Thursday, April 9, 2009


Turkeys came to visit  late afternoon yesterday.

Tom stayed outside the fence with one of the hens

And Missy Miss came in  the fence to eat.  Same routine as last year.
Wish I'd gotten better pics..but I didn't want to scare them off.
They'll be back.. LOL
I usually just post my nature on my Nestle Blog
but I wanted to share a bit with my lovely
friends who visit my Pink Blog

I'm good, get the needle biopsy yesterday. I'll let you know the results.


  1. Deena, Don't you just love those goofy turkeys. We have them in our neighborhood and I laugh at them. I love that one of them strutted so you could get the full feather effect.

  2. Sometimes I think you are Snow White with all the cute little animals coming to visit you. I remember living with my aunt and uncle for a year and I got excited when the deer would come into their backyard. They weren't so excited because the deer were eating their garden. But I was a city girl. I love being in the country though.
    Hugs, Susan

  3. What great pics ... I'm going to go looking for the Nestle Blog.

  4. look like they are nice turkeys...I have to admit something Iam a bit scared of turkeys...I watched a kid get attacked by was horrible..well I didn't actually watch I ran inbetween them and got her in my blazer!! it was awful!!
    but very pretty pics!!

  5. ooppssss i hope it's good news!! And i hope you have A blessed easter filled with loved ones and much much good health!!

  6. Love your turkeys.

    You inspire me. I found your blog by accident & I am happy I did.

  7. Wow- he is the perfect Thanksgiving bird, huh? Hoping you have a wonderful Easter!

  8. Have a wonderful Easter with all of your family Deena!


  9. I am always SO DEEPLY moved by coming here...Thank you Deena!

  10. See even the turkeys know a good place to come by and visit! I love the one of Mr.Tom showing us his beautiful attire. Where there is good eating, like everything else they'll come back for seconds!
    Love ya~

  11. I just know the results will be good for you!! Nothing brightens the day more than seeing one of God's beautiful creations near your home.

    Have a Blessed Easter and enjoy the day with your family!

  12. Deena,Hope the results of your needle biopsy are good:)
    Love the Turkeys Check out my blog and see the Tom that came to see me.


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