Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A bit of Nature & Doctors Appointment

Road side wildflowers in blue

Where I stole an apple YUMMY
Open Space Project , I saw about 15 bluebirds here on the fence Sunday

Our Little Nestle in the Singing Woods, shutters are ALL painted finally

I've been trying to take a walk each day. The two days it rained all day, I stayed in. Today is such a lovely day, I set out with my NEW camera. ( I used my Best Buy Rewards to get it after the doctors yesterday)

Yesterday was my plastic surgeon appt. I will get the rest of my reconstruction surgery on Nov. outpatient procedure, but I will be asleep. I'm excited about getting it all over with.

This coming Monday the 15th, I have another head MRI. I will find out those results on Wednesday afternoon the 17th. Even though I'm on the road to recovery, I still need your prayers.
I 'd like to ask for prayers for my friend Dee who is having a bi -lateral mastectomy , this Friday , Sept 12th, she is very anxious about it and needs some peace in her life. I know how much your prayers helped me, so thank you for praying for her.

Life continues to be a bit hectic with all of us here, but I must say, each day I seem to feel better and stronger, despite the hub bub..



juicy apples on the roadside tree

my new camera

the bluejays chattering

my Walk to Emmaus friends visited last evening

presents in the mail

Today is God's Gift


  1. Wildflowers are just the best kind of flowers there are. :-) ~ One of God's daily gifts. ~


  2. Beautiful photos and I love your list of joys. Your home is beautiful. I'm so glad your reconstructive surgery is almost completed. Yeah! I'll pray now for your friend.


  3. Beautiful pictures, great house, and prayers sent your way, Deena !

  4. Hi Deena,
    When you can, take a peek at my blog-there's a few words about you on my post. Just a note from a blue bird to you...
    Love, Debra

  5. I will be thinking of you the next few weeks as your test all come back, your hub bub continues, your upcoming surgery, and all. Your joys always make me smile. Our lives are so full and blessed despite whatever life throws us, huh?

  6. Of course we will pray for your friend, she is blessed to have you for a friend, someone who has already been down that road.

    Love your house!!!


  7. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos! You, your family and your friend will be our prayers.
    Hugs, Sharon

    PS Apples are one of the greatest blessings of fall!

  8. I love your picture's, and what you stold an apple! I would to nothing better then fresh fruit! My prayers are with your friend, I remember my how my Mom felt when she was going in for her mastectomy, the fear we all felt, it's a horrible feeling! but shes a survior like you and so will your friend be with all the prayers going out, she's one lucky lady to have you for a friend and for you to be by her side is a blessing as well. I will pray for all your test results to come back with wonderful news for you!

  9. Oh Deena, I am glad that you have been doing so well and I continue to pray for you. I am happy that you will be getting your reconstructive surgery and hopefully that will be the end of this journey you have been on.

    God bless you.


  10. Your house is beautiful! :) Prayers all around for you and your friend! I have an award for you on my blog...would love it if you stopped by! :)


  11. Such lovely photos!

    I'll be praying for both you and your dear friend.


  12. Oh, D~ It is so wonderful to hear the hope in your (written) voice! Eventhough it is nearly autumn, your blog sings with joy as if it were springtime!
    I have been on the Walk to Emmaus. I am happy to hear you are a part of this caring community.
    love and prayers~dale

  13. Oh, such lovely fun that you got a new camera!

    I'll definitely be keeping you, as well as your friend, in prayer.

    So glad to know your reconstruction surgery date is coming up soon!

    Enjoy a beautiful day, Deena!

  14. Deena:
    I always look forward to seeing your photos and hearing how you are doing. A new camera? Lucky you!!!

    I certainly will add Dee to my prayers.

    Hugs... *Linda*

  15. Your home is beautiful!

    Love all the pictures...

    and I will be more than happy to add your friend to my prayer list....


  16. I am so thrilled that you are feeling better Deena .
    Have a blessed day.

  17. Yes, Deena, I will pray for Dee. God is near. Thank you for the lovely E-card. You are so thoughtful and sweet. You have such a great attitude. Hugs, Kathi

  18. TODAY IS GOD'S GIFT...truer words were never spoken. And, sweet Deena...I have never stopped praying for you !!

    oh, I do love your house, Deena. It is just beautiful. I know you are glad to have the shutters all finished before cold weather. I wish mine were done but...we'll do it later. We just keep so much on our plates that we have to shove some things to the back burner.

    Aren't those wild flowers wonderful and I would dearly LOVE to steal an apple right from the tree!!
    love, bj

  19. You WILL be sure to let us know how the tests turn out, won't you??

  20. Deena ~ Enjoy that new camera! I really love the pictures!

    Will keep you, as always, in my thoughts and prayers, especially those days you're having procedures, tests, appts.

    Your friend Dee is in my prayers....hope her breast surgery goes without a hitch.

    Hugs, Karen

  21. Boy..ya know! Women!! hrrmmphh. Tie em up by the ankles to drag em by horse through town and they'll notice the one shutter that didn't get done before they got tied up. Drag em thru chemo, remove their sacred female organs, drag em further thru radiations X many....turn the horse around and let their head hit the nearest building as they go by, remove 6-7 brain tumors by laser and keep draggin em...when the horse rider is too exhausted to ride anymore and gives up draggin her behind, they get off the horse and crawl to the nearest bunk BUT the woman that's been dragged aaallllllll through town and back again....goes and finishes the job she'd been dragged away from...SHUTTERS!...she finishes the job and stands back brushing herself off as nothin ever serious happened and says..."The shutters are finally finished!" Ok, girl, do you think you're about ready to let go of some of the everyday stuff yet?! Deenz? Are ya listenin girl? (church)

  22. I will say prayers for your Friend!
    And I love your joys...and love your house!!! Wow!!!
    And it would be a treat to have ya pluck an apple from one of our trees!!
    I will be thinking of you in your days ahead with your appts!!

  23. Praying for wonderful news on your next test. Your home is lovely and looks right out of a magazine! Sending hugs your way~ Nancy

  24. so happy for all that is going well, dear deena....and always continue to pray for the days ahead.... your home...what a sweet sweet abode!
    will keep your friends in thoughts and prayers...and hope.

  25. What pretty wildflowers! And beautiful pictures! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Deena.

    P/s: thank you for sending me a lovely card. couldn't retrieve it yet as there's a site problem. will try again later.

  26. Hi deena, very nice photos. love the blue flowers, apple tree and your lovely home. I bet it was amazing to see the bluebirds.
    hey..I posted the photo of the gulf fritillary butterfly.."from egg to butterfly" on my blog for you.
    hugs and have a happy Friday.

  27. I will be thinking of you and your friend and my prayers are with you both.

    Loved the pics, love juicy apples too, yum!

  28. Beautiful photos Deena. There's nothing like getting out with nature!I hope the completion of your reconstruction goes well. I will say a prayer for your friend. It is not an easy road to go down as we all know.
    Have a great weekend Deena and enjoy your new camera.

  29. Deena, your posts say it all---I can see you smiling and I will pray that your test all come back as great news. I will keep your friend Dee, in my prayers as I do you. Such a good friend she has in you. Love and Hugs, Pat

  30. Deena ~
    You are in my prayers, precious one ~
    Your home is lovely and I know it is even lovelier because you shine in it ~

  31. Glad to hear your feeling better... I'm sure your itching to get out and take some shots of those autumn leaves....fall is my favorite time of the year....

    Of course prayers for your friend and for you, and please say a prayer for my friend Nancy who just had her second chemo treatment....she had a mastectomy and needs all the prayers she can get too.....

    I wish you all the sun shiny days in the world....Bless You Deena... your blogging friend judy

  32. Sending positive thoughts to you and your friend x

  33. Your house is lovely--like something out of a picture book, Deena--I will pray for your friend. Love, Jann


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