Friday, March 28, 2008

At Speckled Egg

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Hope you all have a Spring weekend
fondly, deena


  1. The swap sounds really great.

    Have a blessed spring day!

  2. Deena:
    Have been off the computer for some email. Celebrating The Great Easter Triduum. I am still thinking of and praying for you.

  3. Wishing for you a wonderful, restful weekend filled with love.


  4. Looks like you're feeling better. Thinking of you, hoping you enjoy the weekend.

  5. Deena...checking in on you before I go to bed...I hope you have a good weekend...I meant to tell that I love love love your's very moving...who needs lyrics?
    Prayers and Hugs,,,

  6. What a pretty blog that is... the swap is now closed but that's OK, I like visiting! Hoping you have a peaceful and GOOD weekend.

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  8. hi Deena...
    have a great week end...

    chikku :)

  9. Deena
    Loved your little bunnies. Hope you are having a Beautiful Sunday. I often do not comment but you are in my heart and prayers daily. Peace

  10. Hi Deena,
    Trying to catch up again today and wanted to stop by and check on you. I hope you're doing well and resting this weekend.

    Love and Hugs,

  11. Hi Deena,
    Just popped in to say "hi", and I hope you are feeling better. I am keeping you in my prayers.
    Cyber hugs for you {{{{HUGS}}}}

  12. Good Evening Deena,
    Sorry I haven't been around lately. Life has just been busy around here with the girls both playing Softball. They do keep me busy running here and there. I did put up a new post this morning, but it's the only one I've done since last Wednesday. Your Bunnies are just precious. I do have a question. What are Tallow Berries? I've never heard of them before. They are small tho. I know they hold a special place in your heart since they were from your MIL. "CONGRATULATION'S" on a very well deserved Award my friend. "THANK YOU" for passing it along to me as well. I do appreciate our Friendship so much and I just love you to pieces and think the world of you. You are one Woman that I truly admire. Just know that when I don't visit or post, that I still think of you everyday and continue to pray for you everyday. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love, Hugs, & Prayers,
    Karen H.

  13. I love the way you change your blog is so very pretty and welcoming!

  14. Just stopping by- sounds like you're keeping busy and doing well!
    Good to know....

  15. Hi Deena...i hope you've had a good weekend. I will come back tomorrow to look for a new post, to see how you are.

    Take care...

  16. Good morning, sweet Deena. I am praying your weekend was a good one and that this week is going to be even better.
    blessings, love, hugs and kisses...

  17. Hi Deena.. good morning... have a good day...

  18. Deena, sorry I haven't been around--no service in the country, but hoping to soon get it. I came to my old house to get a few things then returning on Tuesday night. I am happy to hear you are doing okay and hope things keep getting better. I think of you every day and keep you in my prayers. Love and Hugs, Pat

  19. Hi Deena,
    Hadn't stopped by lately and just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you today.

    LeAnn :)

  20. Good Monday evening to you, Deena.

    Just came by to say hello and send some more loving thoughts your way -

    Thinking of you.

    Loving Annie

  21. Love your music, and find myself humming it during the day. I wanted to share a story with you about a neighbor with a bad diagnosis of cancer. One day about a year ago he was sitting in his yard in the sun, just looking so worn and tired. Anyway, the awesome news is that his cancer treatment worked and now he is doing great! I saw him in his garden working amongst his vegetables and had to just send up a prayer of praise! Blessings to you dear one.

  22. Just checking in to say hello my friend. I hope you had a restful weekend. I pray for you daily.

    Love Sharon


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