Friday, April 25, 2008

Nestling (Flea) Market Friday

Me with real hair ..coming again soon....

Oh my friends..I've been doing a bit of
uncluttering lately, nestling I like to call
it & I'll be doing Nestling Market Fridays

Click here to see more Markets

It's not really a Flea Market, cuz I won't send ya
any fleas. Take a look, I'll be adding something new
each Friday I can get the job done!!

I will always state if it's something I made . I had
purchased mostly hand dids for years so that's
mostly what will be offered.

Buy Handmade

All is well in the Singing Woods, we've seen our first bat,
Indigo Bunting, Eastern Bluebird, Phoebe & of the season this
week AND the bluebird appears to have nested in
one of the old houses , whoo hooo.

I wanted to share pictures of the LOVELY cards I treated myself too.


green trees & grass

tulips the deer haven't eaten

four weeks till my last chemo

my BFF Marcia & I went out to a lil shop & I got a mercury glass item

a wonderful lunch


Bleeding hearts in bloom

God's gift of nature

love to all

share your joys

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& know I pray for each visitors

God sends his angels (you) just when we need them most

A Pink Artist Square made by Moss Hill Studios
my email is NOT getting through..anyone else having problems??
I do answer emails..waaahhh


  1. good morning, dear sound so chipper! :) and i love that you know all your little creatures around there! makes me smile....i will have to check your curious goodes....sounds interesting!...but right now i'm off to help jamie paint!
    hugs and prayers this day, deena,
    kimberly the cards!

  2. Good morning Deena;
    Lovely cards ....Etsy is a great sight to find the unusual....I hope you are able to enjoy the sunshine....although we are suppose to have frost and snow, yes I said snow, next week.... well God Bless you and your family.... judy

  3. I check in often but don't comment as much as I should. You do inspire me with your "Joys" of the day. Take care and hope you are doing well.

    Leigh Ann

  4. Deena, your new stationary is lovely. I will have to check that site out. Thanks for sharing...Woohoo....chemo end in site!

  5. Hey you are sounding very GOOOOD my friend.
    I LOVED that stationary. I think I need some. I have a serious stationary addiction. HA! I never can get enough of it. But I DO use it. :~)
    The "Singing Woods" sounds like the PLACE to be! Keep observing God's great creation. It's awesome.

  6. 4 more treatments and then you're free! Yippee!

    I can "hear" your joy and happiness in your words and it makes me happy and joyful too.

    Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend.


  7. Dear Sweet Deena,
    I don't know if you got my email? I need to know what you consider is your decorating style, also your favorite color in your home that you decorate with! I need to finish up your gift and get it winging it's way to you...Diana Lyn and Victoria are including some goodies too! I'm excited for you to open it...
    Love and Big Pink Hugs, Donna Lynn

  8. Your post is so uplifting and inspiring. Blessings on you and your family.

  9. Such lovely cards and I am going right over to check your curious goode...they sound great but most of all I am thankful that you feel strong enough to go through your things and sort them out for sell....that is GOOD news, indeed.
    I love it when you feel strong and so makes ME feel strong and cheery, too
    hugs, bj

  10. Hi Deena,
    Happy Friday to you. You are looking lovely in blue! Glad to hear you are feeling better, you look wonderful.

    LeAnn :)

  11. Happy Weekend, Deena. Your happiness in seeing this blessed Earth being reborn in Springtime is so evident. Your posts sound joyful! So glad to hear that you are doing well. My joys for today: a heartfelt talk with a dear friend, grandbaby visits and their little world where everything is so sweet, a weekend off with good books to read, family who loves me, brother in from Texas for a visit, roses in bloom, the heavenly scent of banana magnolias. Enjoy your weekend, "see" you soon, Ksarra

  12. email problems ..lately
    I guess I need to post that.
    Anyone else having issues??

  13. I loved looking at your offerings...those stacking boxes are making me drool!! Lovely prim items you have there Deena!! I hope you are feeling good and I can't wait to see your HAIR.

  14. Deena! It is so good to hear you sound so strong and energetic! Praise the Lord! I am excited that your hair is growing back too!

    Have a beautiful weekend!


  15. Deena ~ yay !! Only four more weeks until your last chemo!! I am so happy for you ~
    I am interested in doing the Friday Flea Market so I need to go read further about it ~

  16. Deena,

    I was having email problems but seem to be better now.

    Love the stationary. It is beautiful and I am so glad you treated yourself.

    Bluebirds are a favorite of mine and I'm glad they've taken up residence in your Singing Woods.

    Yipee! The last chemo treatment is in sight. You've done good, my friend. He is definitely watching over you.

    My joys for today:
    A lovely spring day with sun.
    Working a bit in the garden.
    Talking to a blogging friend on the phone.
    Getting a phone call from Brandon.

    Take care, my friend. Have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful creatures in your Singing Woods.

    Blessings and love,

  17. BTW, you look wonderful! Glad you are feeling better...
    Love you, Donna Lynn

  18. Deena, Hi sweetie! Just wanted to stop by and say hello and that "I love you" too!!
    I'm glad you only have a few weeks of Chemo left.
    Hope you have a beautiful week end..
    Hugs & much love ~Mary~ :-}

  19. You look just so beautiful...

    enjoy this beautiful day.

    God bless you. mary

  20. I love your pretty stationery and the fact that you treated yourself. You deserve it. I'm so happy you have only four more treatments. Bless you pretty lady.


  21. Keep smiling Deena, you're almost there! What lovely cards. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  22. Those cards are very pretty--I will have to check out "Paper Nosh" -- and also, the Curious Goodes. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! Warmly, Jann

  23. Love your stationery and the hummingbird is a beauty, as are you! Keep flying, Deena. You'll be thru chemo soon.

  24. Oh and forgot to say that I loved the prayer. Made me giggle. We open and close each meeting at work with a reflection and I'm thinking of offering this one.


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