Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm hooked!!

I watched American Idol last week for the first time since Clay Aiken and Ruben Stoddard were the top two. That's YEARS!

I even asked hubby to cook my supper for me so I could watch American Idol. Tis so not me!!! but I am so hooked.

I LOVE David Cook!! He has a great voice and the look of a star

I also adore David Archuleta, so young (17) and such a great voice!!

Michael Johns is awesome too.

Jason Castro rocks too & he's more than handsome.

Itunes has the videos.

I was so disappointed this week as everyone had to sing a Dolly Parton song. I don't mean to

offend any Dolly fans, but GOSH ..ok you get it..I'm not a fan of very many female singers.

I went to Dr. Mammolito today for a follow up. She made me feel
so much better. I told her, I don't feel like Deena anymore. She told
me I will again someday soon & I believe her. I asked her about the
report on my Pet/CT scan as I'd not see her since I got it..

She said, "I think it's good you're getting chemo"

We talked about when chemo would be done, when radiation starts

& if I needed something for depression.

YES ..Spring would be great!!

She didn't know I was wearing a wig!!

She also gave me a prescription for a compression sleeve to use when
I'm using my arm. I have to go & be fitted for it. It should be good for PC work.

After that I got some glue & paper for crafting, it was good to be out

but I still feel so uncomfortable in my wigwam..teeehee

I came home to a LOVELY package of bath goodies from Kathee

it so raised my spirits and EVERYTHING was blue & brown, even the hot cocoa pack

is lovely

Thank you Kathee dear.


the coming weekdays, mild temps & showers

the weekend, 60 & sunshine

a hubby who will cook so I can watch men sing (ROFL)

hubby & I fed birds this evening

seeing kookaburras on bimbimies blog

so many loving blog friends

"Pinwheel" cookies

grandsons who spend the night at gramma's

a sweet hubby, let me watch American Idol when Chicago Bulls were on TV

having friends call to talk about "American Idol"

fondly, Deena


  1. HI!!

    OK we are much alike...all of your American Idol favorites are mine too! I also do not care for female singers (sorry no offense to anyone) but I can't think of one that I do like at the moment. I just added David Archuleta to my playlist on my blog....that's all I have done to my blog in weeks. If you didn't hear him perform Imagine stop by and listen...its great.
    Glad your feeling better! Love the wig...I would imagine that it would take awhile to get used to. Glad to hear you received a good report from the Dr.!!
    HUGS To you!~sara

  2. I am guessing the wig feels odd on your head but it looks so natural to me. Looks like you. Dr. Mammolito sounds so caring and gentle. I'm glad you have her to care for you. Hold on. Spring is coming!

  3. I remember saying the same thing, when I was in the thick of chemo. I don't feel like Gayle anymore.

    But, then I realized Gayle was still in there. I just had to find her.

    Deena is still Deena... :)

    And your wig is darling! I had a very cute wig, but hated it anyway. Everybody loved it. But I called it my hair-hat. It just doesn't feel like hair when it's on your head. I DID get used to it, though. I wore it a lot and after awhile, I would forget I was wearing it and could wear it comfortably all day long.

    Hugs to you, from me who rarely posts and mostly lurks.. not lurks .. but I read and smile at your great personality. If you were my neighbor, we would SO be friends!

    (I introduced myself a long while back... Here I am again)

    Happy April Fools Day!

  4. Its me again Deena. Remember I told you I felt the same way...where did me go? But I am back. I like your wig. I never went out without mine...even to Hawaii! You will get used to it. That chemo is great that they have it to help us, but horrible to go through. You are half way there...hold on. Enjoy those good days to the fullest. And when laying in bed on the bad, think about those good days. I say this to myself too, because I don't know what the future is for me either, but I KNOW WHO holds the future. Still praying....ceekay

  5. I haven't picked a fav guy yet. I like to wait until the last few. Brook is my fav girl.

  6. WOW Deena! I love love love that wig! What a great match!Do you like it?

    I don't watch Idol but I'll take your word for it...LOL...
    I am glad you are getting a sleeve for your arm...will you be crafting something wonderful as well?
    Hugs to you dear Deena...

  7. Oh, don't hate me.......I do not watch it! Maybe I should by your descriptions! What a great hubby you have, what a blessing to have such a great guy! It would be great if the sleeve really helped with your arm. I am so glad you are getting the chemo, I really hope it kills all those nasty cancer cells. You are amazing, your attitude is so awesome Deena, I love that you have a joy list every day. I pray that God will heal you.

    Love you, Sharon

  8. a hubby who will cook so I can watch men sing (ROFL)

    Oh, Deena! This is sooooo funny!
    Give him an extra kiss and hug for doing that.

    Glad you're having a good day.

  9. I totally agree - David Cook is awesome! And Jason Castro is he not the cutest kid ever? Oh, to be 20 years younger! Tee hee! May kids go me hooked on American Idol a few seasons ago. It's fun to watch it together as a family.

    Take care!

  10. Good morning Deena.ur posts are so interesting.. have a good day... take care and have fun...

    chikku :)

  11. Deena, I haven't left a comment in a few days, but I've been keeping up with you. :)

    I'll be glad when you feel like you again. Be encouraged! I am glad you bought yourself some crafty things.

    You hubby sounds so sweet.


  12. So glad you are feeling good....
    Rich is such a sweetie and I can tell just by his actions you mention that he loves you all the way up to the moon and back!

    How cool is it that your doctor, who must see people EVERY DAY in wigs and probably is an expert in spotting a wig a mile away...didn't even know that you were sporting one that day ! That is pretty dang KOOL. So, my little friend, feel comfortable in that pretty topper...you look so cute in it!
    Have a really, REALLY good day!
    love, bj

  13. Your hair looks great:o)!! Sorry, not an AI fan..lol...I'm one of the few who don't watch it..

    keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!

  14. I would have never known it was a wig if you had not said anything about it. The color fits your skin tone perfectly.

    I currently work 2 jobs and have quite a few farm animals to care for ...so TV is not something I get to enjoy on a regular basis..but I have seen this guy sing and you are right - he is good. BTW - your "wig wam" looks better than his natural hair! ha ha

  15. It's my same AMERICAN IDOL LIST! I love it too. Hubby and I watch it together. The guys far outshine the girls this year. We look so forward to AI nights. The young Archuleta is amazing and just plain RAW talent. Keep on doing what Dr. M says! Spring is here.

  16. Your wig looks wonderful! I never would have known either. I'm ashamed to say but I'm addicted to Dancing with the Stars.

    Hugs! Nancy

  17. GAYLE, thanks for the post and making me feel normal. I thought I was silly saying I'm not Deena
    but obviously it's the cancer & chemo
    and those SHALL PASS!!


  18. We will feel like ourselves again! I just completed 8 chemo treatments and am awaiting test result to know what is next...surgery or radiation or both?
    I am on a very similar journey and have great faith that I will beat this. You will too!
    ---Your wig is darling!


  19. So glad your Dr. Mammolito is such an encouragement to you! And I told you yesterday, that I thought you had posted an old picture - your "wig wam" looks THAT good! Lots of love, Pam

  20. It was so nice to see your comments on my new blog - very encouraging. Thanks.
    I have a friend here who also had chemo and asked the same question "Will I ever feel normal again?". She is now done with chemo and she does feel like herself again! So just rest in the Lord and in His healing touch.
    Hugs! And prayers! Ruthie

  21. Bring on the singing men!!! Laughing with you - what a great hubby!


  22. I missed American Idol last nite... but I will be watching tonight to see who gets voted off....
    I understand that the Radiation will not make you as sick as the Chemo...
    Is this correct...
    My prayers are still strong for you dear Deena...
    and if your wig fooled the doctor...it can fool anyone...
    congrats on the color and styling you done good!!!

  23. Dear Deena-

    You will feel better soon. I remember when Amy was going throught his and she felt the same way..and recently had a small meltdown post chemo about it (read her blog). But you will get there...Grandkids are the best, I'd say.



    PS- Thanks for all the encouragement on the house. I will not be working on it this weekend as am going t be selling at the Kane County Flea Market in St Charles IL.

    It's rainy here...

  24. Dear Deena-

    You will feel better soon. I remember when Amy was going throught his and she felt the same way..and recently had a small meltdown post chemo about it (read her blog). But you will get there...Grandkids are the best, I'd say.



    PS- Thanks for all the encouragement on the house. I will not be working on it this weekend as am going t be selling at the Kane County Flea Market in St Charles IL.

    It's rainy here...

  25. First of all your wig looks fabulous.......Of course the pretty face makes it so. Secondly, you have a very nice husband. I have been blessed with one two. Thirdly, my favorite Idol is Brooke. Her voice is so clear and comforting. I would have to say though that they are all so good this season.....

  26. Deena,

    Am so glad that you were able to craft supplies and also go out with Rich to feed the birds. That is fun, girl. I love feeding birds.

    I'm glad that Dr. Mammolito was able to make you feel better. We all need reassurance at times. I can hardly wait to see the photos of the Pizza and Birthday party and those darling grandsons of yours. ;-)

    Love you, my friend,

  27. I love David Cook! He should win the show in my opinion - but I thought that of Chris Daughtry the other year and he got voted off. {What was America thinking? LOL} Hope you are doing well Deena!

  28. Hi Deena,
    We never miss AI. I think David Archuleta has an amazing voice...
    Glad you're feeling better and you look so pretty in the picture you posted.
    Praying for you..

  29. Hi Deena...
    Your wig looks great!! I would never know if you hadn't said so...
    I like David Cook too! I wish my hubby would support my addiction to AI...he doesn't share in it with me. Oh well...
    Keep up your joys and geat spirit!

  30. Hello Deena,
    I have been watching Idol too, I haven't watch it since you probably
    have...not much of a t.v. person. I have been busy painting, wallpaper and setting up my studio, can't wait.
    Glad you got a good report at the Doctor and I think your new do looks great! Love to you Pinkie Denise


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