Sunday, November 2, 2008

Angel Wings

If you are a Pink Warrior or any Warrior...Please let us know
Does anyone know how hard it is to do Word Verification?..not the I can't see..I can't ever type them correctly now.

We don't live in should be IL tried to change, cannot figure it out..too tired


  1. Good Friday morning to you Deena.

    I almost always spell them wrong. They are so hard to see.

    It's why I removed them from my blog and just do comment moderation.


  2. We face challenges every day and when we are affected by cancer and it's treatment that makes the challenges even harder. It takes time before we can process things the way we used to Deena and I no longer worry about it. I think some of those word verifications are difficult on purpose...especially the words that are all squished together and I find the ones on typepad worse than anywhere else!!

    As with all things cancer's about time. I love being called a Warrior, don't you? ♥ Even more, I love being one!

  3. I hate the word verification as well...I wish they would all just disappear! Praying for you today Deena,

    Angie in OH

  4. Deena-

    Thanks for the link to B4 Brands. We are so honored!

    Praying for you this weekend. cold icky weather here in Iowa means soup and staying inside.

  5. Deena, just visited your friend Mollye and I think I am going to buy the little white dress. Thanks for recommending her blog.

    I can hardly see the verifications also with my cataracts, so I just click back until a large on comes up.

    Have a restful weekend. Prayers, love, and hugs, Pat

  6. :) I never get the word verification correct! The funny part is when they have the audio instead...I can NEVER understand it! love ya

  7. Beautiful header Deena. Looking forward to Pink Day!

  8. Hi sweety! I'm lousy at the word verification....lousy! ;-)

    Your constantly in my thoughts and prayers..and I keep singing...

    Because He lives, I can face tomorrow,
    Because He lives, all fear is gone;
    Because I know He holds the future,
    And life is worth the living,
    Just because He lives!

    Blessings sweet Deena!

  9. Speaking of word verification, you can turn it off if you like. I have mine turned off. I hate them myself.

  10. Hello Dear Heart,
    I get those things wrong too.
    I've enjoyed looking at the pictures of your family. You are so loved...

  11. Good evening my sweet friend.
    I have so missed you when my computer was down, but I'm back and will be visitng you everyday again. I thought about you so much you have no clue and then I'd pray. I wish nothing but the warmth of sunshine on your gergous face, and a sparkle in your eye when you see something that makes you happy, and your heart jump up and down knowing how much you mean to me and o' so many other's!

  12. I know the many challenges that you must face everyday when you feel so bad. Even when you don't say it. Don't worry about spell's too much trouble. And being a Warrior is a proud job. I consider myself a prayer warrior..and heart disease survivor ( we wear RED ) on our day. But, I proudly wear pink for you too and all my other fighting friends!

  13. Hi Deena, those word things drive me nuts sometimes. Some time I play a game with them and try and make words from them. That's dumb isn't it?(smile)
    I agree with Sherry,the ones on typepad are much more difficult to figure out.
    Saying a prayer for you....

    Have a blessed weekend,Shelley

  14. Oh, yes. They're so difficult and it seems kind of stupid. How do you remove them from your blog? Hope you're having a restful and beautiful day. God bless, Diane

  15. I have so much trouble to!! i usally end up doing it a few times!! i hated to have it on my blog but it has stopped the spamers!!
    You are a Warrior!!

  16. Hi Deena,
    I don't like wv either. I removed it from my site some time ago.
    Praying for you my friend.

  17. Weighing in on "word verification".
    I have perfect vision and am gifted with visual abilities like being able to draw perfect circles freehand etc. But so many times I type in exactly what I see and they send another different one as if I must of done it wrong. I decided a long time ago that it's just some young computer geek who figured out how to mess with our minds. If it's not that then it's some weird visual psychological that I might get wrong!!!! ROFL
    Bottom is too short to sweat the small stuff, words, spelling, sentences, any of it.
    Sara? Audio word verification???
    Love you Deenz...glad you're gonna get some massage therapy...good for you!!!! XO Nancy/Church

  18. I turned off word verification a long time ago, and then turned off comment moderation when my friends said it felt as if I didn't trust them! Occasionally I get a bit of spam but I just delete it. I'd rather be open and welcoming to everyone and risk the occasional spam!

    Diane, you go to the dashboard, then 'settings', 'comments' and scroll down to 'show word verification for comments?' and check no.

  19. HA HA HA! I thought that I was the only one getting word verification wrong a lot! Sometimes, I do it VERY carefully and am sure I'm correct, but alas, have to redo it. Oh, the problems in life... LOL.

    Have a blessed weekend Deena.

    Love, Karen

  20. Deena, you are not alone, I have to redo the letters often and they always open the space between the letters on the second try. Ha! if they just wouldn't squeeze them together in the first place. They are necessary evil; I've gotten spam before I enabled the word verification. Oh, well, what's a blogger to do.

  21. Someone agrees! So many times the letters are so smushed together you can't tell what they are! There are times I go through several before I can get a comment posted. So let me try...again...

  22. Sorry to hear you have had some ruff days. I can see perfectly well and lots of time mess up on the word verification. The photos of your family were lovely and thanks for sharing them but most of all sharing yourself with us. Peace

  23. I received your seeds today and can't believe you actually took time to send them. Thank you so much.

    I hope the psychiatrist helps with the anxiety. You and your sweet hubby have had a tough year. Be good to yourselves.

  24. Checking in to see how you are Deena ~
    Word Verification??? I can NEVER get it right the first time, lol!

  25. Deena~ I send my love, prayers and good wishes.
    And yes... the WE is a pain!!

  26. Checking to see how you are doing.
    My prayers are with you.
    Blessings, Virginia

  27. Stop by my place and see what kind of Silver Screen Movie Star you are most like!

  28. Deena - word verification always has me stumped,so I keep clicking till the simplest one pops up. My blog is pink for you -

  29. Hi Deena,Sorry I haven't been blogging for awhile.Just wanted to say thank you so much for your ecard and kind words,you are such an amazing kind hearted woman,always thinking of others.
    I think of you and your family often and keep you in my heart and in my prayers,you are loved and respected so much by so many.
    I had my mammogram about a fortnight ago just days after having several cysts removed from my womb and biopsies taken so I am waiting for the results to come through.
    I too am clicking for free mammograms and urge others to remember their appointments and get it done!
    Love and ((((HUGS))))to you and your family
    God Bless,from Kathy and the girls

  30. hello sweetie......just stopping by to say hello and let you know you are near my heart.........

  31. Good morning, Sweetanne, I just signed your guest book with a pic. and a note.....


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