Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chemo 4 of 6

Sweet Do Rag from my friend Amy!

Next chemo is May 2, then #6 is May 23rd. I'll be getting another PET/CT scan and my Oncologist will decide if it's more chemo or moving on to radiation. May I request prayers for moving on???!!!

Just so you know how healthy I really look with make up and wig. I still have eyebrows and lashes!! woohoo







gardening gloves from my BFF Marcia

a lovely matter LAUNDRY photo from a wonderful friend, Church

talking to my children

a better day after chemo

a good visit with my oncologist

my surgery is finally all healed on the outside

I got my compression sleeve



Blog Friends

wonderful husband


  1. sounds like you had a good chemo day and evening this can request prayer for moving on to radiation...and we will pray for moving on to radiation...
    I am praying that two is a good number and that's all you will have to do...
    you look so would never know what you are going through...
    you are indeed amazing...

  2. Ohhhh Deena You look so great !! I hope you are feeling as good as you look girl !! Continued prayers !!
    Big hugs !!

  3. Girl you rock in that Do rag. I tried one on because I ride on the back of the Harley with hubby and I definitely did not look like that. Wow, sexy mama, you and Rich might have to get a Harley and we'll all ride together.

    And yes let's agree in prayer about moving on, where two or more are gathered as the Bible says. Blessings to you and Rich today Deena.

    LeAnn :)

  4. Deena look smashing! I love your pink do rag. I also agree that if one was not to know what you are going through, they wouldn't. Your smile and the twinkles in your eyes are still the same. Your are an amazing woman! You have my prayers without even asking my friend...but I will say an extra special one for this special request from you. Warm Hugs.

  5. Deena ~ As I viewed the photos of you, I could see in your eyes...hope, strength, faithfulness and love. May all things go well for you!

    While I haven't had chemo, I did go through radiation therapy and it wasn't bad. Most people say that it's a "piece of cake" compared to chemo. Know that you're being prayed for and thought of. Take good care.


  6. so glad your day after is better, dear deena.....and prayers being said for moving on!!!
    strength to you my friend....and love.
    sweet thoughts and hugs,

  7. You are our shining star, our hero, our sweet friend. We are all out here cheering and praying dear Deena!!!! love you, xxoo, Dawn

  8. Deena you look SOOOOOO good! You rock! Congrats on being more than halfway done! :) Woohoo!


    Joys- Madeline is saying Thank You. Lillian is the sweetest big sister. Tomorrow is art day with the girls! :) Deena, who reminds me to look for the joys in life!


  9. How is it possible to look so fabulous after four rounds of chemo? Good grief, woman, you're radiant! Much love to you, Deena.


  10. Hi Sweet Deena

    I always find JOY when I visit you. I'm praying that you move on to radiation. I didn't do chemo, but the radiation was easy. I pray it will be for you too. There is life beyond chemo and radiation.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  11. WOW Deena you look great!
    Oh yes, I will pray you can just "move it on along" and be done with all this VERY SOON!
    I love the first photo because you look very DETERMINED!!!

    You are SO blessed to have kept your eyelashes and friend just lost all hers on her first round of chemo.
    Crazy how that works.
    Your doing great and I am GLAD to see and hear it. :~)

  12. You got it, for those prayers!

    You definitely look beautiful, hun.

    Blessed Be.

  13. I'm so glad your surgery has healed on the outside. I know that was bothering you.

    You look so fabulous, simply fabulous.

    Here's to moving on.

  14. Deena,
    May I say you look...."MAHVELUS DAHLING!".....lucky you...still having your eyebrows and lashes!!
    You would still be beautiful even if you had lost them. Your love of Jesus and the goodness that dwells within you cannot be hidden by anything...including chemo!!
    I will certainly be agreeing in prayer that Chemo will end and you can move on to radiation!!!
    God is good and you are AMAZING!!!

  15. Deena,

    Your Do rag is so cute! Great colors. You do look healthy and that warms my heart. I'm happy that you have had a better reaction to the chemo. I will pray that the PET scan shows good results and you get to move on.

    Bless you my friend. Enjoy your weekend.

    Hugs, Sharon

  16. Beautiful!!! Inside and out I bet.

  17. The color pink just suits you! You look rosy and glowing.
    Bless you Deena, my prayers continue.

  18. Hi Deena...stopping by from traveling around blogsville..and found this post...I have to commend you on your outlook of cheeriness and I too think you look great..what an adorable wig! and the cap is very nice.
    I'll add you to my prayer list..I hope you'll stop by some time and take a cup of blessings with you.

  19. You still look fabulous Deena. Keep warm on this chilly weekend. :-)

  20. Your beautiful with or without make up. Our prayers are with you.

    Love,{{Hugs}}& Gog bless

  21. Wow. You do look the picture of health and beautiful as well. :)
    - Gramma Jan

  22. You look beautiful, brave Deena.

    And I will most definitely add to the heartfelt loving light-filled prayers here for moving on --

    Hope you and those you love have a good Sunday :)

    cyber hugs,
    Loving Annie

  23. you just absewlutely shine! I'm enthralled by all the artwork in the above giveaway, took me a moment to stop DROOLING long enuff to post my comment. -sidetracked sally here- :)

    I thank God for bringing all pink artists into my life. It really is a blessing to have 'met' you in the bloggy art world. I couldn't imagine a better day spent then knowing we are helping each other and this world to be a better place. big bear hugs, Monica :)

  24. Deena, my sweet, little MOVING ON friend, you are looking just usual. My, you are a lovely woman. Just seeing you must make Rich's heart skip a beat!

    hugs and knowings of "you are gonna be ok",

  25. good day, deena....hope it is a "feel good" one for you...and blessed with joys.
    hugs and prayers,

  26. Deena,

    Somehow I missed this post. You look absolutely beautiful, as always.

    Of course I will pray that you will move on after this round of chemo. Keep your eyes heavenward, my friend. God is right beside you.

    Love and blessings,

  27. Deena, I know this is the least of your concerns but I am blown away by how NOT sick you look! Your "hair hat" (as a friend calls her wig) looks absolutely natural and you just look GOOD! I find this SO comforting. You are in my prayers. I find your list of Joys inspirational! Sweetie, take care of yourself.

    Be blessed.


  28. Deena, you always have a sweet, positive expression on your face in every picture I've seen of you. Your smile melts my heart. You inspire me.

  29. You look beautiful.....I pray your feeling better....judy

  30. Deena - you look so good!!!!!!!!

  31. Hi Deena. Just want to let you know that I pray for you every morning. I'll pray for moving on to radiation! You look good and don't have that worn out look that often comes with chemo.
    Be encouraged. You're going to make it.

  32. Hi Deena, you look lovely! Praying for you. Have a blessed day!

  33. Deena,

    Hope you are having a good day. Please stop over to my Writing Nook. I have a little something for you.

    Hugs and blessings,

  34. Deena, What an amazing Gal you are, we all love you so much.
    You look sweet in your pink cap.
    I wish you the very best with whatever the oncologist decides to do next for you.
    Hope you are feeling ok after this last chemo treatment.
    Darling you are beautiful with or without your make up!
    As always you are in my prayers.
    Hugs {{{{{{{DEENA}}}}}}} and much love :-} ~Mary~

  35. You look wonderful. Absolutely beautiful. I'm praying and hoping you'll be moving on to the next step. You are such an inspiration Deena.


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