Sunday, November 9, 2008


If today is your birthday, happy birthday & eat cake!!
Not pretty in pink but
I'm getting there. Beware these pics are GRAPHIC..

This is NOT what I call Pretty In Pink, but at least you know what to expect if you are on this path and it looks lots worse than it feels. smiles
Fat taken out, left breast raised, my sombrero on the new nipple
They found some not so good looking tissue in my LEFT breast also
& the thyroid nodule. Easily taken care of
My step mom is still hanging on, please keep praying for her.
My two grandsons are here, we're up for church and I'm the only one UP!!
I was so sick all day yesterday, I caught up on movie watching. 
Have a Great Lord's Day

We don't live in should be IL tried to change, cannot figure it out..too tired

and post on your blog Please and Thank You.


  1. I can only think of one thing to say. OUCH.

  2. Deena, thanks for sharing. I know that must be painful. I hope you have a Blessed Sunday with no pain today. Love and Hugs, Pat

  3. Hi Sweet Deena,
    Hope you are feeling better today! Please come over to my blog when you get the chance as I have something to share with you!!!

  4. thinking of you dear deena....sorry to miss some days saying hello (but not missing with prayers)...a lot going on in our part of the world too....and just not getting on this computer as much lately.....hoping you have wonderful joys today!

  5. Hi Deena, glad to know that things are well with you. You've been through so much, but your grace and style ALWAYS shine through!

  6. Makes me hurt too. I didn't realize that there were so many stages to reconstruction until a neighbor down the road developed breast cancer. She only had it in one breast, but had both removed and then a couple months later also had a hysterectomy - just because. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Love Ya.

  7. Ya know, a lot of that is swelling...but that just makes me say all the more...............
    VAAAAAAVAAAAAAVOOOOOOMMMMM!!!! Girl! Nice midriff! And those girls!! Well, I'm sure your husband already gave his opinion. :-) How you even think of getting up and around I don't know.
    But you do, and that's you....boldly beautiful courageous you. I'd be laying in a bathtub of ice! Nooowwwww I get what "sombrero" means. I'm sure the "graphic display" will help many now and in the future. "One picture is worth a thousand words." Lots of people "sneak" to your site to see what you say. The ones who are facing the "C Dance" and their loved ones will be able to check into reality here. All the while you're going through this you still have an intelligent opinion about what's going on in the world and news...that shows others, their lives don't have to close up or down when faced with dire medical stuff, that they can continue to think, dream and plan each day. That's called HEALTHY!! Good for you, FOR NOT LETTING ANY OF THE NEGATIVE STEAL YOUR JOY OR TO OPRESS/Stifle YOU!!!

  8. ummm, looks so painful, Dear Sweet Anne...
    Hang in there, girl...times are bound to get better....
    love, bj

  9. I'm so sorry you're still in pain. I'll pray specifically for your pain to lessen. I pray for you every day.

    Hugs sweet friend!

  10. Dear Deena, Thanks for sharing. NOW I know what sombrero means, it really does look like a sombrero. It also looks very sore. You're doing great. God bless you today (tonight). Love always, Diane

  11. I bet..or hope you should be feeling bett few days!! iam so amazed at you!!! bless you for sharing yourself!!! I was wondering how you were doing!!
    Keep up the joys!!

  12. Sweet Deena,
    do you realize how much of an inspiration you are? your such a brave person, I don't think I could ever be as open as you are, my mom never had a "new" breast, but now I know what it really looks like, I see them all bandaged up in the hospital, and I ask all kinds of questions to the plastic surgeons but never have seen them. I love you and respect you for your bravery, and for everything you have gone through, but that's the "pink warrior" in you!
    Gentle hug's, but big kiss's

  13. Deena,

    I'm sure you are in pain right now, but it will soon pass. Thank you for sharing these photos. You are such an inspiration.

    I hope you had many joys today. Brandon and I went Christmas shopping and had lunch.

    Love you, my friend and praying,

  14. Hi Deena, hope you had a good weekend there. That must have been quite painful, I can only imagine. But you're such a strong person, being so cheerful and optimistic through it all. Still praying for your step mom. Have a good week now.

  15. I hope you're feeling better now. Great reconstruction. You are going to look and feel great when this is all over. Blessings to you my good friend.

  16. You are so brave and strong, God has truly blessed you Deena.

    You are, as always, in my thoughts and prayers!


  17. Deena, Thank you for sharing these photos and for letting us know what you go through by posting even when you don't feel well...... You are a blessing to us! Truly you are.
    As always you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    I hope today's much better for you...
    Gentle hugs {{{{{Deena}}}}} and much love to you my precious friend! ~Mary~ :-}

  18. Hi Deena
    ((Hugz dear sister))) I continue to pray for you and for your healing. I pray that you are not in a lot of pain. You are my inspiration, and truly a warrior.

    Blessings Lorie

  19. Deena, They look like they hurt so much. You've been through so many things. I hope and pray that you are fully healed. Love, Kathi

  20. Hi Deena.
    Thank you for posting these photos. They at least show more on the reality of the surgery than some of the sites on reconstruction that I have checked out for when I have it done later next year.
    I hope the pain has subsided some and that you have a wonderful pain free day.

  21. Hi Deena
    Thanks for being so vulnerable and honest. My husband and I pray for you every day.
    Hope you are feeling better with no pain.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  22. Ok...can I just say amongst all the bruises and such.....I see a hottie!

    Looking good.....sorry to hear about your step-mom.

    Love to you~Sheri

  23. Your breast reconstruction is one of the best I've ever seen. It looks very natural.

    Are you happy with it and would you go through the whole process if you had it to do over, again?


  24. You are a beautiful woman inside and out! And your strength shines through so very brightly! Thank you for being an inspiration to so many!

  25. Deena - it looks very painful but you know what I thought when I saw those pics...what a beautiful body you have and beautiful babes you got there!!! You are so brave and I love you

  26. well, i know i'm weird but the photos made me giggle. and i know first hand that there's nothing funny about it because i've been there, too. but i often think about posting my scars but haven't. so my giggle was more of a Yay! when i saw that you did post your pictures. as much as it hurts you know it will pass. and you'll have pretty breasts. in time you will forget the pain, sort of like child birth. i'm also awfully sorry your stepmom passed away. i am always keeping you in my prayers, deena. and now i will up the supplications. blessings of healing and peace to you.

  27. Wow, I think your doctor has done a wonderful job. You look really great. It does look sore and painful though. Owie.

    Gentle hugs, Sharon

  28. Is this reconstruction?? Or your cancer surgery sorry I am new to your blog still trying to figure out everyhting you have been through.

  29. I stand in amazement of you! I only hope I could have the strength that you have.

  30. I dont think there is a person in this world that I admire so much than you...

    You ... I am at a loss for the right words...

    You are so brave and have let us in to the most personal areas of your life in an effort to show others what they may face... all the while you smile and live life with such grace and dignity

    Your courage.. its beyond ...beyond.



  31. wow! NEVER watch The Amazing Race and scroll down one of your posts at the same time!
    Shocking! LOL - From now on you will ALWAYS have my undivided attention! xoxo, jan


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