better, about life, little things, beauty, etc. You radiate God in all you write and do. You make a difference to me and I'm sure all these other people. Sending you prayers, joy and love.

  30. I'm have made a difference just by being on this earth, SweetAnnee. If bloggers that have never met you love you so much, I can imagine how your family and friends love you. There's not much more I would want to be remembered for than LOVE.

    I love all these hand-dids...wish I could make something besides dinner !!!

    Blessing and much love, bj

  31. It's been said that the only thing that matters is the love we give and the love we leave behind. And you, my dear, are full of love and generosity.

  32. You are still helping others! You remind us to share ourselves, to love freely and to depend on God.

    You are a true blessing!

    Lord, I ask you to stay close by Deena and her family. Give her the peace that passes all understanding and give her rest. Restore her eye sight and give her the energy she needs each day. Let her know that you love her and will never leave her.
    In Jesus precious name, Amen.

  33. dear have touched so many on this journey...and i am just one of sooo many.....your strength, courage, love, encouragement and grace on this journey is such a testament of all you are....and i am so thankful that i came to find you in blogland....
    love and prayers deena,

  34. Deena ~ emotions have the better of me right at this momment...BUT I want you to know that you are a wonderful friend, a kind and very caring soul and that I am proud to have bumped into you in the primitive world and even prouder to have you as my friend....I love you Deena..and I have the brown bird hand did you sent me sitting right by my computer..I cherish that bird....I know it was made with your hands and with your love..thank you...

    Gentle loving hugs,

  35. Still holding you up in prayer, sweet Deena

  36. Deena, I always love your posts. Today's blessed me so. And the tears formed.

    My family continues to pray for you, along with me, of course. Thank you for the beauty you give each reader.

    I want to join your autumn open house but must decorate my home first! Hopefully next Monday:)

    xoxo Tiffany

  37. are such a dear soul. I can feel your love, faith and comfort as I read your posts. I love the joys that you wonderful. What touched me the most was this line.....I feel free & I am being carried around in God's hands. Oh, true that is. God is always there for us and truly carrying you around in his hands. You have touched so many lives....your work is not yet done here on earth. HUGS to you.......and hope you have a restful sleep tonight.

  38. I'm glad to know you do not have to be concerned about your insurance coverage Deena - one less worry!!

    I also want you to know that the gentle sharing you have have made us part of along the journey in fighting your cancer, has been a bright light for so many. You are the most brave and elegant lady I know - and being quite old I've known a lot of ladies!

    As Bob and I cross the pond tomorrow I will think of you as I look through that little window at the stars. You will always be the brightest one Deena, no matter how many new ones are discovered!

    I'll be back the end of Oct. but will check in on you along the way if the laptop behaves!!

    Much love - Mary.

  39. Hello Sweet Deena, thank you for sharing with us. The autumn is beautiful, isn't it? And so are you.

  40. Sweet Deena
    You have such a wonderful attitude. Praying for you every day.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  41. HONESTLY D!? How can you doubt your purpose here on earth? And if you will be remembered fondly? I feel each and every word of every comment herin~ and more. My heart is up under my chin for you~ that I cannot be closer to help you, come make you supper, or a BATH. Swat flies or just watch the birds! You are living your purpose, and making us all richer spirits for having known just a little bit of you
    xoxoxxoo Rachael

  42. You have touched my heart with your demonstrated faith and the gracious way you are handling your health challenge.

    You are Truly Remarkable and I'm glad you're on this earth and I have been privileged to have known you, if only through your blog.


  43. Your daughter is wonderful and it touches my heart to hear about your relationship. You have touched more lives then you will ever know.


  44. I stop by often but haven't been posting or commenting much lately. I think of you often and know you are in my prayers daily! Your post is beautiful!

    Leigh Ann

  45. A beautiful post….
    A thoughtful gift of love….
    A Wonderful husband..
    Cute grandkids..

    Yes, my dear Friend you made a difference…


  46. just to say GOOD morning !
    love, bj

  47. You have made a difference on earth - I have just recently come been priviledged to know you through your blog and the emails we have exchanged. You have touched my life in this very short span of time....I thought of you this morning when I put on my breast cancer pin and said a little prayer for you.

    I would love to send you one of our pins. You have my email - please give me an address where I can send it. It will come with love and prayers.

  48. That kitty is absoulutly darling!!! you would love the kitty I have I post a pic of it in a few days!!
    Your post had tears in my eyes. i have never not met someone and had this much love or adoration for. You are truly and inspiration and i am so blessed to know you!!

  49. well, my sweet friend, i was working on getting my act together after two art retreats, two weekends in a row, and you kept popping into my mind.
    happens a lot.
    me thinking about you.
    me thinking that i need to email you.
    me thinking that i need to check out your blog.
    i was in the middle of this huge mess (i need an assistant in the worst way) and God told me to go to your blog.
    so i did.
    i do what God tells me to do.
    and here i found this post.
    i loved reading your words.

    but not nearly as much as i love you.

    xoxo, jan

  50. Hello Deena

    What a lovely name, there are some names you just do not forget and this is one of them. I came over from Jan and Tom's place and want you to know you are indeed in my prayers. Reading all the beautiful and heartfelt comments left by so many who simply adore you, I must linger here a while and see what I have been missing. I will be back often to visit for I have indeed found a lovely place.




~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~