Thursday, April 17, 2008


I may feel not so good, but I laughed so hard the last few days
today when I looked in the mirror.  

This is what too  much birthday cake, food & presents look 
like when I'm on chemo.
The black eye came from the SWIFFER barely tapping my
eye yesterday

I had such a GREAT time.

My BFF Marcia  came over yesterday
with a blue & brown package
sweet treats
lovely journal

(Louise your's is coming)

other days 


a cache of 4 cherubs, 3 angels, 2 sheep ornies made by my dear Mary of Raven  Hares Cabin

LOTS of birthday cards

a lovely Spring Bouquet from my BFFS Cindy & Patty

Three dear friends came in the PM with pizza, gondola sandwich  & orange chiffon cake
a lovely votive cup and fruit smoothee candle

If I left ANYONE or ANYTHING out.. PLEASE forgive me..I have a serious case of 
CRS (Can't remember ____) you fill in the BLANK.

thank you all for your prayers and love
tis truly God hearing you all that
has carried me so far, so well


and tomorrow my dear Sherry, Blair Creek Cabin will be 
calling as she will be coming to visit ME
I'm excited I have not seen her since May 2007.

Love in Him


your friend Deena (who's NOT so pretty in pink today , but laughing merrily )




  1. Good morning Deena~ Sounds like you had a truly amazing and unforgettable birthday! You need to give that Swiffer a swift kick! HA HA HA. Hope the bruising goes away soon. Get lots and lots of rest and know that you're being thought of.

    Take good care!

    Hugs & love, Karen (from MI)

  2. good morning deena....were you dancing with that swiffer? :)

    it sounds like an birthday full.full.full. of love!
    so happy it brought you such laughter and joy.

    hope you have a good restful day, full of sweet dreams.
    love and prayers,

  3. Don't you know that you are not supposed to be practising Roller Derby Queen on your clean kitchen floor just cause you have days off now from children and chores?!! And do I have to let the National Boxing Union know that you are holding illegal fights in your residential home??!! Honestly, we can't leave you alone for a minute can we?!!! You even have the robe on that looks the part. Didn't anyone tell you that at 53 you're supposed to be shuffling down to early dinner for senior citizen prices at the cafeteria?!! I'm calling AARP on you and turning you in! Yes I am!
    We're going to make you wear a Life Alert if you keep this up!!
    Church/Theresa Mary Rose
    X-for boo boo

  4. WOW...what a shinner you are sporting!
    Goodness gracious....what did the OTHER fella look like???
    hugs to you,

  5. Wow..that was one heck of a Birthday Brawl....

    I hope your black eye clears up soon,,,see...housework IS DANGEROUS!!!!!

  6. So what does the other guy look like???

    I'm glad you had a great birthday. Get some rest and stop fighting with the Swiffer!!


  7. I dont buy it for a minute Deena! SWIFFER???? Nope...I think you and Rich were gettin...ummmm..."Frisky"....or as the young people say~ 'jiggy with it'?....YOU know what I mean! LOLOLOLOL
    You look MARVELUOS girlie!

  8. Okay, stand back from the Swiffer. No more "swiffering"! Put that bad bad boy in the corner for time-out.

    You still look pretty in pink to me!


  9. I agree with Kat... no more swiffering for you dear friend. But what fun you could have thinking of different stories to explain what happened. When asked about what happened to your eye you could always just say, "I guess my husband can't take a joke!"

  10. Man Deena, it looks like maybe the swiffer won!! Sounds like quite the birthday you had my dear. I am so happy that you had a wonderful day. Now stay away from those swiffers.

    LeAnn :)

  11. you can label this birthday as the year you got a black eye for your birthday...
    sounds like you had a memorable and fun filled time...

  12. Hi Deena, that must have been some celebration! That's quite a shiner you've got there. Anyway, glad that you had such a lovely time.

  13. You're gonna look awesome-er when the black eye turns purple. haha. I'm laughing with bittersweet pumpkin where she said that housework is dangerous. Hold that thought!

  14. Oh Deena these comments are hysterical!! Your poor eye! But you still look beautiful!!!
    Thank goodness you weren't vaccuuming!

    Big Big ((HUGS))

  15. hope your day was restful, deena....wish you more of the same tomorrow! :) take good care of your sweet self.....and no more swiffing! :)
    xoxo and prayers,

  16. My mouth dropped when I saw your picture. I am so sorry that you got a black eye sweetie. I am glad that you didn't get seriously hurt, but it sure looks like you did. I hope you have a restful evening. I am so glad that you got so many treasures!!!!

    Hugs, Sharon

  17. Deena, your the only woman I know who looks good with a black eye! So happy to read about your wonderful birthday fun! Get lots of rest and don't do anymore floors, or dusting, or toilets, or...
    Love to you! Hugs too...
    Donna Lynn

  18. Sweet Deena,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Best wishes and I so happy you are having lot of smiles, fun and joy.


  19. booze, but the Swiffer is dangerous..I bruise easily right only hurts when I rub it
    and it hurt just a fenw seconds..when
    I did it
    God is good..

  20. I hope the swiffer looks worse than your eye. LOL! Sounds like you had a great birthday! Renea

  21. Dear D...I wonder what the Swiffer looks like now?!? Your sweet little eye...I got a fat lip a couple of months ago from a dog's friend that startled and bit it, so I just joked around at church that the hubbie hit me and then of course everyone said it was the only way he could keep my quiet and not talking...ughh...I still think you look like a fairy princess! Glad to see that you came throught the moving and shaking. Toodles...Angie

  22. Ok - I have to ask you....Why are you swiffering? You silly girl and your poor eye! I hope you feel better soon!!!!!!! You are so loved, sweetheart!

    oodles and bunches of love,
    Becky and Doogiepiperdoodledog

  23. Oh your poor eye...I wonder if your platlets are low from the chemo..??
    Keep up the good work fighting!

  24. Deena,

    You are beautiful even with a purple eye. And I'm so glad you are being pampered a little. I can see you had a wonderful birthday.

    Take care, dear friend. Prayers for you daily.

    Love and blessings,

  25. Girl you are taking "warrior" to new heights!!! You will have some wonderful laughs when you look back on these photographs!!

    And yes, our bodies do bruise so easily on time you see that swiffer, give it a "one/two" for me!! ;)

  26. Happy Birthday a little late, Deena! I'm so happy you were pampered, but darn the black eye!



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